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Laniakea Sounds

'Laniakea Sounds: Chillwave' is a collection of chilly beats and vintage synths, made for Synthwave, Vaporwave and Indie Dance producers. This package is 100% Royalty-Free, so you are free to use it in your studio.

'Laniakea Sounds: Chillwave' was produced by Michal Ostafin and includes 182 MB of content with loops, one-shots and synth presets. This sample pack comes at 90-100 BPM and features a perfect selection of slow-tempo drums, vintage basses, lush synths and some 8-Bit effect vocals.
Don't waste your time, listen to the demo and download 'Laniakea Sounds: Chillwave' from Laniakea Sounds today.
Please Note:
Presets require Spire v1.1.12 and above.
Product Details:
• 182 MB of Content
• 170 Files in Total
• 40 One-Shots
• 35 Music Loops
• 23 Top Drum Loops
• 21 Full Drum Loops
• 20 Spire Presets (1 Soundbank)
• 14 FX
• 12 Vocals
• Key Labelled/Tempo Synced WAV Files
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit Quality
• 100% Royalty-Free

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All Samples Name Key BPM
LSC_Vocal_01_Wet LSC_Vocal_01_Wet
LSC_Vocal_03_Wet LSC_Vocal_03_Wet
LSC_Vocal_02_Wet LSC_Vocal_02_Wet
LSC_Vocal_04_Wet LSC_Vocal_04_Wet
LSC_Vocal_05_Wet LSC_Vocal_05_Wet
LSC_Vocal_04_Dry LSC_Vocal_04_Dry
LSC_Vocal_02_Dry LSC_Vocal_02_Dry
LSC_Vocal_03_Dry LSC_Vocal_03_Dry
LSC_Vocal_01_Dry LSC_Vocal_01_Dry
LSC_Static_Noise_02 LSC_Static_Noise_02
LSC_Static_Noise_03 LSC_Static_Noise_03
LSC_Static_Noise_01 LSC_Static_Noise_01
LSC_Static_Noise_04 LSC_Static_Noise_04
LSC_Static_Noise_05 LSC_Static_Noise_05
LSC_Perc_22 LSC_Perc_22
LSC_Perc_20 LSC_Perc_20
LSC_Perc_08 LSC_Perc_08
LSC_Perc_09 LSC_Perc_09
LSC_Perc_21 LSC_Perc_21
LSC_Perc_19 LSC_Perc_19
LSC_Perc_18 LSC_Perc_18
LSC_Perc_02 LSC_Perc_02
LSC_Perc_16 LSC_Perc_16
LSC_Perc_17 LSC_Perc_17
LSC_Perc_03 LSC_Perc_03
LSC_Perc_15 LSC_Perc_15
LSC_Perc_01 LSC_Perc_01
LSC_Perc_14 LSC_Perc_14
LSC_Perc_10 LSC_Perc_10
LSC_Perc_04 LSC_Perc_04
LSC_Perc_05 LSC_Perc_05
LSC_Perc_11 LSC_Perc_11
LSC_Perc_07 LSC_Perc_07
LSC_Perc_13 LSC_Perc_13
LSC_Perc_12 LSC_Perc_12
LSC_Perc_06 LSC_Perc_06
LSC_Kick_02 LSC_Kick_02
LSC_Kick_03 LSC_Kick_03
LSC_Kick_01 LSC_Kick_01
LSC_Kick_04 LSC_Kick_04
LSC_Kick_05 LSC_Kick_05
LSC_Kick_07 LSC_Kick_07
LSC_Kick_06 LSC_Kick_06
LSC_Snare_04 LSC_Snare_04
LSC_Snare_05 LSC_Snare_05
LSC_Snare_07 LSC_Snare_07
LSC_Snare_06 LSC_Snare_06
LSC_Snare_02 LSC_Snare_02
LSC_Snare_03 LSC_Snare_03
LSC_Snare_01 LSC_Snare_01
LSC_96_Bass_Loop_05_Cm LSC_96_Bass_Loop_05_Cm C 96
LSC_90_Bass_Loop_01_Dm LSC_90_Bass_Loop_01_Dm D 90
LSC_100_Bass_Loop_06_Am LSC_100_Bass_Loop_06_Am A 100
LSC_100_Bass_Loop_09_Cm LSC_100_Bass_Loop_09_Cm C 100
LSC_90_Bass_Loop_03_Cm LSC_90_Bass_Loop_03_Cm C 90
LSC_90_Bass_Loop_02_Dm LSC_90_Bass_Loop_02_Dm D 90
LSC_96_Bass_Loop_04_Cm LSC_96_Bass_Loop_04_Cm C 96
LSC_100_Bass_Loop_10_Cm LSC_100_Bass_Loop_10_Cm C 100
LSC_100_Bass_Loop_07_Am LSC_100_Bass_Loop_07_Am A 100
LSC_100_Bass_Loop_08_Cm LSC_100_Bass_Loop_08_Cm C 100
LSC_100_Synth_Loop_19_Am LSC_100_Synth_Loop_19_Am A 100
LSC_96_Synth_Loop_07_Cm LSC_96_Synth_Loop_07_Cm C 96
LSC_90_Synth_Loop_04_Dm LSC_90_Synth_Loop_04_Dm D 90
LSC_96_Synth_Loop_05_Cm LSC_96_Synth_Loop_05_Cm C 96
LSC_100_Synth_Loop_10_Cm LSC_100_Synth_Loop_10_Cm C 100
LSC_100_Synth_Loop_13_Am LSC_100_Synth_Loop_13_Am A 100
LSC_100_Synth_Loop_22_Cm LSC_100_Synth_Loop_22_Cm C 100
LSC_90_Synth_Loop_02_Dm LSC_90_Synth_Loop_02_Dm D 90