Glitch Step

Glitch Step

Concept Samples

‘Glitch Step’ by Concept Samples delivers a collection of sounds designed for Dubstep, Glitch Hop and Urban productions.

From futuristic Leads, immense Stabs, hard-hitting Bass, punchy Drums and more, this analogue infused collection is your number one source for creating stunning, high quality tracks.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Intro Arp CS_GS_01_140bpm_Intro Arp 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Ping Stabs CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Ping Stabs 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Percussions No Snare CS_GS_02_140bpm_Percussions No Snare 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Distorted Synth 2 CS_GS_04_140bpm_Distorted Synth 2 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Talk CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Talk 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Full Drum CS_GS_05_140bpm_Full Drum 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Slow Glitch CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Slow Glitch 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Pings CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Pings 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Lead CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Lead 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Pad CS_GS_03_140bpm_Pad 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Down CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Down 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Percussions CS_GS_01_140bpm_Percussions 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Snare CS_GS_04_140bpm_Snare 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Talky CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Talky 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Arp CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Arp 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Leads CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Leads 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Flute CS_GS_03_140bpm_Flute 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Talk Stab CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Talk Stab 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Analog Lead CS_GS_05_140bpm_Analog Lead 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Percussions CS_GS_02_140bpm_Percussions 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Bell CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Bell 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Bass_4 CS_GS_04_140bpm_Bass_4 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Chord Lead CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Chord Lead 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Percussions CS_GS_05_140bpm_Percussions 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Sub Bass CS_GS_03_140bpm_Sub Bass 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Bass CS_GS_01_140bpm_Bass 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Percussions CS_GS_04_140bpm_Percussions 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Lead CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Lead 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Electric Talk CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Electric Talk 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Low Lead CS_GS_02_140bpm_Low Lead 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Noise CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Noise 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Percussions CS_GS_03_140bpm_Percussions 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Snare CS_GS_05_140bpm_Snare 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Full Drum CS_GS_01_140bpm_Full Drum 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Sub Bass 2 CS_GS_03_140bpm_Sub Bass 2 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Low Lead CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Low Lead 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Full Drum CS_GS_04_140bpm_Full Drum 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Up Down Lead CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Up Down Lead 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Stab CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Stab 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Electro CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Electro 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Percussions No Snare CS_GS_01_140bpm_Percussions No Snare 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Low Talk CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Low Talk 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Snare CS_GS_01_140bpm_Snare 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Intro Pad CS_GS_02_140bpm_Intro Pad 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Saw Leads CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Saw Leads 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Chord CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Chord 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Arp CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Arp 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Percussions No Snare CS_GS_04_140bpm_Percussions No Snare 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Pluck Pings CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Pluck Pings 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Arp CS_GS_03_140bpm_Arp 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Top Drum CS_GS_01_140bpm_Top Drum 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Arp CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Arp 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Electro Stab CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Electro Stab 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Distorted Synth CS_GS_04_140bpm_Distorted Synth 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Stabs CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Stabs 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Talk CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Talk 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Top Drum CS_GS_03_140bpm_Top Drum 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Rough Chord CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Rough Chord 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Intro Pad CS_GS_01_140bpm_Intro Pad 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Arp CS_GS_04_140bpm_Arp 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Top Drum CS_GS_02_140bpm_Top Drum 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Plucks CS_GS_01_140bpm_Plucks 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Glitched Talk CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Glitched Talk 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Downer CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Downer 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Top Drum CS_GS_04_140bpm_Top Drum 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Robot Down CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Robot Down 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Skrilly Melody CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Skrilly Melody 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Robotic Stab CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Robotic Stab 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Top Drum CS_GS_05_140bpm_Top Drum 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Percussions No Snare CS_GS_05_140bpm_Percussions No Snare 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Analog Arp CS_GS_05_140bpm_Analog Arp 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Full Drum CS_GS_02_140bpm_Full Drum 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Bass CS_GS_04_140bpm_Bass 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Talk CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Talk 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Snare CS_GS_02_140bpm_Snare 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Glitch CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Glitch 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Analog Stabs CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Analog Stabs 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Intro Sub Bass CS_GS_01_140bpm_Intro Sub Bass 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Analog VIbrato Lead CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Analog VIbrato Lead 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Bass CS_GS_05_140bpm_Bass 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Low Wobble CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Low Wobble 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Stab Sequence CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Stab Sequence 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Arp CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Arp 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Chord Plucks CS_GS_04_140bpm_Synth Chord Plucks 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Robotic CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Robotic 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Percussions No Snare CS_GS_03_140bpm_Percussions No Snare 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Filtered Stabs CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Filtered Stabs 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Talk CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth Talk 140
CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Upper CS_GS_01_140bpm_Synth Upper 140
CS_GS_04_140bpm_Stab CS_GS_04_140bpm_Stab 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Bass CS_GS_02_140bpm_Bass 140
CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth CS_GS_05_140bpm_Synth 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Saw Lead 02 CS_GS_02_140bpm_Saw Lead 02 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Snare CS_GS_03_140bpm_Snare 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Plucks CS_GS_02_140bpm_Plucks 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Full Drum CS_GS_03_140bpm_Full Drum 140
CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Wobble CS_GS_03_140bpm_Synth Wobble 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Saw Lead 01 CS_GS_02_140bpm_Saw Lead 01 140
CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Lead CS_GS_02_140bpm_Synth Lead 140
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