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Jazz Keys

Jazz Keys

Touch Loops

Jazz Keys showcases the next step in our 'Touch Loops elements' series.  A collection of small but focused packs offering the finest moments of a single beautiful idea.  This weeks addition comes in the form of a beautifully recorded, sample ready jazz piano loops collection.

Performed and recorded by the outrageously talented session pianist Jakob Lindhagen, this truly authentic collection of jazz piano samples are the perfect addition to any composers sample library.  From complex jazz chords to delicate lead lines and phrases we've covered a lot of ground to provide you with the ultimate in flexibility & inspiration. 

Focusing each recording session on tone, mic placement and performance, we've purposefully included those personal moments that make this collection so intimate and endearing.  From breath sounds and wooden creaks to sounds of the actual piano hammers striking the strings, this stunning collection brings you an up front and personal set of recordings that are as beautiful as they are delicate. 

So, if you are looking to add some beautifully recorded jazz elements to your sessions then this ones for you.  Perfect for breaking out of any creative blocks, expanding your chord and key choices or adding that authentic live performance element this collection is mix ready, royalty free and good to go. 

Size: 300mb
Loops: 81

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All Samples Name Key BPM
97_3:4_JazzKeys_01 97_3:4_JazzKeys_01 97
95_JazzKeys_01 95_JazzKeys_01 95
95_GMin_JazzKeys_02 95_GMin_JazzKeys_02 G 95
95_GMin_JazzKeys_01 95_GMin_JazzKeys_01 G 95
95_G_JazzKeys_01 95_G_JazzKeys_01 G 95
95_G#Min_JazzKeys_01 95_G#Min_JazzKeys_01 G 95
95_G#_JazzKeys_02 95_G#_JazzKeys_02 G 95
95_G_#__JazzKeys_01 95_G_#__JazzKeys_01 G 95
95_F_JazzKeys_01 95_F_JazzKeys_01 F 95
95_EbMin_JazzKeys_02 95_EbMin_JazzKeys_02 E 95
95_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 95_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 E 95
95_Eb_JazzKeys_01 95_Eb_JazzKeys_01 E 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_08 95_CMin_JazzKeys_08 C 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_07 95_CMin_JazzKeys_07 C 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_06 95_CMin_JazzKeys_06 C 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_05 95_CMin_JazzKeys_05 C 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_04 95_CMin_JazzKeys_04 C 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_03 95_CMin_JazzKeys_03 C 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_02 95_CMin_JazzKeys_02 C 95
95_CMin_JazzKeys_01 95_CMin_JazzKeys_01 C 95
95_C_JazzKeys_01 95_C_JazzKeys_01 C 95
95_C#_JazzKeys_01 95_C#_JazzKeys_01 C 95
95_Bb_JazzKeys_01 95_Bb_JazzKeys_01 B 95
93_JazzKeys_01 93_JazzKeys_01 93
91_JazzKeys_01 91_JazzKeys_01 91
90_GMin_JazzKeys_01 90_GMin_JazzKeys_01 G 90
90_G_JazzKeys_02 90_G_JazzKeys_02 G 90
90_G_JazzKeys_01 90_G_JazzKeys_01 G 90
90_G#_JazzKeys_02 90_G#_JazzKeys_02 G 90
90_G#_JazzKeys_01 90_G#_JazzKeys_01 G 90
90_FMin_JazzKeys_02 90_FMin_JazzKeys_02 F 90
90_FMin_JazzKeys_01 90_FMin_JazzKeys_01 F 90
90_F_JazzKeys_01 90_F_JazzKeys_01 F 90
90_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 90_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 E 90
90_Eb_JazzKeys_02 90_Eb_JazzKeys_02 E 90
90_Eb_JazzKeys_01 90_Eb_JazzKeys_01 E 90
90_D_JazzKeys_01 90_D_JazzKeys_01 D 90
90_Bb_JazzKeys_02 90_Bb_JazzKeys_02 B 90
90_Bb_JazzKeys_01 90_Bb_JazzKeys_01 B 90
90_A_JazzKeys_01 90_A_JazzKeys_01 A 90
85_G_JazzKeys_01 85_G_JazzKeys_01 G 85
80_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 80_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 E 80
80_B_JazzKeys_ 80_B_JazzKeys_ B 80
76_JazzKeys_01 76_JazzKeys_01 76
68_JazzKeys_01 68_JazzKeys_01 68
68_3:4_JazzKeys_01 68_3:4_JazzKeys_01 68
110_FMin_JazzKeys_01 110_FMin_JazzKeys_01 F 110
110_F#_JazzKeys_01 110_F#_JazzKeys_01 F 110
110_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 110_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 E 110
110_BbMin_JazzKeys_01 110_BbMin_JazzKeys_01 B 110
105_F#_JazzKeys_01 105_F#_JazzKeys_01 F 105
105_A_JazzKeys_02 105_A_JazzKeys_02 A 105
105_A_JazzKeys_01 105_A_JazzKeys_01 A 105
105_3:4_JazzKeys_01 105_3:4_JazzKeys_01 105
100_GMin_JazzKeys_02 100_GMin_JazzKeys_02 G 100
100_GMin_JazzKeys_01 100_GMin_JazzKeys_01 G 100
100_G#_JazzKeys_01 100_G#_JazzKeys_01 G 100
100_FMin_JazzKeys_04 100_FMin_JazzKeys_04 F 100
100_FMin_JazzKeys_03 100_FMin_JazzKeys_03 F 100
100_FMin_JazzKeys_02 100_FMin_JazzKeys_02 F 100
100_FMin_JazzKeys_01 100_FMin_JazzKeys_01 F 100
100_F_JazzKeys_02 100_F_JazzKeys_02 F 100
100_F_JazzKeys_01 100_F_JazzKeys_01 F 100
100_F#_JazzKeys_05 100_F#_JazzKeys_05 F 100
100_F#_JazzKeys_04 100_F#_JazzKeys_04 F 100
100_F#_JazzKeys_03 100_F#_JazzKeys_03 F 100
100_F#_JazzKeys_02 100_F#_JazzKeys_02 F 100
100_F#_JazzKeys_01 100_F#_JazzKeys_01 F 100
100_EMin_JazzKeys_01 100_EMin_JazzKeys_01 E 100
100_EbMin_JazzKeys_04 100_EbMin_JazzKeys_04 E 100
100_EbMin_JazzKeys_03 100_EbMin_JazzKeys_03 E 100
100_EbMin_JazzKeys_02 100_EbMin_JazzKeys_02 E 100
100_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 100_EbMin_JazzKeys_01 E 100
100_E_JazzKeys_01 100_E_JazzKeys_01 E 100
100_CMin_JazzKeys_03 100_CMin_JazzKeys_03 C 100
100_CMin_JazzKeys_02 100_CMin_JazzKeys_02 C 100
100_CMin_JazzKeys_01 100_CMin_JazzKeys_01 C 100
100_C_JazzKeys_01 100_C_JazzKeys_01 C 100