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Hip-Hop Drum Tools

Hip-Hop Drum Tools

Touch Loops

Hip-Hop is so often at the heart of Touch Loops, with the Lo-Fi aesthetic being one of the most innovative & exciting right now.  By running small, everyday sounds, classic drum machines and live drum kits through saturated tape machines and analogue filters we've been able to create an incredible batch of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop one shots you'll just love.

Divided across 8 Drum kits, each consisting of 16 sounds these amazing kits have been added to your favourite samplers to make production that bit easier.  We've also included a batch of amazing MIDI loops that you can easily chop and change across the kits for even more sample flexibility.  For you non MIDI guys all loops have been exported as full & tops loops with that extra pinch of Touch Loops saturation for even more Hip-hop goodness.   

One shot wise you'll find all the gritty, intimate one shots you could possibly need, abstract organic texture hits, live drum hats and snares, driven sub hits that compliment the kicks plus so much more. 

We've even thrown in a folder of pre-prepared FX and drum fills to help expand your loops into full tracks offering yet more drum flexibility.  So if you're into classic Hip-Hop, loves things a touch more Lo-Fi or just want to expand your hip-hop repertoire then this ones for you.   

Download this unique release and let's get Lo-Fi!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Fxs/90_WindFX_TL Fxs/90_WindFX_TL 90
Fxs/90_A_GlitchFX_TL Fxs/90_A_GlitchFX_TL 90
Fxs/90_DroneFX_TL Fxs/90_DroneFX_TL 90
Fxs/90_AnalogFailureFX_TL Fxs/90_AnalogFailureFX_TL 90
Fxs/90_MoveFX_TL Fxs/90_MoveFX_TL 90
Fxs/90_VoiceFX_TL Fxs/90_VoiceFX_TL 90
Fxs/90_CreatureFX_TL Fxs/90_CreatureFX_TL 90
Fxs/90_VinylFX_TL Fxs/90_VinylFX_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_09_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_09_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_05_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_05_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_17_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_17_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_11_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_11_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_14_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_14_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_12_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_12_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_01_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_01_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_09_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_09_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_04_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_04_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_15_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_15_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_10_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_10_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_11_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_11_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_05_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_05_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_16_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_16_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Hats_01_TL Beats & Tops/90_Hats_01_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_06_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_06_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_08_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_08_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_03_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_03_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_17_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_17_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_14_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_14_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_07_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_07_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_13_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_13_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_02_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiTops_02_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_12_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_12_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_08_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_08_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_03_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_03_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_15_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_15_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_16_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_16_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_10_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_10_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_06_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_06_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_01_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_01_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_07_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_07_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_04_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_04_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_02_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_02_TL 90
Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_13_TL Beats & Tops/90_Lo-FiBeats_13_TL 90
Kit5_Hat5_TL Kit5_Hat5_TL
Kit5_Snare1_TL Kit5_Snare1_TL
Kit5_Hat1_TL Kit5_Hat1_TL
Kit5_Clap2_TL Kit5_Clap2_TL
Kit5_Foley_TL Kit5_Foley_TL
Kit5_Kick1_TL Kit5_Kick1_TL
Kit5_Hat2_TL Kit5_Hat2_TL
Kit5_Sub_TL Kit5_Sub_TL
Kit5_Perc2_TL Kit5_Perc2_TL
Kit5_Kick2_TL Kit5_Kick2_TL
Kit5_Perc1_TL Kit5_Perc1_TL
Kit5_Clap1_TL Kit5_Clap1_TL
Kit5_Snare2_TL Kit5_Snare2_TL
Kit5_Amb_TL Kit5_Amb_TL
Kit5_Hat3_TL Kit5_Hat3_TL
Kit5_Hat4_TL Kit5_Hat4_TL
Kit1_Clap1_TL Kit1_Clap1_TL
Kit1_Kick02_TL Kit1_Kick02_TL
Kit1_Hat2_TL Kit1_Hat2_TL
Kit1_Hat5_TL Kit1_Hat5_TL
Kit1_Hat1_TL Kit1_Hat1_TL
Kit1_Perc1_TL Kit1_Perc1_TL
Kit1_Clap2_TL Kit1_Clap2_TL
Kit1_Hat3_TL Kit1_Hat3_TL
Kit1_Hat4_TL Kit1_Hat4_TL
Kit1_Snare1_TL Kit1_Snare1_TL
Kit1_Perc2_TL Kit1_Perc2_TL
Kit1_Foley_TL Kit1_Foley_TL
Kit1_Kick01_TL Kit1_Kick01_TL
Kit1_Amb_TL Kit1_Amb_TL
Kit1_Sub_TL Kit1_Sub_TL
Kit1_Snare2_TL Kit1_Snare2_TL
Kit4_Hat3_TL Kit4_Hat3_TL
Kit4_Hat4_TL Kit4_Hat4_TL