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Jazz Guitars

Jazz Guitars

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Prepare to enter what we're calling a sample diggers dream!  Jazz guitars is the first and last collection of jazz samples you'll ever need for creating incredible jazz tinged hip-hop, laid back RnB, contemporary pop or anything that needs that touch of a live instrument. 

Created by the outrageously talented guitarist Artiom Krikunov, this truly bespoke jazz guitar sample pack has all the makings of an instant classic. 

With a nod to classic Blue Note jazz, legendary beat makers Dilla & Madlib all the way to the modern legend that is Anderson Paak, this sample delight is just asking to be chopped, remixed and sampled in that classic hip-hop way.

From laid back licks to smokey jazz chord progressions, late night melodies all the way to more  modern RnB styles one thing remains a constant, just how talented Artiom really is with a guitar in his hand.  

Recorded using a stunning Gibson ES-175, each loop beautifully encompasses the the true essence of jazz giving you instant access to a level of class, performance and style rarely seen in the sample world. 

Tempos range from 80-130 bpm with loops spanning 2-16 bars you'll find endless opportunity for putting your own spin on these beautiful recordings.  So, take this one for a spin and let us know how you get on, we just know you'll love them as much as we do!  


Loops: 150
Size: 868

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All Samples Name Key BPM
110_Am_JazzGuitars_1_TL 110_Am_JazzGuitars_1_TL A 110
90_G_JazzGuitars_6_TL 90_G_JazzGuitars_6_TL G 90
90_G_JazzGuitars_5_TL 90_G_JazzGuitars_5_TL G 90
90_G_JazzGuitars_4_TL 90_G_JazzGuitars_4_TL G 90
90_G_JazzGuitars_3_TL 90_G_JazzGuitars_3_TL G 90
90_G_JazzGuitars_2_TL 90_G_JazzGuitars_2_TL G 90
90_G_JazzGuitars_1_TL 90_G_JazzGuitars_1_TL G 90
90_Em_JazzGuitars_6_TL 90_Em_JazzGuitars_6_TL E 90
90_Em_JazzGuitars_5_TL 90_Em_JazzGuitars_5_TL E 90
90_Em_JazzGuitars_4_TL 90_Em_JazzGuitars_4_TL E 90
90_Em_JazzGuitars_3_TL 90_Em_JazzGuitars_3_TL E 90
90_Em_JazzGuitars_2_TL 90_Em_JazzGuitars_2_TL E 90
90_Em_JazzGuitars_1_TL 90_Em_JazzGuitars_1_TL E 90
90_Dm_JazzGuitars_6_TL 90_Dm_JazzGuitars_6_TL D 90
90_Dm_JazzGuitars_5_TL 90_Dm_JazzGuitars_5_TL D 90
90_Dm_JazzGuitars_4_TL 90_Dm_JazzGuitars_4_TL D 90
90_Dm_JazzGuitars_3_TL 90_Dm_JazzGuitars_3_TL D 90
90_Dm_JazzGuitars_2_TL 90_Dm_JazzGuitars_2_TL D 90
90_Dm_JazzGuitars_1_TL 90_Dm_JazzGuitars_1_TL D 90
90_C_JazzGuitars_6_TL 90_C_JazzGuitars_6_TL C 90
90_C_JazzGuitars_5_TL 90_C_JazzGuitars_5_TL C 90
90_C_JazzGuitars_4_TL 90_C_JazzGuitars_4_TL C 90
90_C_JazzGuitars_3_TL 90_C_JazzGuitars_3_TL C 90
90_C_JazzGuitars_2_TL 90_C_JazzGuitars_2_TL C 90
90_C_JazzGuitars_1_TL 90_C_JazzGuitars_1_TL C 90
90_Am_JazzGuitars_6_TL 90_Am_JazzGuitars_6_TL A 90
90_Am_JazzGuitars_5_TL 90_Am_JazzGuitars_5_TL A 90
90_Am_JazzGuitars_4_TL 90_Am_JazzGuitars_4_TL A 90
90_Am_JazzGuitars_3_TL 90_Am_JazzGuitars_3_TL A 90
90_Am_JazzGuitars_2_TL 90_Am_JazzGuitars_2_TL A 90
90_Am_JazzGuitars_1_TL 90_Am_JazzGuitars_1_TL A 90
80_G_JazzGuitars_7_TL 80_G_JazzGuitars_7_TL G 80
80_G_JazzGuitars_6_TL 80_G_JazzGuitars_6_TL G 80
80_G_JazzGuitars_5_TL 80_G_JazzGuitars_5_TL G 80
80_G_JazzGuitars_4_TL 80_G_JazzGuitars_4_TL G 80
80_G_JazzGuitars_3_TL 80_G_JazzGuitars_3_TL G 80
80_G_JazzGuitars_2_TL 80_G_JazzGuitars_2_TL G 80
80_G_JazzGuitars_1_TL 80_G_JazzGuitars_1_TL G 80
80_Em_JazzGuitars_6_TL 80_Em_JazzGuitars_6_TL E 80
80_Em_JazzGuitars_5_TL 80_Em_JazzGuitars_5_TL E 80
80_Em_JazzGuitars_4_TL 80_Em_JazzGuitars_4_TL E 80
80_Em_JazzGuitars_3_TL 80_Em_JazzGuitars_3_TL E 80
80_Em_JazzGuitars_2_TL 80_Em_JazzGuitars_2_TL E 80
80_Em_JazzGuitars_1_TL 80_Em_JazzGuitars_1_TL E 80
80_Dm_JazzGuitars_6_TL 80_Dm_JazzGuitars_6_TL D 80
80_Dm_JazzGuitars_5_TL 80_Dm_JazzGuitars_5_TL D 80
80_Dm_JazzGuitars_4_TL 80_Dm_JazzGuitars_4_TL D 80
80_Dm_JazzGuitars_3_TL 80_Dm_JazzGuitars_3_TL D 80
80_Dm_JazzGuitars_2_TL 80_Dm_JazzGuitars_2_TL D 80
80_Dm_JazzGuitars_1_TL 80_Dm_JazzGuitars_1_TL D 80
80_C_JazzGuitars_6_TL 80_C_JazzGuitars_6_TL C 80
80_C_JazzGuitars_5_TL 80_C_JazzGuitars_5_TL C 80
80_C_JazzGuitars_4_TL 80_C_JazzGuitars_4_TL C 80
80_C_JazzGuitars_3_TL 80_C_JazzGuitars_3_TL C 80
80_C_JazzGuitars_2_TL 80_C_JazzGuitars_2_TL C 80
80_C_JazzGuitars_1_TL 80_C_JazzGuitars_1_TL C 80
80_Am_JazzGuitars_6_TL 80_Am_JazzGuitars_6_TL A 80
80_Am_JazzGuitars_5_TL 80_Am_JazzGuitars_5_TL A 80
80_Am_JazzGuitars_4_TL 80_Am_JazzGuitars_4_TL A 80
80_Am_JazzGuitars_3_TL 80_Am_JazzGuitars_3_TL A 80
80_Am_JazzGuitars_2_TL 80_Am_JazzGuitars_2_TL A 80
80_Am_JazzGuitars_1_TL 80_Am_JazzGuitars_1_TL A 80
130_G_JazzGuitars_6_TL 130_G_JazzGuitars_6_TL G 130
130_G_JazzGuitars_5_TL 130_G_JazzGuitars_5_TL G 130