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Glitch Step Tek

Glitch Step Tek


GLITCH STEP TEK brings you 5 thick contruction kits, combining elements of Glitch-Hop. Dubstep & Tekno! These are not your average construction kits - We took these kits into wide-open inspiration territory!

Each Construction Kit is like a mini sample library in itself - We've included as many tools as possible to get you making new Dubstep tracks instantly with your own original style.

Included in each kit are: Drumloops with many variations, drum sound one-shots, glitch hits & loops, bass loops, synth loops, wobble loops, lead synth lines, pad loops & more!

There are so many samples in each kit - giving you the creative flexibitiy to put together your own original Dubstep track!

Last but not least is the folder of 333 BONUS SAMPLES from our other sample libraries! you get drum hits from Criminal Tech House & Hybrid ElectriX, MIDI LOOPS from Straight 128 and Vocal samples from Dubstep Mantis!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
83_Stereo_FX01 83_Stereo_FX01
82_FX_Snare02 82_FX_Snare02
81_FX_Snare01 81_FX_Snare01
80_FX_Click01 80_FX_Click01
79_DirtyOpenHat02 79_DirtyOpenHat02
78_DirtyOpenHat01 78_DirtyOpenHat01
77_DirtyClosedHat07 77_DirtyClosedHat07
76_DirtyClosedHat06 76_DirtyClosedHat06
75_DirtyClosedHat05 75_DirtyClosedHat05
74_DirtyClosedHat04 74_DirtyClosedHat04
73_DirtyClosedHat03 73_DirtyClosedHat03
72_DirtyClosedHat02 72_DirtyClosedHat02
71_DirtyClosedHat01 71_DirtyClosedHat01
70_CleanClosedHat01 70_CleanClosedHat01
69_AnalogHat02 69_AnalogHat02
68_AnalogHat01 68_AnalogHat01
67_FilteredRim01 67_FilteredRim01
66_SnareClap01 66_SnareClap01
65_HiTightSnare02 65_HiTightSnare02
64_HiTightSnare01 64_HiTightSnare01
63_HybridSnare07 63_HybridSnare07
62_HybridSnare06 62_HybridSnare06
61_HybridSnare05 61_HybridSnare05
60_HybridSnare04 60_HybridSnare04
59_HybridSnare03 59_HybridSnare03
58_HybridSnare02 58_HybridSnare02
57_HybridSnare01 57_HybridSnare01
56_GrittySnare06 56_GrittySnare06
55_GrittySnare05 55_GrittySnare05
54_GrittySnare04 54_GrittySnare04
53_GrittySnare03 53_GrittySnare03
52_GrittySnare02 52_GrittySnare02
51_GrittySnare01 51_GrittySnare01
50_DubstepSnare05 50_DubstepSnare05
49_DubstepSnare04 49_DubstepSnare04
48_DubstepSnare03 48_DubstepSnare03
47_DubstepSnare02 47_DubstepSnare02
46_DubstepSnare01 46_DubstepSnare01
45_AnalogSnare01 45_AnalogSnare01
44_AnalogKick03 44_AnalogKick03
43_AnalogKick02 43_AnalogKick02
42_AnalogKick01 42_AnalogKick01
41_CustomKick10 41_CustomKick10
40_CustomKick09 40_CustomKick09
39_CustomKick08 39_CustomKick08
38_CustomKick07 38_CustomKick07
37_CustomKick06 37_CustomKick06
36_CustomKick05 36_CustomKick05
35_CustomKick04 35_CustomKick04
34_CustomKick03 34_CustomKick03
33_CustomKick02 33_CustomKick02
32_CustomKick01 32_CustomKick01
31_HybridKick17 31_HybridKick17
30_HybridKick16 30_HybridKick16
29_HybridKick15 29_HybridKick15
28_HybridKick14 28_HybridKick14
27_HybridKick13 27_HybridKick13
26_HybridKick12 26_HybridKick12
25_HybridKick11 25_HybridKick11
24_HybridKick10 24_HybridKick10
23_HybridKick09 23_HybridKick09
22_HybridKick08 22_HybridKick08
21_HybridKick07 21_HybridKick07
21_HybridKick06 21_HybridKick06
20_HybridKick05 20_HybridKick05
19_HybridKick04 19_HybridKick04
18_HybridKick03 18_HybridKick03
17_HybridKick02 17_HybridKick02
16_HybridKick01 16_HybridKick01
15_SlapbackKick01 15_SlapbackKick01
14_ShortTightKick01 14_ShortTightKick01
13_SteamRollerKick01 13_SteamRollerKick01
12_XXKick12 12_XXKick12