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Lo-Fi House

Lo-Fi House

Touch Loops

This incredible Lo-Fi House sample pack offers the most comprehensive collection of inspiring sounds you will ever need. Inspired by the works of Ross From Friends, DJ Seinfeld & DJ Boring, this incredible collection of processed house samples gives that instant 'out the box' feel that's perfect for those epic late night club moments.

Getting that perfect Lo-Fi sound can often be tricky so we called in one of the most talented producers that we've ever worked with. By utilizing his favorite synths and drum machines we've been able to create a beautifully authentic collection that ticks all the right boxes.

From warping analogue chords to classic driven 909's, expansive pads to side chained ambiences we've got you covered. Rolling four four grooves beautifully lock in with the acid inspired bass lines, dub techno tinged chords delay as the organic synth lines offer epic progression that works each and every time. Beautifully mangled Rhodes piano licks offer a sense of melody before getting back to those outrageously moorish rolling drums and percussion lines.

So if you're a serious house fan, love the Lo-Fi movement or are looking to add some grit and texture to your tracks then look no further, this ones an instant classic!


Size: 741.1Mb
Loops: 200
One Shots: 100
Price: £24

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All Samples Name Key BPM
110_C_RhythmicSheen_TL_01 110_C_RhythmicSheen_TL_01 C 110
110_C_RhythmicSheen_TL_01 110_C_RhythmicSheen_TL_01 C 110
Tom_08_TL Tom_08_TL
Tom_07_TL Tom_07_TL
Tom_06_TL Tom_06_TL
Tom_05_TL Tom_05_TL
Tom_04_TL Tom_04_TL
Tom_03_TL Tom_03_TL
Tom_02_TL Tom_02_TL
Tom_01_TL Tom_01_TL
Shaker_03_TL Shaker_03_TL
Shaker_02_TL Shaker_02_TL
Shaker_01_TL Shaker_01_TL
Rim_01_TL Rim_01_TL
Ride_02_TL Ride_02_TL
Ride_01_TL Ride_01_TL
Open_Hi_Hat_06_TL Open_Hi_Hat_06_TL
Open_Hi_Hat_05_TL Open_Hi_Hat_05_TL
Open_Hi_Hat_04_TL Open_Hi_Hat_04_TL
Open_Hi_Hat_03_TL Open_Hi_Hat_03_TL
Open_Hi_Hat_02_TL Open_Hi_Hat_02_TL
Open_Hi_Hat_01_TL Open_Hi_Hat_01_TL
Maracas_01_TL Maracas_01_TL
Kick_10_TL Kick_10_TL
Kick_09_TL Kick_09_TL
Kick_08_TL Kick_08_TL
Kick_07_TL Kick_07_TL
Kick_06_TL Kick_06_TL
Kick_05_TL Kick_05_TL
Kick_04_TL Kick_04_TL
Kick_03_TL Kick_03_TL
Kick_02_TL Kick_02_TL
Kick_01_TL Kick_01_TL
HiHat_06_TL HiHat_06_TL
HiHat_05_TL HiHat_05_TL
HiHat_04_TL HiHat_04_TL
HiHat_03_TL HiHat_03_TL
HiHat_02_TL HiHat_02_TL
HiHat_01_TL HiHat_01_TL
Cowbell_01_TL Cowbell_01_TL
Clap_05_TL Clap_05_TL
Clap_04_TL Clap_04_TL
Clap_03_TL Clap_03_TL
Clap_02_TL Clap_02_TL
Clap_01_TL Clap_01_TL
Bongo_02_TL Bongo_02_TL
Bongo_01_TL Bongo_01_TL
Pad_22_TL Pad_22_TL
Pad_21_TL Pad_21_TL
Pad_20_TL Pad_20_TL
Pad_19_TL Pad_19_TL
Pad_18_TL Pad_18_TL
Pad_17_TL Pad_17_TL
Pad_16_TL Pad_16_TL
Pad_15_TL Pad_15_TL
Pad_14_TL Pad_14_TL
Pad_13_TL Pad_13_TL
Pad_12_TL Pad_12_TL
Pad_11_TL Pad_11_TL
Pad_10_TL Pad_10_TL
Pad_09_TL Pad_09_TL
Pad_08_TL Pad_08_TL
Pad_07_TL Pad_07_TL
Pad_06_TL Pad_06_TL
Pad_05_TL Pad_05_TL
Pad_04_TL Pad_04_TL
Pad_03_TL Pad_03_TL
Pad_02_TL Pad_02_TL
Pad_01_TL Pad_01_TL
Twinkle_02_TL Twinkle_02_TL
Twinkle_01_TL Twinkle_01_TL
ThumbPiano_01_TL ThumbPiano_01_TL
Stab_04_TL Stab_04_TL
Stab_03_TL Stab_03_TL
Stab_02_TL Stab_02_TL
Stab_01_TL Stab_01_TL
Lead_09_TL Lead_09_TL
Lead_08_TL Lead_08_TL
Lead_07_TL Lead_07_TL
Lead_06_TL Lead_06_TL
Lead_05_TL Lead_05_TL
Lead_04_TL Lead_04_TL
Lead_03_TL Lead_03_TL
Lead_02_TL Lead_02_TL
Lead_01_TL Lead_01_TL
Dub_01_TL Dub_01_TL
Chord_01_TL Chord_01_TL
Bass_15_TL Bass_15_TL
Bass_14_TL Bass_14_TL
Bass_13_TL Bass_13_TL
Bass_12_TL Bass_12_TL