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Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Touch Loops


  • Size: 445.5mb
  • Loops: 129
  • One Shots: 96
  • 3 Bespoke Ableton FX Racks

Sounds -

Crate diggers, beat makers and hip-hop fans unite. This ones for you and wow is it special. Taking us way back to the heyday of classic hip-hop, where crate diggers would treasure their favourite diggin spots and the MPC was all you needed to create the perfect beat tape.

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop is a stunning insight into this incredible world and provides a world class collection of saturated hip-hop loops, samples & one shots plus a few special Ableton FX racks for good measure. Think Dilla, Knxwledge, Madlib, Madvillan and more.

Inside you'll find dusty, characterful Rhodes piano licks, MPC driven Lo-FI beats, rolling analogue bass loops, textured vinyl FX loops plus some truly special Ableton FX Racks covering:

Lo-Fi Drums - Tweak the specialized designed macros to add extra spice and flavour to your favourite drum groove & one shots. True MPC vibes.
Old Record - Instantly transform your samples into that 'sampled from vinyl feel' with this little beauty.
Wow & Flutter - Who doesn't love the vibe of old tapes. From small modulations to over the top warbling wow & flutter - a must have.

So if you're in the market for that Lo-Fi Hip-Hop bump then get stuck into this virtual crate of incredible inspiration - an absolute Hip-Hop beast!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Snare_TL_21 Snare_TL_21
Snare_TL_20 Snare_TL_20
Snare_TL_19 Snare_TL_19
Snare_TL_18 Snare_TL_18
Snare_TL_17 Snare_TL_17
Snare_TL_16 Snare_TL_16
Snare_TL_15 Snare_TL_15
Snare_TL_14 Snare_TL_14
Snare_TL_13 Snare_TL_13
Snare_TL_12 Snare_TL_12
Snare_TL_11 Snare_TL_11
Snare_TL_10 Snare_TL_10
Snare_TL_09 Snare_TL_09
Snare_TL_08 Snare_TL_08
Snare_TL_07 Snare_TL_07
Snare_TL_06 Snare_TL_06
Snare_TL_05 Snare_TL_05
Snare_TL_04 Snare_TL_04
Snare_TL_03 Snare_TL_03
Snare_TL_02 Snare_TL_02
Snare_TL_01 Snare_TL_01
Percs_TL_21 Percs_TL_21
Percs_TL_20 Percs_TL_20
Percs_TL_19 Percs_TL_19
Percs_TL_18 Percs_TL_18
Percs_TL_17 Percs_TL_17
Percs_TL_16 Percs_TL_16
Percs_TL_15 Percs_TL_15
Percs_TL_14 Percs_TL_14
Percs_TL_13 Percs_TL_13
Percs_TL_12 Percs_TL_12
Percs_TL_11 Percs_TL_11
Percs_TL_10 Percs_TL_10
Percs_TL_09 Percs_TL_09
Percs_TL_08 Percs_TL_08
Percs_TL_07 Percs_TL_07
Percs_TL_06 Percs_TL_06
Percs_TL_05 Percs_TL_05
Percs_TL_04 Percs_TL_04
Percs_TL_03 Percs_TL_03
Percs_TL_02 Percs_TL_02
Percs_TL_01 Percs_TL_01
Kicks_TL_21 Kicks_TL_21
Kicks_TL_20 Kicks_TL_20
Kicks_TL_19 Kicks_TL_19
Kicks_TL_18 Kicks_TL_18
Kicks_TL_17 Kicks_TL_17
Kicks_TL_16 Kicks_TL_16
Kicks_TL_15 Kicks_TL_15
Kicks_TL_14 Kicks_TL_14
Kicks_TL_13 Kicks_TL_13
Kicks_TL_12 Kicks_TL_12
Kicks_TL_11 Kicks_TL_11
Kicks_TL_10 Kicks_TL_10
Kicks_TL_09 Kicks_TL_09
Kicks_TL_08 Kicks_TL_08
Kicks_TL_07 Kicks_TL_07
Kicks_TL_06 Kicks_TL_06
Kicks_TL_05 Kicks_TL_05
Kicks_TL_04 Kicks_TL_04
Kicks_TL_03 Kicks_TL_03
Kicks_TL_02 Kicks_TL_02
Kicks_TL_01 Kicks_TL_01
Hats_TL_21 Hats_TL_21
Hats_TL_20 Hats_TL_20
Hats_TL_19 Hats_TL_19
Hats_TL_18 Hats_TL_18
Hats_TL_17 Hats_TL_17
Hats_TL_16 Hats_TL_16
Hats_TL_15 Hats_TL_15
Hats_TL_14 Hats_TL_14
Hats_TL_13 Hats_TL_13
Hats_TL_12 Hats_TL_12
Hats_TL_11 Hats_TL_11
Hats_TL_10 Hats_TL_10
Hats_TL_09 Hats_TL_09
Hats_TL_08 Hats_TL_08
Hats_TL_07 Hats_TL_07
Hats_TL_06 Hats_TL_06
Hats_TL_05 Hats_TL_05
Hats_TL_04 Hats_TL_04
Hats_TL_03 Hats_TL_03
Hats_TL_02 Hats_TL_02
Hats_TL_01 Hats_TL_01
Fx_TL_12 Fx_TL_12
Fx_TL_11 Fx_TL_11
Fx_TL_10 Fx_TL_10
Fx_TL_09 Fx_TL_09
Fx_TL_08 Fx_TL_08
Fx_TL_07 Fx_TL_07
Fx_TL_06 Fx_TL_06
Fx_TL_05 Fx_TL_05
Fx_TL_04 Fx_TL_04
Fx_TL_03 Fx_TL_03
Fx_TL_02 Fx_TL_02
Fx_TL_01 Fx_TL_01
80_RainFX_05_TL 80_RainFX_05_TL 80