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Live Hip Hop Drums

Live Hip Hop Drums

Touch Loops


Live Hip-Hop Drums is the last collection of live drum samples you'll ever need. Performed by the world class musician Brad Boel, this incredibly extensive collection of hip-hop drum loops are asking to be chopped, sampled, remixed & enjoyed.
No stone was left unturned when creating this collection ensuring the final pack is of the highest possible standard. This included swapping out different snares, utilizing abstract miking techniques, integrating live percussion, taping and processing single drums and never being happy until the perfect loop was recorded.

Inside you'll find beautifully authentic hip-hop drums loops inspired by the hip-hop greats of J Dilla, The Pharcyde, Madlib, Pete Rock and so many more. But don't go thinking this is an old school pack. We've also included contemporary percussion tones that Flying Lotus & Anderson Paak would be proud of.
With each loop labelled showcasing the snare of choice you just know our drummer truly cares about both his craft and also the final sample pack. Brad has also included over 50 beautifully recorded one shots plus a batch of 50 fill loops that perfectly compliment the full drum loops.

So if you're in the market for some beautifully performed, recorded and mixed hip-hop drums that swung, shuffle and groove in the way that only a true musical performer can achieve then this ones for you - an absolute classic and a proud addition to the Touch Loops library.


  • Size: 697mb
  • Loops: 250
  • One Shots: 50



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All Samples Name Key BPM
90_Yam1shot_TL_01 90_Yam1shot_TL_01 90
90_RHxstick_TL_01 90_RHxstick_TL_01 90
90_RHroll_TL_01 90_RHroll_TL_01 90
90_RHflam_TL_01 90_RHflam_TL_01 90
90_RH1shot_TL_01 90_RH1shot_TL_01 90
90_PHXbd_TL_01 90_PHXbd_TL_01 90
90_PearlBD_TL_01 90_PearlBD_TL_01 90
85_NatalFlam_TL_01 85_NatalFlam_TL_01 85
85_Natal1shotLow_TL_01 85_Natal1shotLow_TL_01 85
85_Natal1shot_TL_01 85_Natal1shot_TL_01 85
80_ValleyFlam_TL_01 80_ValleyFlam_TL_01 80
80_Valley1shot_TL_01 80_Valley1shot_TL_01 80
80_TightHats_TL_01 80_TightHats_TL_01 80
80_SterlingXstick_TL_01 80_SterlingXstick_TL_01 80
80_SterlingFlam_TL_01 80_SterlingFlam_TL_01 80
80_Sterling1shot_TL_01 80_Sterling1shot_TL_01 80
80_SlingBD_TL_01 80_SlingBD_TL_01 80
80_OpenHats_TL_01 80_OpenHats_TL_01 80
80_LongHats_TL_01 80_LongHats_TL_01 80
80_GretschBD_TL_01 80_GretschBD_TL_01 80
80_ClosedHats_TL_01 80_ClosedHats_TL_01 80
80_BigHatsOpen_TL_01 80_BigHatsOpen_TL_01 80
80_BigHatsClosed_TL_01 80_BigHatsClosed_TL_01 80
00_WeirdCymbalPerc_TL_01 00_WeirdCymbalPerc_TL_01
00_TambRidePerc_TL_01 00_TambRidePerc_TL_01
00_TambRideBellPerc_TL_01 00_TambRideBellPerc_TL_01
00_SmallHoovesPerc_TL_01 00_SmallHoovesPerc_TL_01
00_ShakerPerc_TL_01 00_ShakerPerc_TL_01
00_ShakerCanPerc_TL_01 00_ShakerCanPerc_TL_01
00_KZilRide_TL_02 00_KZilRide_TL_02
00_KZilRide_TL_01 00_KZilRide_TL_01
00_KrutRidePerc_TL_03 00_KrutRidePerc_TL_03
00_KrutRidePerc_TL_02 00_KrutRidePerc_TL_02
00_KrutRidePerc_TL_01 00_KrutRidePerc_TL_01
00_JinglesPerc_TL_01 00_JinglesPerc_TL_01
00_HugeChina_TL_02 00_HugeChina_TL_02
00_HugeChina_TL_01 00_HugeChina_TL_01
00_HoovesPerc_TL_01 00_HoovesPerc_TL_01
00_HighTom_TL_01 00_HighTom_TL_01
00_FXCrash_TL_01 00_FXCrash_TL_01
00_FloorTom_TL_01 00_FloorTom_TL_01
00_DarkRide_TL_01 00_DarkRide_TL_01
00_DarkCrash_TL_01 00_DarkCrash_TL_01
00_Dark_DryCrash_TL_01 00_Dark_DryCrash_TL_01
00_CrashStaxPerc_TL_01 00_CrashStaxPerc_TL_01
00_CrashStaxLongPerc_TL_01 00_CrashStaxLongPerc_TL_01
00_BrightCrash_TL_01 00_BrightCrash_TL_01
00_BellPerc_TL_02 00_BellPerc_TL_02
00_BeadsPerc_TL_01 00_BeadsPerc_TL_01
00_1shotShakerPerc_TL_01 00_1shotShakerPerc_TL_01
90_Yamaha_TL_17 90_Yamaha_TL_17 90
90_Yamaha_TL_16 90_Yamaha_TL_16 90
90_Yamaha_TL_15 90_Yamaha_TL_15 90
90_Yamaha_TL_14 90_Yamaha_TL_14 90
90_Yamaha_TL_13 90_Yamaha_TL_13 90
90_Yamaha_TL_12 90_Yamaha_TL_12 90
90_Yamaha_TL_11 90_Yamaha_TL_11 90
90_Yamaha_TL_10 90_Yamaha_TL_10 90
90_Yamaha_TL_09 90_Yamaha_TL_09 90
90_Yamaha_TL_08 90_Yamaha_TL_08 90
90_Yamaha_TL_07 90_Yamaha_TL_07 90
90_Yamaha_TL_06 90_Yamaha_TL_06 90
90_Yamaha_TL_05 90_Yamaha_TL_05 90
90_Yamaha_TL_04 90_Yamaha_TL_04 90
90_Yamaha_TL_03 90_Yamaha_TL_03 90
90_Yamaha_TL_02 90_Yamaha_TL_02 90
90_Yamaha_TL_01 90_Yamaha_TL_01 90
90_RHSig_TL_33 90_RHSig_TL_33 90
90_RHSig_TL_32 90_RHSig_TL_32 90
90_RHSig_TL_31 90_RHSig_TL_31 90
90_RHSig_TL_30 90_RHSig_TL_30 90
90_RHSig_TL_29 90_RHSig_TL_29 90
90_RHSig_TL_28 90_RHSig_TL_28 90
90_RHSig_TL_27 90_RHSig_TL_27 90
90_RHSig_TL_26 90_RHSig_TL_26 90
90_RHSig_TL_25 90_RHSig_TL_25 90
90_RHSig_TL_24 90_RHSig_TL_24 90
90_RHSig_TL_23 90_RHSig_TL_23 90
90_RHSig_TL_22 90_RHSig_TL_22 90