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Lo-Fi House Drums

Lo-Fi House Drums

Touch Loops

Inspired by the sounds of Ross From Friends, DJ Boring & Lobster Theremin, this iconic collection of Lo-Fi House drums, loops, one shots and MIDI is the perfect toolkit for building those truly authentic beats.  Processed in that Touch Loops way, each loop or one shots has been lovingly mixed and mastered to provide the perfect aesthetic for this gritty genre.  

Turning to the original hardware including a beautifully restored 808 & 909, plus more outboard than one could ever imagine, just knowing these sounds are straight a piece of history only adds to their charm.  Think gritty, saturated 808 claps and kicks, rolling hi-hat loops with that classic 909 weight and movement, distorted claps, 808's gated verb inspired moments and so much more.  

As well as the super flexible loops and one shots, you'll also find MIDI for all the drum loops, Ableton Drum Racks & FX, analogue FX loops, percussion samples and loops plus endless bags of character.  A genre defining kit we just you'll love - get creating those late night anthems!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Lo-Fi_Kick 07_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 07_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 05_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 05_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 09_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 09_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 01_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 03_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 03_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 06_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 06_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 04_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 04_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 08_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 08_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 02_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 02_TL
Lo-Fi_Kick 10_TL Lo-Fi_Kick 10_TL
Lo-Fi_Snare 03_TL Lo-Fi_Snare 03_TL
Lo-Fi_Snare 07_TL Lo-Fi_Snare 07_TL
Lo-Fi_Snare 05_TL Lo-Fi_Snare 05_TL
Lo-Fi_Rimshot 01_TL Lo-Fi_Rimshot 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Snare 02_TL Lo-Fi_Snare 02_TL
Lo-Fi_Snare 06_TL Lo-Fi_Snare 06_TL
Lo-Fi_Snare 04_TL Lo-Fi_Snare 04_TL
Lo-Fi_Snare 08_TL Lo-Fi_Snare 08_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 05_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 05_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 07_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 07_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 03_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 03_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 01_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 08_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 08_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 04_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 04_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 06_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 06_TL
Lo-Fi_Clap 02_TL Lo-Fi_Clap 02_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 03_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 03_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 01_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Cymbal 02_TL Lo-Fi_Cymbal 02_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 05_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 05_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 09_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 09_TL
Lo-Fi_Cymbal 04_TL Lo-Fi_Cymbal 04_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 07_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 07_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 02_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 02_TL
Lo-Fi_Cymbal 01_TL Lo-Fi_Cymbal 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Cymbal 03_TL Lo-Fi_Cymbal 03_TL
Lo-Fi_Shaker 01_TL Lo-Fi_Shaker 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 04_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 04_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 08_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 08_TL
Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 06_TL Lo-Fi_Hi Hats 06_TL
Lo-Fi_Rim 01_TL Lo-Fi_Rim 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 01_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 01_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 03_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 03_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 07_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 07_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 05_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 05_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 09_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 09_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 02_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 02_TL
Lo-Fi_Rim 02_TL Lo-Fi_Rim 02_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 06_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 06_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 04_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 04_TL
Lo-Fi_Perc 08_TL Lo-Fi_Perc 08_TL
Cymbal 04 Cymbal 04
Cymbal 01 Cymbal 01
Hi Hats 08 Hi Hats 08
Snare 08 Snare 08
Hi Hats 09 Hi Hats 09
Cymbal 02 Cymbal 02
Rimshot 01 Rimshot 01
Cymbal 03 Cymbal 03
Perc 08 Perc 08
Kick 08 Kick 08
Clap 07 Clap 07
Kick 09 Kick 09
Clap 06 Clap 06
Shaker 01 Shaker 01
Perc 09 Perc 09
Clap 04 Clap 04
Clap 05 Clap 05
Clap 01 Clap 01
Clap 02 Clap 02
Clap 03 Clap 03
Perc 01 Perc 01
Kick 01 Kick 01
Perc 02 Perc 02
Kick 02 Kick 02
Kick 03 Kick 03
Perc 03 Perc 03
Perc 07 Perc 07
Clap 08 Clap 08
Kick 07 Kick 07
Kick 06 Kick 06
Perc 06 Perc 06
Perc 04 Perc 04
Kick 04 Kick 04
Kick 10 Kick 10
Kick 05 Kick 05
Perc 05 Perc 05
Hi Hats 07 Hi Hats 07
Snare 06 Snare 06
Snare 07 Snare 07
Hi Hats 06 Hi Hats 06
Hi Hats 04 Hi Hats 04
Snare 05 Snare 05