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LA Beats

LA Beats

Touch Loops

Inspired by Tyler The Creators groundbreaking albums 'Flower Boy' & 'Igor', these genre twisting live samples push the mould of what classic hip-hop can be.  Contemporary, saturated but always beautiful, this is the first place you'll want to look when starting to download some fresh hip-hop samples. 

Inside this hip-hop beauty you'll find distorted live bass, sub rattling 808's, beautiful live Rhodes loops, intricate hi-hat pattens, lush vocal pads and rich analogue leads.  

Coming in at 40 loops we've decided to focus on what really matters; inspiring content.  Each loop has been beautifully mixed and mastered to ensure it's ready to be dropped into your DAW and will be ready to go.  Whether you chose to use our pre-written ideas or mix and mangle for your own touch, these loops guarantee to lift your beats time and time again.  

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All Samples Name Key BPM
83_Gb_FuzzBass_01_TL 83_Gb_FuzzBass_01_TL Gb 83
83_Ebm_DrivenBass_TL 83_Ebm_DrivenBass_TL Ebm 83
79_Ebm_SubDrops_TL 79_Ebm_SubDrops_TL Ebm 79
70_B_SaturatedSub_TL 70_B_SaturatedSub_TL B 70
81_Gm_StabBass_01_TL 81_Gm_StabBass_01_TL Gm 81
80_E_TrapSub_TL 80_E_TrapSub_TL E 80
83_Gb_FuzzBass_02_TL 83_Gb_FuzzBass_02_TL Gb 83
81_Gm_StabBass_02_TL 81_Gm_StabBass_02_TL Gm 81
70_B_FlutterzSynth_TL 70_B_FlutterzSynth_TL B 70
83_Gb_BrightArp_TL 83_Gb_BrightArp_TL Gb 83
83_Gb_JunoLead_TL 83_Gb_JunoLead_TL Gb 83
81_Gm_MessArps_TL 81_Gm_MessArps_TL Gm 81
80_E_JunoGritLead_TL 80_E_JunoGritLead_TL E 80
66_F#m_BuzzyLeadSynths_TL 66_F#m_BuzzyLeadSynths_TL F#m 66
79_Ebm_SawTone_TL 79_Ebm_SawTone_TL Ebm 79
80_E_MuddyPad_TL 80_E_MuddyPad_TL E 80
66_F#m_SortofSadKeys_01_TL 66_F#m_SortofSadKeys_01_TL F#m 66
66_F#m_SortofSadKeys_02_TL 66_F#m_SortofSadKeys_02_TL F#m 66
83_Ebm_ThiccChords_TL 83_Ebm_ThiccChords_TL Ebm 83
83_Ebm_PitchedVoice_TL 83_Ebm_PitchedVoice_TL Ebm 83
83_Gb_GhostlyVoices_TL 83_Gb_GhostlyVoices_TL Gb 83
83_Gb_RollRhodes_TL 83_Gb_RollRhodes_TL Gb 83
81_Gm_PhaseOrgan_TL 81_Gm_PhaseOrgan_TL Gm 81
79_Ebm_KeysTone_TL 79_Ebm_KeysTone_TL Ebm 79
70_SwaggBeat_TL 70_SwaggBeat_TL 70
90_HighKickBeat_TL 90_HighKickBeat_TL 90
80_TightKit_TL 80_TightKit_TL 80
83_ClassicHopBeat_TL 83_ClassicHopBeat_TL 83
83_FunkyTop_TL 83_FunkyTop_TL 83
70_B_TomFill_TL 70_B_TomFill_TL B 70
83_FunkyDrums_TL 83_FunkyDrums_TL 83
80_HeavyKit_TL 80_HeavyKit_TL 80
83_Gb_ShakerPerc_TL 83_Gb_ShakerPerc_TL Gb 83
80_HeavyTop_TL 80_HeavyTop_TL 80
90_HighKickTop_TL 90_HighKickTop_TL 90
83_ClassicHopTop_TL 83_ClassicHopTop_TL 83
66_TribalDrums_TL 66_TribalDrums_TL 66
70_SwaggTop_TL 70_SwaggTop_TL 70
80_TightTop_TL 80_TightTop_TL 80
81_MarchBeat_TL 81_MarchBeat_TL 81
LongLazer_TL LongLazer_TL
Clappo_TL Clappo_TL
C_BassTone_TL C_BassTone_TL C
KickPitched_TL KickPitched_TL
ToneKick_01_TL ToneKick_01_TL
SaturatedSub_TL SaturatedSub_TL
SquashedFX_02_TL SquashedFX_02_TL
ToneKick_02_TL ToneKick_02_TL
SquashedFX_01_TL SquashedFX_01_TL
BubbleClave_TL BubbleClave_TL
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