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Jazz Chords & MIDI

Jazz Chords & MIDI

Touch Loops

Jazz chords is our most beautifully inspired piano loops pack to date.  Covering both piano chords & MIDI, each sample has been meticulously crafted to offer an insight into the amazing world of jazz but work equally as well with classic Hip-Hop, Pop & RnB. 

Paying homage to the Neo Soul great of Erykah Baduh all the way through the modern Soulection and Trap sound, this super flexible sample pack will offer new chord structures, fresh voicing's, unique inversions and melody opportunities breaking you away from the same keys and scales. 

With the MIDI included for every loop you can easily get under the hood and manipulate the loops to your hearts content. Key, tempo and note length are just a click away meaning you'll never get stuck inside the loop offering endless possibilities.

So if you're new to the piano, looking to break out of a writers block or just want to do add some incredible original progressions then this ones for you.  As useful as it is characterful - dig in!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
85_D_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_D_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL D 85
85_Gb_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Gb_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Gb 85
85_Gb_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Gb_TapeJazzKeys_TL Gb 85
85_Aaltered_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Aaltered_TapeJazzKeys_TL A 85
85_C_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_C_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL C 85
85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_04_TL 85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_04_TL Gm 85
85_Bb_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Bb_TapeJazzKeys_TL Bb 85
85_Bb_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL 85_Bb_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL Bb 85
85_Ebm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Ebm_TapeJazzKeys_TL Ebm 85
85_Cm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Cm_TapeJazzKeys_TL Cm 85
85_Dharmm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Dharmm_TapeJazzKeys_TL D 85
85_G_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_G_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL G 85
85_Dm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Dm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Dm 85
85_Dharmm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Dharmm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL D 85
85_Bm_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL 85_Bm_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL Bm 85
85_Eb_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL 85_Eb_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL Eb 85
85_CMelm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_CMelm_TapeJazzKeys_TL C 85
85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Gm 85
85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL 85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL Fm 85
85_Db_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Db_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Db 85
85_BbHarmm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_BbHarmm_TapeJazzKeys_TL Bb 85
85_Cm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Cm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Cm 85
85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL 85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL Fm 85
85_F_#_m_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_F_#_m_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL F#m 85
85_Abm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Abm_TapeJazzKeys_TL Abm 85
85_Bm_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL 85_Bm_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL Bm 85
85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_TL Gm 85
85_G_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_G_TapeJazzKeys_TL G 85
85_Dm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Dm_TapeJazzKeys_TL Dm 85
85_Am_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Am_TapeJazzKeys_TL Am 85
85_F_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_F_TapeJazzKeys_TL F 85
85_C_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL 85_C_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL C 85
85_D_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_D_TapeJazzKeys_TL D 85
85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_04_TL 85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_04_TL Fm 85
85_Aharm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Aharm_TapeJazzKeys_TL A 85
85_Abm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Abm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Abm 85
85_F_#_m_TapeJazzKeys_Tl 85_F_#_m_TapeJazzKeys_Tl F#m 85
85_C_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL 85_C_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL C 85
85_A_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_A_TapeJazzKeys_TL A 85
85_Ebm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Ebm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Ebm 85
85_Eb_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Eb_TapeJazzKeys_TL Eb 85
85_Bbm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Bbm_TapeJazzKeys_TL Bbm 85
85_Em_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Em_TapeJazzKeys_TL Em 85
85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL 85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_03_TL Gm 85
85_Bm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Bm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Bm 85
85_Eb_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Eb_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Eb 85
85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL 85_Gm_TapeJazzKeys_01_TL Gm 85
85_Db_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Db_TapeJazzKeys_TL Db 85
85_Fharm_TapeJazzKeys_TL 85_Fharm_TapeJazzKeys_TL F 85
85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL 85_Fm_TapeJazzKeys_02_TL Fm 85
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