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Future Tropical

Future Tropical

Touch Loops

Future Tropical is a sample pack teaming with sun kissed grooves, blissed out synth work, rolling slow house drums and delicious analogue synths that guarantee to lift your productions to new heights.  This stunning collection of tropical samples have been given the Touch Loops treatment and attention that they truly deserve ensuring your sample library will be bolstered with the finest mix ready, lush grooves available today. 

Created by the sample genius that is Zariis, this expansive collection is a true tropical sample diggers paradise.  Divided down into 5 beautifully designed construction kits, each element seamlessly interacts with the next offering endless possibilities and combinations.  From song starters to full tracks the inspiration never ends. 

Nestled inside this tropical paradise you'll find slow rolling house beats and samples, sun kissed synth and arp work, driving analogue bass lines, glistening pads and licks, ambient guitar FX work and so much more.  There's also a collection of the most important MIDI files ensuring you can get stuck into the notes that created these lush samples and chord progressions.  Get sun kissed today.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
90_Am_Kit1_FullMix_TL 90_Am_Kit1_FullMix_TL Am 90
90_Am_OBX_TL 90_Am_OBX_TL Am 90
90_Am_FilteredBells_TL 90_Am_FilteredBells_TL Am 90
90_Am_Pads_TL 90_Am_Pads_TL Am 90
90_Am_Strings_TL 90_Am_Strings_TL Am 90
90_Am_Lead_02_TL 90_Am_Lead_02_TL Am 90
90_Am_Chill FX_TL 90_Am_Chill FX_TL Am 90
90_Am_CrashCymbal_TL 90_Am_CrashCymbal_TL Am 90
90_Am_Bells_TL 90_Am_Bells_TL Am 90
90_Am_Snares_TL 90_Am_Snares_TL Am 90
90_Am_Claps_01_TL 90_Am_Claps_01_TL Am 90
90_Am_Snaps_TL 90_Am_Snaps_TL Am 90
90_Am_CombinesLeads_TL 90_Am_CombinesLeads_TL Am 90
90_Am_Shakers_TL 90_Am_Shakers_TL Am 90
90_Am_Kick_TL 90_Am_Kick_TL Am 90
90_Am_Claps_02_TL 90_Am_Claps_02_TL Am 90
90_Am_ReverseCymbal_TL 90_Am_ReverseCymbal_TL Am 90
90_Am_Lead_01_TL 90_Am_Lead_01_TL Am 90
90_Am_Bassline_TL 90_Am_Bassline_TL Am 90
90_Am_Claps_TL 90_Am_Claps_TL Am 90
90_Am_MuteGuitar_02_TL 90_Am_MuteGuitar_02_TL Am 90
90_Am_SwellGuitar_TL 90_Am_SwellGuitar_TL Am 90
90_Am_FingerSnaps_TL 90_Am_FingerSnaps_TL Am 90
90_Am_Vocals_TL 90_Am_Vocals_TL Am 90
90_Am_HighStrings_TL 90_Am_HighStrings_TL Am 90
90_Am_RhodesPiano_TL 90_Am_RhodesPiano_TL Am 90
90_Am_PanningHats_TL 90_Am_PanningHats_TL Am 90
90_Am_CrashCymbal_TL 90_Am_CrashCymbal_TL Am 90
90_Am_SharpLead_TL 90_Am_SharpLead_TL Am 90
90_Am_DeepKick_TL 90_Am_DeepKick_TL Am 90
90_Am_MuteGuitar_01_TL 90_Am_MuteGuitar_01_TL Am 90
90_Am_Kick_TL 90_Am_Kick_TL Am 90
90_Am_Junofiltered Lead_TL 90_Am_Junofiltered Lead_TL Am 90
90_Am_ArpLead_TL 90_Am_ArpLead_TL Am 90
90_Am_Bongos_TL 90_Am_Bongos_TL Am 90
90_Am_ReverseCymbal_TL 90_Am_ReverseCymbal_TL Am 90
90_Am_MelodyLead_TL 90_Am_MelodyLead_TL Am 90
90_Am_MSBass_TL 90_Am_MSBass_TL Am 90
90_Am_Kit4_FullMix_TL 90_Am_Kit4_FullMix_TL Am 90
80_C_Kit2_FullMix_TL 80_C_Kit2_FullMix_TL C 80
80_C_Lead_01_TL 80_C_Lead_01_TL C 80
80_C_LowStrings_TL 80_C_LowStrings_TL C 80
80_C_Kick_TL 80_C_Kick_TL C 80
80_C_Reverse FX_TL 80_C_Reverse FX_TL C 80
80_C_BlowPad_TL 80_C_BlowPad_TL C 80
80_C_OrganBass_TL 80_C_OrganBass_TL C 80
80_C_OffBass_TL 80_C_OffBass_TL C 80
80_C_Snare_TL 80_C_Snare_TL C 80
80_C_FilteredLead_TL 80_C_FilteredLead_TL C 80
80_C_Claps_TL 80_C_Claps_TL C 80
80_C_HighLead_TL 80_C_HighLead_TL C 80
80_C_Tambo_TL 80_C_Tambo_TL C 80
80_C_Piano_TL 80_C_Piano_TL C 80
80_C_FullLead_TL 80_C_FullLead_TL C 80
80_C_SynthStringsLead_TL 80_C_SynthStringsLead_TL C 80
80_C_HatsnStuff_TL 80_C_HatsnStuff_TL C 80
80_C_Lead_02_TL 80_C_Lead_02_TL C 80
80_C_Guitar_TL 80_C_Guitar_TL C 80
80_C_Vocal_TL 80_C_Vocal_TL C 80
80_C_Cymbal_TL 80_C_Cymbal_TL C 80
80_C_ClosedHats_TL 80_C_ClosedHats_TL C 80
100_Am_Kit5_FullMix_TL 100_Am_Kit5_FullMix_TL Am 100
100_Am_OpenHats_TL 100_Am_OpenHats_TL Am 100
100_Am_Snare&Claps_TL 100_Am_Snare&Claps_TL Am 100
100_Am_SnapClap_TL 100_Am_SnapClap_TL Am 100
100_Am_ReverseCymbals_TL 100_Am_ReverseCymbals_TL Am 100
100_Am_RhodesPiano&Bells_TL 100_Am_RhodesPiano&Bells_TL Am 100
100_Am_Sax_TL 100_Am_Sax_TL Am 100
100_Am_PanningArp_TL 100_Am_PanningArp_TL Am 100
100_Am_TamboHits_TL 100_Am_TamboHits_TL Am 100