Imperial Hip Hop

Imperial Hip Hop

Strategic Audio

'Imperial Hip Hop' from Strategic Audio is a high quality new sample pack based on current dominant chart topping Hip Hop. It mixes synth sounds with orchestral textures and pianos and features five Billboard-ready Hip Hop Construction Kits. WAV and MIDI loops are available along with a FREE SAMPLE PACK with melody loops, stems and drum hits!

The kits are inspired by hot contemporary artists and producers like Gunna, Da Baby, J.Cole, Lil Baby and Roddy Rich. This is the sound that has taken over not just the charts, but Pop culture as well. 

With approximately 450MB of rugged and melodic pianos, plucks, strings, guitars and vocal samples along with drums and percussion, this pack is a must have for any producer. Use them in your favourite DAW with ease!

All sounds have been processed by the latest top of the line Focusrite and Waves plug-ins for that album and radio-ready sound.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
IHH3_Rim Shot_72 IHH3_Rim Shot_72 72
IHH3_Perc1_72 IHH3_Perc1_72 72
IHH3_Pad_72_F#min IHH3_Pad_72_F#min F#min 72
IHH3_Open Hat_72 IHH3_Open Hat_72 72
IHH3_Kick_72 IHH3_Kick_72 72
IHH3_Keys_72_F#min IHH3_Keys_72_F#min F#min 72
IHH3_Hi Hat_72 IHH3_Hi Hat_72 72
IHH3_Guitar_72_F#min IHH3_Guitar_72_F#min F#min 72
IHH3_Clap_72 IHH3_Clap_72 72
IHH3_808_72_F#min IHH3_808_72_F#min F#min 72
IHH5_Vox_85_Dmin IHH5_Vox_85_Dmin 85
IHH5_Synth Toms_85_Dmin IHH5_Synth Toms_85_Dmin 85
IHH5_Strings_85_Dmin IHH5_Strings_85_Dmin 85
IHH5_Staccato Strings_85_Dmin IHH5_Staccato Strings_85_Dmin 85
IHH5_Snare_85 IHH5_Snare_85 85
IHH5_Ride_85 IHH5_Ride_85 85
IHH5_Pluck_85_Dmin IHH5_Pluck_85_Dmin 85
IHH5_Piano_85_Dmin IHH5_Piano_85_Dmin Dmin 85
IHH5_Kick_85 IHH5_Kick_85 85
IHH5_Hi Hat_85 IHH5_Hi Hat_85 85
IHH5_Bass_85_Dmin IHH5_Bass_85_Dmin Dmin 85
IHH4_Strings_88_Dmin IHH4_Strings_88_Dmin Dmin 88
IHH4_Snare_88 IHH4_Snare_88 88
IHH4_Piano_88_Dmin IHH4_Piano_88_Dmin Dmin 88
IHH4_Piano2_88_Dmin IHH4_Piano2_88_Dmin Dmin 88
IHH4_Perc_88 IHH4_Perc_88 88
IHH4_Kick_88 IHH4_Kick_88 88
IHH4_Hi Hat_88 IHH4_Hi Hat_88 88
IHH4_Guitar_88_Dmin IHH4_Guitar_88_Dmin Dmin 88
IHH4_Flute_88_Dmin IHH4_Flute_88_Dmin Dmin 88
IHH4_808_88_Dmin IHH4_808_88_Dmin Dmin 88
IHH2_Snare_77 IHH2_Snare_77 77
IHH2_Piano_77_Amin IHH2_Piano_77_Amin Amin 77
IHH2_Pad_77_Amin IHH2_Pad_77_Amin Amin 77
IHH2_Open Hat_77 IHH2_Open Hat_77 77
IHH2_Kick_77 IHH2_Kick_77 77
IHH2_Hi Hat_77 IHH2_Hi Hat_77 77
IHH2_Guitar_77_Amin IHH2_Guitar_77_Amin Amin 77
IHH2_Flute_77_Amin IHH2_Flute_77_Amin Amin 77
IHH2_Cymbal_77 IHH2_Cymbal_77 77
IHH2_808_77_Amin IHH2_808_77_Amin Amin 77
IHH1_Strings_79_Bmin IHH1_Strings_79_Bmin Bmin 79
IHH1_Snare_79 IHH1_Snare_79 79
IHH1_Pluck_79_Bmin IHH1_Pluck_79_Bmin Bmin 79
IHH1_Piano_79_Bmin IHH1_Piano_79_Bmin Bmin 79
IHH1_Perc_79 IHH1_Perc_79 79
IHH1_Kick_79 IHH1_Kick_79 79
IHH1_Hi Hat_79 IHH1_Hi Hat_79 79
IHH1_Guitar_79_Bmin IHH1_Guitar_79_Bmin Bmin 79
IHH1_808_79_Bmin IHH1_808_79_Bmin Bmin 79
IHH5 85 Dmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass IHH5 85 Dmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Dmin 85
IHH4 88 Dmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass IHH4 88 Dmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Dmin 88
IHH3 72 F#min_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass IHH3 72 F#min_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass F#min 72
IHH2 77 Amin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass IHH2 77 Amin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Amin 77
IHH1 79 Bmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass IHH1 79 Bmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Bmin 79
IHH5_Drumloop 85 IHH5_Drumloop 85 85
IHH4_Drumloop 88 IHH4_Drumloop 88 88
IHH3_Drumloop 72 IHH3_Drumloop 72 72
IHH2_Drumloop 77 IHH2_Drumloop 77 77
IHH1_Drumloop 79 IHH1_Drumloop 79 79
IHH5_Drumloop 85 Dry IHH5_Drumloop 85 Dry 85
IHH4_Drumloop 88 Dry IHH4_Drumloop 88 Dry 88
IHH3_Drumloop 72 Dry IHH3_Drumloop 72 Dry 72
IHH2_Drumloop 77 Dry IHH2_Drumloop 77 Dry 77
IHH1_Drumloop 79 Dry IHH1_Drumloop 79 Dry 79
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