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Laniakea Sounds

'Tropicality' is filled with a unique selection of fresh and exquisite sounds in a hot Tropical House and Pop style, including chilled and soft music loops, authentic FX, elegant drum loops and one-shots. 

Inspired by the artists like Chace, Conro, Kygo, Diplo and Cheat Codes, 'Tropicality' brings all modern elements for producing your next Pop hit. Be sure to find absolutely outstanding content, including soft and delicate chord loops, carefully chopped and pitched vocals, unique drum loops with a special live sounding and atmospheric vocal elements for creating dreamy and light atmosphere in your track. The demo speaks for itself.
Whenever you feel like you're out of ideas, each little sound will be perfect to inspire you. A premium collection of one-shots is a foundation for drum loops in that pack, so expect to find foley percussions, crispy snaps, groovy kicks and hats with perfect warm shade.
Special attention was paid for creating various Tropical FX which perfectly combined with any drum loops or complete track. And of course to simplify the work with the pack all content provided in 100 BPM and key and tempo labelled.
It's time to focus on high usable sample pack with all essentials for producing and start to create chart-topping music today.
Product Details:
• 150 Files in Total
• 30 Inspiring Music Loops
• 15 Various Drum Loops
• 10 Tropical Vocal Atmospheres
• 20 FX
• 7 Bass Loops
• 55 One-Shots
• 20 Percussions
• 15 Hats
• 5 Kicks
• 10 Snaps
• 5 Synths
• 100% Royalty-Free

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All Samples Name Key BPM
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_01_G_# LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_01_G_# G
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_06_C LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_06_C C
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_09_F_# LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_09_F_# F
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_07_G_# LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_07_G_# G
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_03_E LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_03_E E
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_04_C_# LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_04_C_# C
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_05_G_# LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_05_G_# G
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_10_A LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_10_A A
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_02_G_# LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_02_G_# G
LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_08_D LST_Vocal_Atmosphere_08_D D
LST_Heartstone_Bass_100BPM_C_#_m LST_Heartstone_Bass_100BPM_C_#_m C 100
LST_Sidewalk_Bass_100BPM_Cm LST_Sidewalk_Bass_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Afterhours_Sub_Bass_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Sub_Bass_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_White_Sand_Bass_100BPM_Cm LST_White_Sand_Bass_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Sidewalk_Bass_Long_100BPM_Cm LST_Sidewalk_Bass_Long_100BPM_Cm C
LST_Seashore_Bass_100BPM_C_# LST_Seashore_Bass_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Ocean_Drive_Bass_100BPM_C_# LST_Ocean_Drive_Bass_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Afterhours_Pluck_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Pluck_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_Afterhours_Marimba_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Marimba_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_White_Sand_Atmosphere_100BPM_Cm LST_White_Sand_Atmosphere_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Heartstone_Lead_100BPM_C_#_m LST_Heartstone_Lead_100BPM_C_#_m C 100
LST_Sidewalk_Pad_100BPM_Cm LST_Sidewalk_Pad_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Heartstone_Piano_100BPM_C_#_m LST_Heartstone_Piano_100BPM_C_#_m C 100
LST_Seashore_Synth_100BPM_C_# LST_Seashore_Synth_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Afterhours_Kalimba_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Kalimba_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_Sidewalk_Vocal_Chops_100BPM_Cm LST_Sidewalk_Vocal_Chops_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_White_Sand_Vocal_Chops_01_100BPM_Cm LST_White_Sand_Vocal_Chops_01_100BPM_Cm 100
LST_Heartstone_Pad_100BPM_C_#_m LST_Heartstone_Pad_100BPM_C_#_m C 100
LST_Ocean_Drive_Atmosphere_100BPM_C_# LST_Ocean_Drive_Atmosphere_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Afterhours_Vocal_Chops_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Vocal_Chops_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_Ocean_Drive_Vocals_100BPM_C_# LST_Ocean_Drive_Vocals_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Afterhours_Piano_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Piano_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_White_Sand_Vocal_Chops_02_100BPM_Cm LST_White_Sand_Vocal_Chops_02_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Seashore_Plucks_100BPM_C_# LST_Seashore_Plucks_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Heartstone_Plucks_100BPM_C_#_m LST_Heartstone_Plucks_100BPM_C_#_m C 100
LST_Seashore_Piano_100BPM_C_# LST_Seashore_Piano_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Ocean_Drive_Kalimba_100BPM_C_# LST_Ocean_Drive_Kalimba_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Ocean_Drive_Pluck_100BPM_C_# LST_Ocean_Drive_Pluck_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Afterhours_Atmosphere_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Atmosphere_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_White_Sand_Pluck_100BPM_Cm LST_White_Sand_Pluck_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_White_Sand_Arp_100BPM_Cm LST_White_Sand_Arp_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Afterhours_Guitar_100BPM_Dm LST_Afterhours_Guitar_100BPM_Dm D 100
LST_Ocean_Drive_Pad_100BPM_C_# LST_Ocean_Drive_Pad_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Sidewalk_Plucks_100BPM_Cm LST_Sidewalk_Plucks_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Sidewalk_Atmosphere_100BPM_Cm LST_Sidewalk_Atmosphere_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Seashore_Kalimba_100BPM_C_# LST_Seashore_Kalimba_100BPM_C_# C 100
LST_Sidewalk_Plucks_02_100BPM_Cm LST_Sidewalk_Plucks_02_100BPM_Cm C 100
LST_Heartstone_Kick LST_Heartstone_Kick
LST_White_Sand_Kick LST_White_Sand_Kick
LST_Sidewalk_Kick LST_Sidewalk_Kick
LST_Afterhours_Kick LST_Afterhours_Kick
LST_Ocean_Drive_Kick LST_Ocean_Drive_Kick
LST_Synth_02_C LST_Synth_02_C C
LST_Synth_04_C LST_Synth_04_C C
LST_Synth_01_C LST_Synth_01_C C
LST_Synth_03_C LST_Synth_03_C C
LST_Synth_05_C LST_Synth_05_C C
LST_Snap_09 LST_Snap_09
LST_Snap_08 LST_Snap_08
LST_Snap_01 LST_Snap_01
LST_Snap_03 LST_Snap_03
LST_Snap_02 LST_Snap_02
LST_Snap_06 LST_Snap_06
LST_Snap_07 LST_Snap_07
LST_Snap_05 LST_Snap_05
LST_Snap_04 LST_Snap_04
LST_Snap_10 LST_Snap_10
LST_Hats_10 LST_Hats_10
LST_Hats_04 LST_Hats_04
LST_Hats_05 LST_Hats_05
LST_Hats_11 LST_Hats_11
LST_Hats_07 LST_Hats_07