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Glacial Sound

Glacial Sound

Touch Loops

Creating beautiful ambiences, rich textures and evolving soundscapes can be tricky and difficult but your search for the perfect backdrop is over.  

Crafted over a few late night studio sessions, these stunning ambient music loops, rich textures and tranquil phrases are the bedrock of any ambient composition, perfect breakdown or texture rich intro. 

We've divided this pack down into the usual folders but have also included what we're calling 'Particles'.  This collection of stretched sonics are the perfect backdrop for your breakdowns and showcase some of our favourite analogue go-to's.  From space echoes to granular processing, each loop is detailed, evolving and scene setting.  

To accompany these particles you'll find key matched lead lines, delicate plucked phrases, Boards of Canada inspired Lo-Fi beats and warm subs - the perfect combination.  Get expansive today with this lush collection!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Pop_02 Pop_02
Pop_03 Pop_03
Kick_05 Kick_05
Tap_01 Tap_01
Tick_04 Tick_04
Snare_01 Snare_01
Clap_02 Clap_02
Tap_03 Tap_03
Kick_03 Kick_03
Kick_09 Kick_09
Clap_04 Clap_04
Tick_01 Tick_01
Tap_04 Tap_04
Texture_01 Texture_01
Clap_05 Clap_05
Clap_06 Clap_06
Texture_04 Texture_04
Texture_05 Texture_05
Texture_06 Texture_06
Kick_10 Kick_10
Texture_02 Texture_02
Kick_08 Kick_08
Kick_02 Kick_02
Hat_01 Hat_01
Texture_07 Texture_07
Kick_13 Kick_13
Tick_02 Tick_02
Clap_07 Clap_07
Tick_03 Tick_03
Clap_01 Clap_01
Kick_04 Kick_04
Tap_02 Tap_02
Snare_02 Snare_02
Kick_07 Kick_07
Kick_06 Kick_06
Kick_11 Kick_11
Hat_02 Hat_02
Kick_01 Kick_01
Kick_12 Kick_12
Clap_03 Clap_03
Pop_01 Pop_01
Texture_03 Texture_03
Pads/85_A_XmasKalPad_TL Pads/85_A_XmasKalPad_TL A 85
Pads/85_B_ScattyPad_02_TL Pads/85_B_ScattyPad_02_TL B 85
Pads/85_Fm_EchoPad_TL Pads/85_Fm_EchoPad_TL F 85
Pads/85_Cm_BounceAroundPad_TL Pads/85_Cm_BounceAroundPad_TL C 85
Pads/85_G#m_ABitBurialPad_TL Pads/85_G#m_ABitBurialPad_TL G 85
Pads/85_G_WiidePad_TL Pads/85_G_WiidePad_TL G 85
Pads/85_F#m_ClippedPad_TL Pads/85_F#m_ClippedPad_TL F 85
Pads/85_Fm_ScattyPad_01_TL Pads/85_Fm_ScattyPad_01_TL F 85
Pads/85_C#m_VDeepPad_TL Pads/85_C#m_VDeepPad_TL C 85
Pads/85_F_GlossyPad_TL Pads/85_F_GlossyPad_TL F 85
Pads/85_Bm_StuckInTheDriftPad_TL Pads/85_Bm_StuckInTheDriftPad_TL B 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_05 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_05 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_06 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_06 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_09 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_09 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_04 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_04 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_08 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_08 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_01 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_01 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_03 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_03 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_07 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_07 85
Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_02 Blurred Beats/85_BlurryBeats_02 85
Bass/85_A_FuzzyBass_TL Bass/85_A_FuzzyBass_TL A 85
Bass/85_Bm_LeerBass_TL Bass/85_Bm_LeerBass_TL B 85
Bass/85_F_BlockoBass_TL Bass/85_F_BlockoBass_TL F 85
Bass/85_B_LurchBass_TL Bass/85_B_LurchBass_TL B 85
Bass/85_Cm_SoftTouchBass_TL Bass/85_Cm_SoftTouchBass_TL C 85
Bass/85_Fm_ChunkBass_TL Bass/85_Fm_ChunkBass_TL F 85
Bass/85_G#m_VeryVeryLowBass_TL Bass/85_G#m_VeryVeryLowBass_TL G 85