Immense Chillstep

Immense Chillstep

Concept Samples

‘Immense Chillstep’ by Concept Samples delivers a chilled-out collection featuring warm analogue leads, subtle plucks, powerful vibrato stabs and more.

Inspired by artists, such as Seven Lions among others, this catchy selection of samples will put your productions at the spotlight.

Listen to the demo track to find out what this library is capable of.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Arp Talk CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Arp Talk 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Full_Drums CS_IC_01_90bpm_Full_Drums 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Pads CS_IC_03_90bpm_Pads 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Sub Bass 02 CS_IC_03_90bpm_Sub Bass 02 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Full_Drums CS_IC_04_90bpm_Full_Drums 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Futuristic Talk CS_IC_04_90bpm_Futuristic Talk 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robotic Arp Down CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robotic Arp Down 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Level Robotic CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Level Robotic 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Plucks CS_IC_01_90bpm_Plucks 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Rough Stab CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Rough Stab 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Spin CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Spin 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Weird Machine Talk CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Weird Machine Talk 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Syren CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Syren 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Sub Bass 01 CS_IC_03_90bpm_Sub Bass 01 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Snare CS_IC_03_90bpm_Snare 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Rattle CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Rattle 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Short Opening Robotic CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Short Opening Robotic 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Pad 01 CS_IC_04_90bpm_Pad 01 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Thin Lead Melody CS_IC_01_90bpm_Thin Lead Melody 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Snare CS_IC_04_90bpm_Snare 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Percussions No Snare CS_IC_02_90bpm_Percussions No Snare 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Vibrato Short Lead CS_IC_03_90bpm_Vibrato Short Lead 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Plucks CS_IC_05_90bpm_Plucks 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Laser Talk CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Laser Talk 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Rough Lead Not Sidechained CS_IC_01_90bpm_Rough Lead Not Sidechained 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Short Robo Stab CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Short Robo Stab 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Rough Synth CS_IC_02_90bpm_Rough Synth 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Percussions CS_IC_04_90bpm_Percussions 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Organ Plucks CS_IC_01_90bpm_Organ Plucks 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Fast Sequence Balls CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Fast Sequence Balls 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Laser Wobble CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Laser Wobble 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Synth High Talk CS_IC_03_90bpm_Synth High Talk 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Rough Lead Sidechained CS_IC_01_90bpm_Rough Lead Sidechained 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Double Ping CS_IC_03_90bpm_Double Ping 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Lead Legato Down CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Lead Legato Down 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Pads CS_IC_02_90bpm_Pads 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Low Vibrato CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Low Vibrato 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Snare CS_IC_05_90bpm_Snare 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Robo Stabs CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Robo Stabs 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Robotic Down CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Robotic Down 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Lead Thin CS_IC_02_90bpm_Lead Thin 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Plucks Distorted CS_IC_03_90bpm_Plucks Distorted 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Rough Synth CS_IC_04_90bpm_Rough Synth 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Arp CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Arp 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Robot Talk CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Robot Talk 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Robotic Talk CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Robotic Talk 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Percussions CS_IC_02_90bpm_Percussions 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Bass 01 CS_IC_05_90bpm_Bass 01 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Rough Lead CS_IC_05_90bpm_Rough Lead 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Pecussions No Snare CS_IC_01_90bpm_Pecussions No Snare 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Metallic Stab CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Metallic Stab 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Full_Drums CS_IC_05_90bpm_Full_Drums 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Robotic Scream CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Robotic Scream 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Lead Legato Down CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Lead Legato Down 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Vibrato Saws CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Vibrato Saws 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Lead Thin CS_IC_01_90bpm_Lead Thin 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Bass 02 CS_IC_05_90bpm_Bass 02 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Down CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Down 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Sub Bass CS_IC_02_90bpm_Sub Bass 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Plucks CS_IC_04_90bpm_Plucks 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Thin Machine Talk CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Thin Machine Talk 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Rough Lead 01 CS_IC_03_90bpm_Rough Lead 01 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Bass 02 CS_IC_01_90bpm_Bass 02 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Robot Stab Talk CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Robot Stab Talk 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Percussions No Snare CS_IC_03_90bpm_Percussions No Snare 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Pluck Single CS_IC_03_90bpm_Pluck Single 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Bass 01 CS_IC_04_90bpm_Bass 01 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Pads CS_IC_01_90bpm_Pads 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Weird Machine CS_IC_02_90bpm_Synth Weird Machine 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Arp Keys CS_IC_02_90bpm_Arp Keys 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robotic Talk CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robotic Talk 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Rough Synth Lead CS_IC_02_90bpm_Rough Synth Lead 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Rough Lead 02 CS_IC_03_90bpm_Rough Lead 02 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Bass 01 CS_IC_01_90bpm_Bass 01 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Snare CS_IC_02_90bpm_Snare 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Bass 02 CS_IC_04_90bpm_Bass 02 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Synth Slow Wobble CS_IC_03_90bpm_Synth Slow Wobble 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Low Talk CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Low Talk 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Lead Saws CS_IC_05_90bpm_Lead Saws 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Lead Saws Fat CS_IC_05_90bpm_Lead Saws Fat 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Fat Robo Talk CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Fat Robo Talk 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Vibrato Lead CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Vibrato Lead 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Plucks Distorted CS_IC_01_90bpm_Plucks Distorted 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Saws CS_IC_04_90bpm_Lead Saws 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Hats CS_IC_05_90bpm_Hats 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Fast Arp CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Fast Arp 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Vibrato Arp CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Vibrato Arp 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Low Robotic Talk CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Low Robotic Talk 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Bass CS_IC_03_90bpm_Bass 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Stab Talks CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Stab Talks 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Up Legato CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Up Legato 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Lead Vibrato CS_IC_05_90bpm_Lead Vibrato 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Robot Child Talk CS_IC_03_90bpm_Robot Child Talk 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Hats CS_IC_02_90bpm_Hats 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Percussions CS_IC_05_90bpm_Percussions 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robotic CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robotic 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Ping Stop CS_IC_04_90bpm_Synth Ping Stop 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Hats CS_IC_03_90bpm_Hats 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Ball Plucks CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Ball Plucks 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Lead Saws CS_IC_01_90bpm_Lead Saws 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Full_Drums CS_IC_03_90bpm_Full_Drums 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Twisted Talk CS_IC_05_90bpm_Synth Twisted Talk 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Bass CS_IC_02_90bpm_Bass 90
CS_IC_05_90bpm_Pad CS_IC_05_90bpm_Pad 90
CS_IC_04_90bpm_Hats CS_IC_04_90bpm_Hats 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Lead Vibrato CS_IC_01_90bpm_Lead Vibrato 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Lead Saws CS_IC_03_90bpm_Lead Saws 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robot Yawn CS_IC_01_90bpm_Synth Robot Yawn 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Top_Drums CS_IC_01_90bpm_Top_Drums 90
CS_IC_03_90bpm_Stab CS_IC_03_90bpm_Stab 90
CS_IC_02_90bpm_Lead Saw Chords CS_IC_02_90bpm_Lead Saw Chords 90
CS_IC_01_90bpm_Hats CS_IC_01_90bpm_Hats 90