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Hip Hop Future

Hip Hop Future

Touch Loops

The return of beat maker extraordinaire Dusty Ohms is one not to be missed.  Fusing together future hip-hop samples, UK Grime and classic Beats, Future Hip-Hop delivers on all fronts.  

From years of experimentation, DJ'ing and collecting stacks of old hardware, samplers and synth our producer of choice knows exactly what it takes to shake a sound system and get a crowd truly moving.  From the tasteful saturation of MPC's and outboard to the location recordings and synth design showcases a producer who 100% owns his craft.  

Slammed inside this epic hip-hop collection you'll find grime inspired beats and drums, trap tinged hi-hat loops, lo-fi hip-hop & 16 bit influenced synth loops, game boy tinged lead lines and everything in between.  There's also a batch of trademark sub bass lines, melodic and drum heavy one shots plus some stunning analogue rich pads and ambiences.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Pads/105_C_SadCosmos_TL Pads/105_C_SadCosmos_TL C 105
Pads/94_G#_SuspenseArps_TL Pads/94_G#_SuspenseArps_TL G 94
Pads/95_F_8bitMagic_TL Pads/95_F_8bitMagic_TL F 95
Pads/100_D_Spooked_TL Pads/100_D_Spooked_TL D 100
Pads/95_F_RaiseTheTenson_TL Pads/95_F_RaiseTheTenson_TL F 95
Pads/100_G#_CrystallyShimmer_TL Pads/100_G#_CrystallyShimmer_TL G 100
Pads/90_G_GhostChords_TL Pads/90_G_GhostChords_TL G 90
Pads/100_D_202RollingPads_TL Pads/100_D_202RollingPads_TL D 100
Pads/92_F_PolyHover_TL Pads/92_F_PolyHover_TL F 92
Pads/85_D#_IntoSpace_TL Pads/85_D#_IntoSpace_TL D 85
Pads/90_G_SoSomber_TL Pads/90_G_SoSomber_TL G 90
Pads/82_G_QuiveringGrit_TL Pads/82_G_QuiveringGrit_TL G 82
Pads/85_G#_PanicStations_TL Pads/85_G#_PanicStations_TL G 85
Pads/100_G_LoFiClouds_TL Pads/100_G_LoFiClouds_TL G 100
Pads/90_G_DroneChordsBright_TL Pads/90_G_DroneChordsBright_TL G 90
Pads/98_F#_Tranquil_TL Pads/98_F#_Tranquil_TL F 98
Pads/95_B_MurkyTapedLFOs_TL Pads/95_B_MurkyTapedLFOs_TL B 95
Pads/93_C_TunnelWorm_TL Pads/93_C_TunnelWorm_TL C 93
Pads/100_D_DoomPads_TL Pads/100_D_DoomPads_TL D 100
Pads/82_G_TapeWarps_TL Pads/82_G_TapeWarps_TL G 82
Pads/95_A_MurkyLFOPads_TL Pads/95_A_MurkyLFOPads_TL A 95
Pads/85_B_SorrowRobots_TL Pads/85_B_SorrowRobots_TL B 85
Pads/98_B_CloudLike_TL Pads/98_B_CloudLike_TL B 98
Pads/80_A#_FloatingPads_TL Pads/80_A#_FloatingPads_TL A 80
Pads/85_G_AcidRain_TL Pads/85_G_AcidRain_TL G 85
Pads/91_A_DroneyChord_TL Pads/91_A_DroneyChord_TL A 91
Pads/90_G_DroneChordsFiltered_TL Pads/90_G_DroneChordsFiltered_TL G 90
Pads/95_A#_InTheDepths_TL Pads/95_A#_InTheDepths_TL A 95
Pads/100_D#_LoFiPianoChord_TL Pads/100_D#_LoFiPianoChord_TL D 100
Pads/92_A#_LAStyle_TL Pads/92_A#_LAStyle_TL A 92
Bass/93_D_RollingSub_TL Bass/93_D_RollingSub_TL D 93
Bass/99_A_GetFunky_TL Bass/99_A_GetFunky_TL A 99
Bass/105_G_HoppingTape_TL Bass/105_G_HoppingTape_TL G 105
Bass/83_F#_RippingBass_TL Bass/83_F#_RippingBass_TL F 83
Bass/85_G_SubRipper_TL Bass/85_G_SubRipper_TL G 85
Bass/92_D_BubblingSubs_TL Bass/92_D_BubblingSubs_TL D 92
Bass/100_C_KIllaWasp_TL Bass/100_C_KIllaWasp_TL C 100
Bass/100_D_SquelchBass_TL Bass/100_D_SquelchBass_TL D 100
Bass/91_A_TombStone_TL Bass/91_A_TombStone_TL A 91
Bass/95_F_ItsFunked_TL Bass/95_F_ItsFunked_TL F 95
Bass/85_C_KeepItMoving_TL Bass/85_C_KeepItMoving_TL C 85
Bass/95_A#_DustyOrbit_TL Bass/95_A#_DustyOrbit_TL A 95
Bass/92_G_GameBoyBass_TL Bass/92_G_GameBoyBass_TL G 92
Bass/85_F_Spanered_TL Bass/85_F_Spanered_TL F 85
Bass/120_D_BrutalWaves_TL Bass/120_D_BrutalWaves_TL D 120
Bass/140_F_LowRider_TL Bass/140_F_LowRider_TL F 140
Bass/95_F_PhazerBass_TL Bass/95_F_PhazerBass_TL F 95
Bass/84_E_EnterTheZPlane_TL Bass/84_E_EnterTheZPlane_TL E 84
Bass/82_C_FilthyReese_TL Bass/82_C_FilthyReese_TL C 82
Bass/85_E_ThatBassKnocks_TL Bass/85_E_ThatBassKnocks_TL E 85
Bass/92_D_GetTwisted_TL Bass/92_D_GetTwisted_TL D 92
Bass/85_G_DeepMovements_TL Bass/85_G_DeepMovements_TL G 85
Bass/100_F_Vibing_TL Bass/100_F_Vibing_TL F 100
Bass/92_B_Old&Flabby_TL Bass/92_B_Old&Flabby_TL B 92
Bass/82_C_SaturatedKicks_TL Bass/82_C_SaturatedKicks_TL C 82
Bass/80_D_DirtyComboFilter_TL Bass/80_D_DirtyComboFilter_TL D 80
Bass/100_D_Growler_TL Bass/100_D_Growler_TL D 100
Bass/100_E_CheekyRobots_TL Bass/100_E_CheekyRobots_TL E 100
Bass/92_D_ClipSubs_TL Bass/92_D_ClipSubs_TL D 92
Bass/87_D#_FilthMoving_TL Bass/87_D#_FilthMoving_TL D 87
Bass/120_C#_ThisIsGrimey_TL Bass/120_C#_ThisIsGrimey_TL C 120
Bass/90_D_OGBass_TL Bass/90_D_OGBass_TL D 90
Bass/105_A_FunkySquares_TL Bass/105_A_FunkySquares_TL A 105
Bass/96_D#_SteadyRock_TL Bass/96_D#_SteadyRock_TL D 96
Bass/95_F_UnphazedBass_TL Bass/95_F_UnphazedBass_TL F 95