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Jazz Flute Sessions

Jazz Flute Sessions

Touch Loops

Jazz Flutes is the finest collection of jazz flute samples and guarantees to offer endless levels of inspiration each and every time.

Performed, recorded and produced by the outrageously talented session musician Renato Bianucci, each loop captures the true essence of jazz and is just asking to breath fresh life into your compositions, irrelevant of genre and style.

With each loop coming in at 4, 8 & 16 bar phrases, the opportunity for re-sampling, chopping or mixing is endless. From quick trills to legendary 60's style phrasings, dub tinged licks to long evolving legato phrases we've ensured no stone was left unturned in getting that authentic vibe that only a world class session musician can provide!

Each beautifully recorded loop offers an amazing palette for mixing and processing. From astral inspired jazz hip-hop to classic Skream inspired Dubstep, classic Deep House to Funk & Soul the options really are endless and we just know you're going to find these truly inspiring.

So if you're looking to add that fresh feel of an amazing session musician to your music then this ones for you and as usual, they're mixed and processed in that classic Touch Loops style.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
125_Cm_Flutes_07_TL 125_Cm_Flutes_07_TL C 125
125_G_Flutes_19_TL 125_G_Flutes_19_TL G 125
118_Em_Flutes_02_TL 118_Em_Flutes_02_TL E 118
118_B_Flutes_03_TL 118_B_Flutes_03_TL B 118
125_G_Flutes_15_TL 125_G_Flutes_15_TL G 125
125_Eb_Flutes_01_TL 125_Eb_Flutes_01_TL E 125
118_F_Flutes_01_TL 118_F_Flutes_01_TL F 118
125_Dm_Flutes_01_TL 125_Dm_Flutes_01_TL D 125
85_Gm_Flutes_07_TL 85_Gm_Flutes_07_TL G 85
118_F_Flutes_13_TL 118_F_Flutes_13_TL F 118
125_Dm_Flutes_13_TL 125_Dm_Flutes_13_TL D 125
85_F_Flutes_05_TL 85_F_Flutes_05_TL F 85
85_Gb_Flutes_05_TL 85_Gb_Flutes_05_TL G 85
125_F_Flutes_13_TL 125_F_Flutes_13_TL F 125
85_Gb_Flutes_09_TL 85_Gb_Flutes_09_TL G 85
125_Em_Flutes_11_TL 125_Em_Flutes_11_TL E 125
125_Am_Flutes_01_TL 125_Am_Flutes_01_TL A 125
85_G_Flutes_03_TL 85_G_Flutes_03_TL G 85
85_Chromatic_Flutes_08_TL 85_Chromatic_Flutes_08_TL C 85
125_Em_Flutes_03_TL 125_Em_Flutes_03_TL E 125
118_Dm_Flutes_02_TL 118_Dm_Flutes_02_TL D 118
118_Dm_Flutes_10_TL 118_Dm_Flutes_10_TL D 118
85_Gb_Flutes_07_TL 85_Gb_Flutes_07_TL G 85
125_F_Flutes_11_TL 125_F_Flutes_11_TL F 125
125_Em_Flutes_01_TL 125_Em_Flutes_01_TL E 125
125_Am_Flutes_03_TL 125_Am_Flutes_03_TL A 125
85_G_Flutes_01_TL 85_G_Flutes_01_TL G 85
125_G_Flutes_17_TL 125_G_Flutes_17_TL G 125
125_G_Flutes_09_TL 125_G_Flutes_09_TL G 125
85_B_Flutes_09_TL 85_B_Flutes_09_TL B 85
118_B_Flutes_01_TL 118_B_Flutes_01_TL B 118
85_B_Flutes_05_TL 85_B_Flutes_05_TL B 85
125_Cm_Flutes_05_TL 125_Cm_Flutes_05_TL C 125
85_F_Flutes_07_TL 85_F_Flutes_07_TL F 85
85_Gm_Flutes_09_TL 85_Gm_Flutes_09_TL G 85
125_Dm_Flutes_11_TL 125_Dm_Flutes_11_TL D 125
118_F_Flutes_11_TL 118_F_Flutes_11_TL F 118
85_Gm_Flutes_05_TL 85_Gm_Flutes_05_TL G 85
125_Dm_Flutes_03_TL 125_Dm_Flutes_03_TL D 125
118_F_Flutes_03_TL 118_F_Flutes_03_TL F 118
85_G_Flutes_05_TL 85_G_Flutes_05_TL G 85
125_Gb_Flutes_13_TL 125_Gb_Flutes_13_TL G 125
125_Em_Flutes_09_TL 125_Em_Flutes_09_TL E 125
125_Em_Flutes_05_TL 125_Em_Flutes_05_TL E 125
118_G_Flutes_01_TL 118_G_Flutes_01_TL G 118
85_Gb_Flutes_03_TL 85_Gb_Flutes_03_TL G 85
125_F_Flutes_15_TL 125_F_Flutes_15_TL F 125
118_Dm_Flutes_06_TL 118_Dm_Flutes_06_TL D 118
85_C_Flutes_07_TL 85_C_Flutes_07_TL C 85
125_F_Flutes_19_TL 125_F_Flutes_19_TL F 125
85_EbM_Flutes_02_TL 85_EbM_Flutes_02_TL E 85
125_Dm_Flutes_19_TL 125_Dm_Flutes_19_TL D 125
85_Gm_Flutes_01_TL 85_Gm_Flutes_01_TL G 85
118_F_Flutes_07_TL 118_F_Flutes_07_TL F 118
125_Dm_Flutes_07_TL 125_Dm_Flutes_07_TL D 125
125_RoaringFlutes_01_TL 125_RoaringFlutes_01_TL 125
85_F_Flutes_03_TL 85_F_Flutes_03_TL F 85
118_F_Flutes_15_TL 118_F_Flutes_15_TL F 118
125_Dm_Flutes_15_TL 125_Dm_Flutes_15_TL D 125
85_B_Flutes_01_TL 85_B_Flutes_01_TL B 85