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JTEKK - Alien Junglist

JTEKK - Alien Junglist


This veteran Electronica producer has put together an impressive package of grooves and beats that will take your work to the next level with the freshest drum 'n bass, jungle, hardcore, break-beat and big-beat, trip-hop, IDM and experimental loops available.

JTEKK has definitely got his finger on the pulse of today's electronic music and proudly shows on this sample collection what cutting-edge beats really sound like.

Jam packed with over 575 **ALL-NEW** and exclusive loops and drum sounds (plus over 250 bonus samples), ALIEN JUNGLIST delivers creative ideas and tools for making huge, fat tracks for electronica music, adding personality and hooks to pop and rock music - or lending any track a unique edge.

The loops and grooves on ALIEN JUNGLIST include: Huge bass tones that will rumble your sub-woofer - thick synth basses that will round out the e.q. of your track - aggressive, gritty drum loops and huge bottom ends - programmed filtering and effected sounds for an edgy addition to your track's percussion - big and thick square-wave tones, to gritty and distorted saw-wave tones - dramatic, spacey and ethreal pads and sounds with plenty of digital effects and filtered movement.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Everyone at ELECTRONISOUNDS is excited to offer this impressive new collection of loops and samples from techno & hip hop pioneer - JTEKK. We are confident the material on ALIEN JUNGLIST will be easy to use, and add a unique style and big studio production quality to your tracks.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
WL-tom01 WL-tom01
WL-snare08 WL-snare08
WL-snare07 WL-snare07
WL-snare06 WL-snare06
WL-snare05 WL-snare05
WL-snare04 WL-snare04
WL-snare03 WL-snare03
WL-snare02 WL-snare02
WL-snare01 WL-snare01
WL-perc02 WL-perc02
WL-perc01 WL-perc01
WL-kick27 WL-kick27
WL-kick26 WL-kick26
WL-kick25 WL-kick25
WL-kick24 WL-kick24
WL-kick23 WL-kick23
WL-kick22 WL-kick22
WL-kick21 WL-kick21
WL-kick20 WL-kick20
WL-kick19 WL-kick19
WL-kick18 WL-kick18
WL-kick17 WL-kick17
WL-kick16 WL-kick16
WL-kick15 WL-kick15
WL-kick14 WL-kick14
WL-kick13 WL-kick13
WL-kick12 WL-kick12
WL-kick11 WL-kick11
WL-kick10 WL-kick10
WL-kick09 WL-kick09
WL-kick08 WL-kick08
WL-kick07 WL-kick07
WL-kick06 WL-kick06
WL-kick05 WL-kick05
WL-kick04 WL-kick04
WL-kick03 WL-kick03
WL-kick02 WL-kick02
WL-kick01 WL-kick01
WL-openhh13 WL-openhh13
WL-openhh12 WL-openhh12
WL-openhh11 WL-openhh11
WL-openhh10 WL-openhh10
WL-openhh09 WL-openhh09
WL-openhh08 WL-openhh08
WL-openhh07 WL-openhh07
WL-openhh06 WL-openhh06
WL-openhh05 WL-openhh05
WL-openhh04 WL-openhh04
WL-openhh03 WL-openhh03
WL-openhh02 WL-openhh02
WL-openhh01 WL-openhh01
WL-clhh04 WL-clhh04
WL-clhh03 WL-clhh03
WL-clhh02 WL-clhh02
WL-clhh01 WL-clhh01
WL-fx01 WL-fx01
WL-clap01 WL-clap01
WL-clap+snare01 WL-clap+snare01
WL-clap+kick02 WL-clap+kick02
WL-clap+kick01 WL-clap+kick01
DJD-tom01 DJD-tom01
DJD-tamb01 DJD-tamb01
DJD-snare07 DJD-snare07
DJD-snare06 DJD-snare06
DJD-snare05 DJD-snare05
DJD-snare04 DJD-snare04
DJD-snare03 DJD-snare03
DJD-snare02 DJD-snare02
DJD-snare01 DJD-snare01
DJD-ride05 DJD-ride05
DJD-ride04 DJD-ride04
DJD-ride03 DJD-ride03
DJD-ride02 DJD-ride02