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Modern Pop

Modern Pop

Laniakea Sounds

'Laniakea Sounds: Modern Pop' is a top-notch mixture of Trap, Pop, Tropical House and Future RnB sounds. This fantastic Royalty-Free sample collection was produced by Roman Prus and features over 800 MB of professionally crafted Construction Kits, loops, one-shots, Spire presets and MIDI files.

Expect to find a beautiful selection of punchy beats, charming melodies, modern leads, Pop guitars, glossy pianos, lush basses and bright vocal loops. Focused on a similar direction to Major Lazer, DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Flume, Jack U, this impressive sample pack will give you a new inspirational material.
So what are you waiting for, jump in and get started.
Product Details:
• 820 MB of Content
• 172 Files in Total 
• Key-Labelled/Tempo Synced WAV Files
• 5 Construction Kits
• 50 Loops
• 26 One-Shots
• 25 Spire Presets
• 21 MIDI Files 
• Dry/Wet Files Included
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit Quality
• 100% Royalty-Free

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All Samples Name Key BPM
LSMP_Synth_09_G_# LSMP_Synth_09_G_# G
LSMP_Synth_08_G_# LSMP_Synth_08_G_# G
LSMP_Synth_07_G_# LSMP_Synth_07_G_# G
LSMP_Synth_06_F LSMP_Synth_06_F F
LSMP_Synth_05_E LSMP_Synth_05_E E
LSMP_Synth_04_E LSMP_Synth_04_E E
LSMP_Synth_03_A LSMP_Synth_03_A A
LSMP_Synth_02_G LSMP_Synth_02_G G
LSMP_Synth_01_G LSMP_Synth_01_G G
LSMP_Perc_02 LSMP_Perc_02
LSMP_Perc_01 LSMP_Perc_01
LSMP_Kick_05 LSMP_Kick_05
LSMP_Kick_04 LSMP_Kick_04
LSMP_Kick_03 LSMP_Kick_03
LSMP_Kick_02 LSMP_Kick_02
LSMP_Kick_01 LSMP_Kick_01
LSMP_Clap_04 LSMP_Clap_04
LSMP_Clap_03 LSMP_Clap_03
LSMP_Clap_02 LSMP_Clap_02
LSMP_Clap_01 LSMP_Clap_01
LSMP_Bass_06_G_# LSMP_Bass_06_G_# G
LSMP_Bass_05_F LSMP_Bass_05_F F
LSMP_Bass_04_E LSMP_Bass_04_E E
LSMP_Bass_03_A LSMP_Bass_03_A A
LSMP_Bass_02_A LSMP_Bass_02_A A
LSMP_Bass_01_G LSMP_Bass_01_G G
LSMP_86_Vox_Dizzy_Am LSMP_86_Vox_Dizzy_Am A 86
LSMP_120_Vox_Shift_Em LSMP_120_Vox_Shift_Em E 120
LSMP_105_Vox_Vegas_02_Gm LSMP_105_Vox_Vegas_02_Gm G 105
LSMP_105_Vox_Vegas_01_Gm LSMP_105_Vox_Vegas_01_Gm G 105
LSMP_100_Vox_Snake_Fm LSMP_100_Vox_Snake_Fm F 100
LSMP_86_Synth_Dizzy_02_Am LSMP_86_Synth_Dizzy_02_Am A 86
LSMP_86_Synth_Dizzy_01_Am LSMP_86_Synth_Dizzy_01_Am A 86
LSMP_120_Synth_Shift_02_Em LSMP_120_Synth_Shift_02_Em E 120
LSMP_120_Synth_Shift_01_Em LSMP_120_Synth_Shift_01_Em E 120
LSMP_117_Synth_Major_03_G_#_m LSMP_117_Synth_Major_03_G_#_m G 117
LSMP_117_Synth_Major_02_G_#_m LSMP_117_Synth_Major_02_G_#_m G 117
LSMP_117_Synth_Major_01_G_#_m LSMP_117_Synth_Major_01_G_#_m G 117
LSMP_105_Synth_Vegas_02_Gm LSMP_105_Synth_Vegas_02_Gm G 105
LSMP_105_Synth_Vegas_01_Gm LSMP_105_Synth_Vegas_01_Gm G 105
LSMP_100_Synth_Snake_Fm LSMP_100_Synth_Snake_Fm F 100
LSMP_124_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_10_E LSMP_124_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_10_E E 124
LSMP_122_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_9_D_#_m LSMP_122_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_9_D_#_m D 122
LSMP_120_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_8_A_#_m LSMP_120_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_8_A_#_m A 120
LSMP_120_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_7_Em LSMP_120_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_7_Em E 120
LSMP_120_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_6_Am LSMP_120_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_6_Am A 120
LSMP_115_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_5_Cm LSMP_115_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_5_Cm C 115
LSMP_115_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_4_G_#_m LSMP_115_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_4_G_#_m G 115
LSMP_115_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_3_Dm LSMP_115_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_3_Dm D 115
LSMP_110_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_2_Am LSMP_110_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_2_Am A 110
LSMP_110_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_1_Bm LSMP_110_Bonus_Guitar_Loop_1_Bm B 110
LSMP_86_Bass_Dizzy_Am LSMP_86_Bass_Dizzy_Am A 86
LSMP_120_Bass_Shift_Em LSMP_120_Bass_Shift_Em E 120
LSMP_117_Bass_Major_G_#_m LSMP_117_Bass_Major_G_#_m G 117
LSMP_105_Bass_Vegas_Gm LSMP_105_Bass_Vegas_Gm G 105
LSMP_100_Bass_Snake_Fm LSMP_100_Bass_Snake_Fm F 100
LSMP_86_Top_Loop_Dizzy LSMP_86_Top_Loop_Dizzy 86
LSMP_120_Top_Loop_Shift LSMP_120_Top_Loop_Shift 120
LSMP_117_Top_Loop_Major LSMP_117_Top_Loop_Major 117
LSMP_105_Top_Loop_Vegas LSMP_105_Top_Loop_Vegas 105
LSMP_100_Top_Loop_Snake LSMP_100_Top_Loop_Snake 100
LSMP_86_Drum_Loop_Dizzy LSMP_86_Drum_Loop_Dizzy 86
LSMP_120_Drum_Loop_Shift LSMP_120_Drum_Loop_Shift 120
LSMP_117_Drum_Loop_Major LSMP_117_Drum_Loop_Major 117
LSMP_105_Drum_Loop_Vegas LSMP_105_Drum_Loop_Vegas 105
LSMP_100_Drum_Loop_Snake LSMP_100_Drum_Loop_Snake 100
LSMP_Major_Kit_Piano_G_#_m_117BPM LSMP_Major_Kit_Piano_G_#_m_117BPM G 117