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Glitch Shots

Glitch Shots


Glitch Shots gathers 1,628 one-shot samples into an extra-special collection for adventurous producers who are looking to add some extra special sound design shizzle into their tracks.

This is an easy to use sample pack that is compatible with ANY DAW on PC, MAC or iOS.

NO LOOPS! Like to program your own beats and melodics from scratch? I am giving you the ding-dang-diggity-hook-up, guys!

Compatible with EVERYTHING, these are standard WAV samples.

ALL SAMPLES have been painstakingly edited for maximum quality and to remove any unintended clicks or pops.

These samples are useful for making ALL TYPES of forward thinking Bass Music such as: IDM, glitch, glitch hop, dubstep, chill trap, chillstep, deep dubstep, ambient dubstep, abstract electronica, etc.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
A_VGC_037 A_VGC_037 A
A_VGC_036 A_VGC_036 A
A_VGC_035 A_VGC_035 A
A_VGC_034 A_VGC_034 A
A_VGC_033 A_VGC_033 A
A_VGC_032 A_VGC_032 A
A_VGC_031 A_VGC_031 A
A_VGC_030 A_VGC_030 A
A_VGC_029 A_VGC_029 A
A_VGC_028 A_VGC_028 A
A_VGC_027 A_VGC_027 A
A_VGC_026 A_VGC_026 A
A_VGC_025 A_VGC_025 A
A_VGC_024 A_VGC_024 A
A_VGC_023 A_VGC_023 A
A_VGC_022 A_VGC_022 A
A_VGC_021 A_VGC_021 A
A_VGC_020 A_VGC_020 A
A_VGC_019 A_VGC_019 A
A_VGC_018 A_VGC_018 A
A_VGC_017 A_VGC_017 A
A_VGC_016 A_VGC_016 A
A_VGC_015 A_VGC_015 A
A_VGC_014 A_VGC_014 A
A_VGC_013 A_VGC_013 A
A_VGC_012 A_VGC_012 A
A_VGC_011 A_VGC_011 A
A_VGC_010 A_VGC_010 A
A_VGC_009 A_VGC_009 A
A_VGC_008 A_VGC_008 A
A_VGC_007 A_VGC_007 A
A_VGC_006 A_VGC_006 A
A_VGC_005 A_VGC_005 A
A_VGC_004 A_VGC_004 A
A_VGC_003 A_VGC_003 A
A_VGC_002 A_VGC_002 A
A_VGC_001 A_VGC_001 A
DrumGlitchHit050 DrumGlitchHit050
DrumGlitchHit049 DrumGlitchHit049
DrumGlitchHit048 DrumGlitchHit048
DrumGlitchHit047 DrumGlitchHit047
DrumGlitchHit046 DrumGlitchHit046
DrumGlitchHit045 DrumGlitchHit045
DrumGlitchHit044 DrumGlitchHit044
DrumGlitchHit043 DrumGlitchHit043
DrumGlitchHit042 DrumGlitchHit042
DrumGlitchHit041 DrumGlitchHit041
DrumGlitchHit040 DrumGlitchHit040
DrumGlitchHit039 DrumGlitchHit039
DrumGlitchHit038 DrumGlitchHit038
DrumGlitchHit037 DrumGlitchHit037
DrumGlitchHit036 DrumGlitchHit036
DrumGlitchHit035 DrumGlitchHit035
DrumGlitchHit034 DrumGlitchHit034
DrumGlitchHit033 DrumGlitchHit033
DrumGlitchHit032 DrumGlitchHit032
DrumGlitchHit031 DrumGlitchHit031
DrumGlitchHit030 DrumGlitchHit030
DrumGlitchHit029 DrumGlitchHit029
DrumGlitchHit028 DrumGlitchHit028
DrumGlitchHit027 DrumGlitchHit027
DrumGlitchHit026 DrumGlitchHit026
DrumGlitchHit025 DrumGlitchHit025
DrumGlitchHit024 DrumGlitchHit024
DrumGlitchHit023 DrumGlitchHit023
DrumGlitchHit022 DrumGlitchHit022
DrumGlitchHit021 DrumGlitchHit021