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Lo-Fi Beats

Lo-Fi Beats

OST Audio

'Lo-Fi Beats' by OST Audio welcomes you home. Intimate Lo-Fi melodic samples blend with emotive vocals, fuzzy synths and saturated drum samples to create the warm sound of homegrown Hip Hop instrumentals. All inspirational, all Royalty-Free and ready to drop into your DAW or sampler of choice.

This pack is perfect for Hip Hop & Chillhop producers. Get inspired with vintage melodic sounds like synths, bass, and instrumentals and put it together with Lo-Fi drum loops and one-shots. The FX and vintage vocals will fill your song perfectly. MIDI files are also included.

If you're into the Lo-Fi scene and aesthetic then you'll know the vibe: 24/7 chilled YouTube streams, beats to study to and jazzy nostalgic origins.

Every loop & MIDI in this pack has been key labelled and tempo synced. Designed to perfectly inspire and complement Lofi Hip-Hop, Chill Hop, Downtempo Trap and Dusty Electronica.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
OALB_Drum_Fill_05 OALB_Drum_Fill_05
OALB_Drum_Fill_04 OALB_Drum_Fill_04
OALB_Drum_Fill_03 OALB_Drum_Fill_03
OALB_Drum_Fill_02 OALB_Drum_Fill_02
OALB_Drum_Fill_01 OALB_Drum_Fill_01
OALB_Vocal_14 OALB_Vocal_14
OALB_Vocal_13 OALB_Vocal_13
OALB_Vocal_12 OALB_Vocal_12
OALB_Vocal_11 OALB_Vocal_11
OALB_Vocal_10 OALB_Vocal_10
OALB_Vocal_09 OALB_Vocal_09
OALB_Vocal_08 OALB_Vocal_08
OALB_Vocal_07 OALB_Vocal_07
OALB_Vocal_06 OALB_Vocal_06
OALB_Vocal_05 OALB_Vocal_05
OALB_Vocal_04 OALB_Vocal_04
OALB_Vocal_03 OALB_Vocal_03
OALB_Vocal_02 OALB_Vocal_02
OALB_Vocal_01 OALB_Vocal_01
OALB_Sounds_FX's_06 OALB_Sounds_FX's_06
OALB_Sounds_FX's_05 OALB_Sounds_FX's_05
OALB_Sounds_FX's_04 OALB_Sounds_FX's_04
OALB_Sounds_FX's_03 OALB_Sounds_FX's_03
OALB_Sounds_FX's_02 OALB_Sounds_FX's_02
OALB_Sounds_FX's_01 OALB_Sounds_FX's_01
OALB_Synth_12_C OALB_Synth_12_C
OALB_Synth_11_C OALB_Synth_11_C
OALB_Synth_10_C OALB_Synth_10_C
OALB_Synth_09_C OALB_Synth_09_C
OALB_Synth_08_C OALB_Synth_08_C
OALB_Synth_06_C OALB_Synth_06_C
OALB_Synth_05_C OALB_Synth_05_C
OALB_Synth_04_C OALB_Synth_04_C
OALB_Synth_03_C OALB_Synth_03_C
OALB_Synth_02_C OALB_Synth_02_C
OALB_Synth_01_C OALB_Synth_01_C
OALB_Snare_08 OALB_Snare_08
OALB_Snare_07 OALB_Snare_07
OALB_Snare_06 OALB_Snare_06
OALB_Snare_05 OALB_Snare_05
OALB_Snare_04 OALB_Snare_04
OALB_Snare_03 OALB_Snare_03
OALB_Snare_02 OALB_Snare_02
OALB_Snare_01 OALB_Snare_01
OALB_Perc_09 OALB_Perc_09
OALB_Perc_08 OALB_Perc_08
OALB_Perc_07 OALB_Perc_07
OALB_Perc_06 OALB_Perc_06
OALB_Perc_05 OALB_Perc_05
OALB_Perc_04 OALB_Perc_04
OALB_Perc_03 OALB_Perc_03
OALB_Perc_02 OALB_Perc_02
OALB_Perc_01 OALB_Perc_01
OALB_Kick_08 OALB_Kick_08
OALB_Kick_07 OALB_Kick_07
OALB_Kick_06 OALB_Kick_06
OALB_Kick_05 OALB_Kick_05
OALB_Kick_04 OALB_Kick_04
OALB_Kick_03 OALB_Kick_03
OALB_Kick_02 OALB_Kick_02
OALB_Kick_01 OALB_Kick_01
OALB_Hat_11 OALB_Hat_11
OALB_Hat_10 OALB_Hat_10
OALB_Hat_09 OALB_Hat_09
OALB_Hat_08 OALB_Hat_08
OALB_Hat_07 OALB_Hat_07
OALB_Hat_06 OALB_Hat_06
OALB_Hat_05 OALB_Hat_05
OALB_Hat_04 OALB_Hat_04
OALB_Hat_03 OALB_Hat_03
OALB_Hat_02 OALB_Hat_02
OALB_Hat_01 OALB_Hat_01
OALB_Bass_05_C OALB_Bass_05_C C
OALB_Bass_04_C OALB_Bass_04_C C
OALB_Bass_03_C OALB_Bass_03_C C
OALB_Bass_02_C OALB_Bass_02_C C
OALB_Bass_01_C OALB_Bass_01_C C
OALB_85_Synth_Loop_20_Em OALB_85_Synth_Loop_20_Em Em 85
OALB_85_Synth_Loop_19_Em OALB_85_Synth_Loop_19_Em Em 85
OALB_85_Synth_Loop_18_Em OALB_85_Synth_Loop_18_Em Em 85
OALB_82_Synth_Loop_17_Em OALB_82_Synth_Loop_17_Em Em 82