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Lo-Fi Hip Hop Elements

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Elements

Touch Loops


  • Size: 464.3mb
  • Loops: 55
  • One Shots: 198

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Elements is the ultimate beat makers tool kit featuring the finest tape driven drum one shots, bass hits, Foley recordings and beautiful Rhodes performances. All processed with that classic MPC driven crunch, this stunning pack will provide you with every element you could possibly need to make the perfect beat or track.

Tucked inside this Hip-Hop beauty you'll find kicks ranging from the dusty and minimal to the more contemporary and sub driven, claps and clicks covering sloppy to classic live boom bap drum sounds. A huge spectrum of mix cutting hi-hat samples sampled from classic vinyl's, saturated old drum machines or manipulated from foley and location recordings. A batch of epic evolving textures that lay beautiful under the core elements adding depth and character. Clicks and claps paying homage to the classic RnB days plus a batch of 50 cheeky loops to get your creative juices flowing.

As always, the loops and one shots have been expertly mixed and processed meaning you can focus on the good stuff.. writing your next killer track.
So, if you're new to Hip-hop or looking to add some inspiring new flavours then this ones for you. A beat makers must have!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Textures_Waves_TL Textures_Waves_TL
Textures_Walking_TL Textures_Walking_TL
Textures_Vinyl_03_TL Textures_Vinyl_03_TL
Textures_Vinyl_02_TL Textures_Vinyl_02_TL
Textures_Vinyl_01_TL Textures_Vinyl_01_TL
Textures_Tropical_TL Textures_Tropical_TL
Textures_SwimmingPool_TL Textures_SwimmingPool_TL
Textures_Stretch_TL Textures_Stretch_TL
Textures_sewer_TL Textures_sewer_TL
Textures_rain_TL Textures_rain_TL
Textures_Noise_02_TL Textures_Noise_02_TL
Textures_Noise_01_TL Textures_Noise_01_TL
Textures_Gas_TL Textures_Gas_TL
Textures_Fries_02_TL Textures_Fries_02_TL
Textures_Fries_01_TL Textures_Fries_01_TL
Textures_Coffee_TL Textures_Coffee_TL
Textures_Clickers_02_TL Textures_Clickers_02_TL
Textures_Clickers_01_TL Textures_Clickers_01_TL
Textures_Cardboards_TL Textures_Cardboards_TL
Textures_Candy_TL Textures_Candy_TL
Textures_Bubbles_TL Textures_Bubbles_TL
Textures_Brook_03_TL Textures_Brook_03_TL
Textures_Brook_02_TL Textures_Brook_02_TL
Textures_Brook_01_TL Textures_Brook_01_TL
Textures_Birds_03_TL Textures_Birds_03_TL
Textures_Birds_02_TL Textures_Birds_02_TL
Textures_Birds_01_TL Textures_Birds_01_TL
Textures_birds and insects_TL Textures_birds and insects_TL
Snares_9_TL Snares_9_TL
Snares_8_TL Snares_8_TL
Snares_7_TL Snares_7_TL
Snares_6_TL Snares_6_TL
Snares_5_TL Snares_5_TL
Snares_4_TL Snares_4_TL
Snares_3_TL Snares_3_TL
Snares_2_TL Snares_2_TL
Snares_24_TL Snares_24_TL
Snares_23_TL Snares_23_TL
Snares_22_TL Snares_22_TL
Snares_21_TL Snares_21_TL
Snares_20_TL Snares_20_TL
Snares_1_TL Snares_1_TL
Snares_19_TL Snares_19_TL
Snares_18_TL Snares_18_TL
Snares_17_TL Snares_17_TL
Snares_16_TL Snares_16_TL
Snares_15_TL Snares_15_TL
Snares_14_TL Snares_14_TL
Snares_13_TL Snares_13_TL
Snares_12_TL Snares_12_TL
Snares_11_TL Snares_11_TL
Snares_10_TL Snares_10_TL
Percs_9_TL Percs_9_TL
Percs_8_TL Percs_8_TL
Percs_7_TL Percs_7_TL
Percs_6_TL Percs_6_TL
Percs_5_TL Percs_5_TL
Percs_4_TL Percs_4_TL
Percs_3_TL Percs_3_TL
Percs_2_TL Percs_2_TL
Percs_1_TL Percs_1_TL
Percs_13_TL Percs_13_TL
Percs_12_TL Percs_12_TL
Percs_11_TL Percs_11_TL
Percs_10_TL Percs_10_TL
Synth Chord_TL Synth Chord_TL
Sine chord_TL Sine chord_TL
filter chord_TL filter chord_TL
e-piano1_TL e-piano1_TL
chord_TL chord_TL
attack synth chord_TL attack synth chord_TL
Kicks_9_TL Kicks_9_TL
Kicks_8_TL Kicks_8_TL
Kicks_7_TL Kicks_7_TL
Kicks_6_TL Kicks_6_TL
Kicks_5_TL Kicks_5_TL