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Progressive Chill 2

Progressive Chill 2

Laniakea Sounds

'Progressive Chill 2' is the second part of a collection filled of fresh and unique sounds, including elegant beats and silky, vivacious melodies designed to bring more ambience and depth to your music.

After tremendous success with the first pack, Laniakea Sounds are very proud to present th second volume. We provided for you 100% Royalty-Free sample pack will bring you a fairy mixture of delicate organic instruments and cathy drums, immersed into the floating soundscapes.
'Progressive Chill 2' was produced by Enviado Vida and includes 521 MB of content, with loops and one-shots. This unique experimental sample library features a prime selection of dynamic drums, lush chords, dreamy piano, shimmering pads and quaint synths.
'Progressive Chill 2' comes at 112-124 BPM, making it ideal for Progressive House, Deep House, Downtempo, Chillout and Electronica genres.
Product Details:
• 521 MB of Content
• 145 WAV Files in Total
• 61 Drum Loops in Total
• 25 Full Drum Loops
• 29 Top Loops
• 7 Stripped Drum Loops
• 46 Music Loops
• 38 One-Shots in Total
• 11 Claps
• 11 Hats
• 9 Kicks
• 7 Percussions
• 100% Royalty-Free

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All Samples Name Key BPM
LSPC2_Perc_05 LSPC2_Perc_05
LSPC2_Perc_04 LSPC2_Perc_04
LSPC2_Perc_06 LSPC2_Perc_06
LSPC2_Perc_07 LSPC2_Perc_07
LSPC2_Perc_03 LSPC2_Perc_03
LSPC2_Perc_02 LSPC2_Perc_02
LSPC2_Perc_01 LSPC2_Perc_01
LSPC2_Clap_09 LSPC2_Clap_09
LSPC2_Clap_08 LSPC2_Clap_08
LSPC2_Clap_03 LSPC2_Clap_03
LSPC2_Clap_02 LSPC2_Clap_02
LSPC2_Clap_01 LSPC2_Clap_01
LSPC2_Clap_11 LSPC2_Clap_11
LSPC2_Clap_05 LSPC2_Clap_05
LSPC2_Clap_04 LSPC2_Clap_04
LSPC2_Clap_10 LSPC2_Clap_10
LSPC2_Clap_06 LSPC2_Clap_06
LSPC2_Clap_07 LSPC2_Clap_07
LSPC2_Kick_05 LSPC2_Kick_05
LSPC2_Kick_04 LSPC2_Kick_04
LSPC2_Kick_06 LSPC2_Kick_06
LSPC2_Kick_07 LSPC2_Kick_07
LSPC2_Kick_03 LSPC2_Kick_03
LSPC2_Kick_02 LSPC2_Kick_02
LSPC2_Kick_01 LSPC2_Kick_01
LSPC2_Kick_09 LSPC2_Kick_09
LSPC2_Kick_08 LSPC2_Kick_08
LSPC2_Hat_01 LSPC2_Hat_01
LSPC2_Hat_03 LSPC2_Hat_03
LSPC2_Hat_02 LSPC2_Hat_02
LSPC2_Hat_06 LSPC2_Hat_06
LSPC2_Hat_07 LSPC2_Hat_07
LSPC2_Hat_11 LSPC2_Hat_11
LSPC2_Hat_05 LSPC2_Hat_05
LSPC2_Hat_04 LSPC2_Hat_04
LSPC2_Hat_10 LSPC2_Hat_10
LSPC2_Hat_09 LSPC2_Hat_09
LSPC2_Hat_08 LSPC2_Hat_08
LSPC2_116_Piano_Loop_01_Em LSPC2_116_Piano_Loop_01_Em E 116
LSPC2_122_Piano_Loop_04_Dm LSPC2_122_Piano_Loop_04_Dm D 122
LSPC2_121_Piano_Loop_03_E LSPC2_121_Piano_Loop_03_E E 121
LSPC2_122_Piano_Loop_05_F_#_m LSPC2_122_Piano_Loop_05_F_#_m F 122
LSPC2_116_Piano_Loop_02__Em LSPC2_116_Piano_Loop_02__Em E 116
LSPC2_123_Guitar_Loop_01_Bm LSPC2_123_Guitar_Loop_01_Bm B 123
LSPC2_116_Vox_Loop_01_D_#_m LSPC2_116_Vox_Loop_01_D_#_m D 116
LSPC2_121_Chord_Loop_03_E LSPC2_121_Chord_Loop_03_E E 121
LSPC2_116_Chord_Loop_01_D_#_m LSPC2_116_Chord_Loop_01_D_#_m D 116
LSPC2_121_Chord_Loop_04_Dm LSPC2_121_Chord_Loop_04_Dm D 121
LSPC2_118_Chord_Loop_02_C_#_m LSPC2_118_Chord_Loop_02_C_#_m C 118
LSPC2_122_Chord_Loop_05_F_#_m LSPC2_122_Chord_Loop_05_F_#_m F 122
LSPC2_122_Chord_Loop_06_F_#_m LSPC2_122_Chord_Loop_06_F_#_m F 122
LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_06_C_#_m LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_06_C_#_m C 121
LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_11_D_#_m LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_11_D_#_m D 122
LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_09_F_#_m LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_09_F_#_m F 122
LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_10_F_#_m LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_10_F_#_m F 122
LSPC2_123_Bass_Loop_15_Bm LSPC2_123_Bass_Loop_15_Bm B 123
LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_07_C_#_m LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_07_C_#_m C 121
LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_12_D_#_m LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_12_D_#_m D 122
LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_05_Dm LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_05_Dm D 121
LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_13_F_#_m LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_13_F_#_m F 122
LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_02_E LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_02_E E 121
LSPC2_123_Bass_Loop_14_Bm LSPC2_123_Bass_Loop_14_Bm B 123
LSPC2_118_Bass_Loop_01_C_#_m LSPC2_118_Bass_Loop_01_C_#_m C 118
LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_08_Dm LSPC2_122_Bass_Loop_08_Dm D 122
LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_04_Dm LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_04_Dm D 121
LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_03_E LSPC2_121_Bass_Loop_03_E E 121
LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_08_Dm LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_08_Dm D 122
LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_10_Dm LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_10_Dm D 122
LSPC2_121_Pad_Loop_03_E LSPC2_121_Pad_Loop_03_E E 121
LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_07_F_#_m LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_07_F_#_m F 122
LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_09_Dm LSPC2_122_Pad_Loop_09_Dm D 122
LSPC2_118_Pad_Loop_02_C_#_m LSPC2_118_Pad_Loop_02_C_#_m C 118