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Intimate Keys

Intimate Keys

Touch Loops

Intimate, close, personal and incredibly emotive. This beautifully immersive collection of experimental piano samples, delicate synths and manipulated solo keys loops is the perfect remedy to harsh, digital tones and soulless, bland music.

The whole collection has been designed from the ground up, making sure we could offer the greatest amount of inspiration, flexibility and longevity possible.
By utilizing an intelligent folder strucutre we've everything you could possibly need to produce the perfect solo piano phrase or performance. Folders Included:

Intimate & Lo-Fi - Stunning character, lo-fi saturation and delicious, processed noise.
Layers - Processed mallets & Bells that perfectly compliment the piano loops.
Leads - Delicate performance with a stunning live feel that truly enhance the emotive feel of the whole collection.
Performance Clean - Minimal phrases that evoke a true sense of nostalgia and warmth.
Performance Processed - Beautiful granular manipulation forming an incredibly detailed set of pads, drones and organic soundscapes.
Stacks - Straight chords that form the perfect bedrock to your compositions.

We've also included over 100 beautifully performed MIDI loops offering even more flexibility. A truly personal and unique collection that we know you're going to love.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
130_GMaj_Stacks_36_TL 130_GMaj_Stacks_36_TL G 130
130_FMaj_Stacks_33_TL 130_FMaj_Stacks_33_TL F 130
130_FMaj_Stacks_32_TL 130_FMaj_Stacks_32_TL F 130
130_CMaj_Stacks_37_TL 130_CMaj_Stacks_37_TL C 130
130_C#Maj_Stacks_38_TL 130_C#Maj_Stacks_38_TL C 130
130_C#Maj_Stacks_19_TL 130_C#Maj_Stacks_19_TL C 130
128_C#Maj_Stacks_18_TL 128_C#Maj_Stacks_18_TL C 128
128_C#Maj_Stacks_17_TL 128_C#Maj_Stacks_17_TL C 128
127_CMaj_Stacks_16_TL 127_CMaj_Stacks_16_TL C 127
125_FMaj_Stacks_31_TL 125_FMaj_Stacks_31_TL F 125
120_GMaj_Stacks_35_TL 120_GMaj_Stacks_35_TL G 120
120_FMaj_Stacks_30_TL 120_FMaj_Stacks_30_TL F 120
120_DMaj_Stacks_34_TL 120_DMaj_Stacks_34_TL D 120
120_DMaj_Stacks_28_TL 120_DMaj_Stacks_28_TL D 120
120_DMaj_Stacks_27_TL 120_DMaj_Stacks_27_TL D 120
120_DMaj_Stacks_26_TL 120_DMaj_Stacks_26_TL D 120
120_DMaj_Stacks_15_TL 120_DMaj_Stacks_15_TL D 120
120_CMaj_Stacks_08_TL 120_CMaj_Stacks_08_TL C 120
120_C#Maj_Stacks_07_TL 120_C#Maj_Stacks_07_TL C 120
120_C#Maj_Stacks_06_TL 120_C#Maj_Stacks_06_TL C 120
120_BMaj_Stacks_05_TL 120_BMaj_Stacks_05_TL B 120
120_A#Maj_Stacks_14_TL 120_A#Maj_Stacks_14_TL A 120
120_A#Maj_Stacks_13_TL 120_A#Maj_Stacks_13_TL A 120
120_A#Maj_Stacks_12_TL 120_A#Maj_Stacks_12_TL A 120
120_A#Maj_Stacks_11_TL 120_A#Maj_Stacks_11_TL A 120
120_A#Maj_Stacks_10_TL 120_A#Maj_Stacks_10_TL A 120
120_A#Maj_Stacks_09_TL 120_A#Maj_Stacks_09_TL A 120
110_GMaj_Stacks_02_TL 110_GMaj_Stacks_02_TL G 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_25_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_25_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_24_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_24_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_23_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_23_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_22_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_22_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_21_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_21_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_20_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_20_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_04_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_04_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_03_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_03_TL C 110
110_CMaj_Stacks_01_TL 110_CMaj_Stacks_01_TL C 110
105_CMaj_Stacks_29_TL 105_CMaj_Stacks_29_TL C 105
97_A#_Performed_30_TL 97_A#_Performed_30_TL A 97
97_A#_Performed_29_TL 97_A#_Performed_29_TL A 97
96_DMaj_Performed_27_TL 96_DMaj_Performed_27_TL D 96
95_GMaj_Performed_34_TL 95_GMaj_Performed_34_TL G 95
95_GMaj_Performed_33_TL 95_GMaj_Performed_33_TL G 95
93_AMin_Performed_20_TL 93_AMin_Performed_20_TL A 93
90_EMaj_Performed_22_TL 90_EMaj_Performed_22_TL E 90
88_EMaj_Performed_14_TL 88_EMaj_Performed_14_TL E 88
88_AMaj_Performed_19_TL 88_AMaj_Performed_19_TL A 88
88_AMaj_Performed_18_TL 88_AMaj_Performed_18_TL A 88
87_EMaj_Performed_01_TL 87_EMaj_Performed_01_TL E 87
87_BMaj_Performed_06_TL 87_BMaj_Performed_06_TL B 87
87_BMaj_Performed_05_TL 87_BMaj_Performed_05_TL B 87
87_BMaj_Performed_04_TL 87_BMaj_Performed_04_TL B 87
87_BMaj_Performed_03_TL 87_BMaj_Performed_03_TL B 87
87_BMaj_Performed_02_TL 87_BMaj_Performed_02_TL B 87
85_G#Maj_Performed_12_TL 85_G#Maj_Performed_12_TL G 85
82_GMaj_Performed_32_TL 82_GMaj_Performed_32_TL G 82
82_GMaj_Performed_31_TL 82_GMaj_Performed_31_TL G 82
82_AMaj_Performed_35_TL 82_AMaj_Performed_35_TL A 82
82_AMaj_Performed_11_TL 82_AMaj_Performed_11_TL A 82
80_GMaj_Performed_07_TL 80_GMaj_Performed_07_TL G 80
80_EMaj_Performed_15_TL 80_EMaj_Performed_15_TL E 80
79_GMaj_Performed_25_TL 79_GMaj_Performed_25_TL G 79
77_AMin_Performed_10_TL 77_AMin_Performed_10_TL A 77
76_FMaj_Performed_16_TL 76_FMaj_Performed_16_TL F 76
75_GMaj_Performed_24_TL 75_GMaj_Performed_24_TL G 75
75_D#Maj_Performed_23_TL 75_D#Maj_Performed_23_TL D 75
74_AMin_Performed_28_TL 74_AMin_Performed_28_TL A 74
73_A#Maj_Performed_26_TL 73_A#Maj_Performed_26_TL A 73