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Luminous Beats

Luminous Beats

Touch Loops

Driven, saturated, synth heavy and teeming with inspired samples that are waiting to lift your productions to the next level. 

Created by our in house team, this incredible future hip-hop sample pack takes inspiration from artists such as Josh Pan, Krane, What So Not, Ekali and so much more.

A tapestry of incredible heavy beats and percussion that juxtapose the beautifully detailed pads and melodic phrases.

Inside this glowing collection you'll find melodic trap inspired chords & phrases, epic processed taiko drums, analogue saturated 808 subs, drop ready FX loops, glistening hat patterns, dense pads and gliding synth hooks that are dying to be dropped into your next track.

With mix-downs being crucial in modern hip-hop we spent countless hours getting the balance between the kicks and subs just right, allowing you to focus on the inspired part of creating great music.

As always, we've also included a collection of over 100 one shots covering melodic, drums and chords samples. So if you're looking to add some futuristic, sub heavy hip-hop to your collection this ones for you.. a production master-class that's truly inspired!


  • Size: 476.6MB
  • Loops: 177
  • One Shots: 103


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All Samples Name Key BPM
C_Wobble_02_TL C_Wobble_02_TL
117_Cm_VeryMinorKeys_TL 117_Cm_VeryMinorKeys_TL C 117
133_C#_ArpBells_TL 133_C#_ArpBells_TL C 133
155_Am_VinylKeys_TL 155_Am_VinylKeys_TL A 155
117_Fm_FlutteringKeys_02_TL 117_Fm_FlutteringKeys_02_TL F 117
120_Am_SortOfHouseKeys_TL 120_Am_SortOfHouseKeys_TL A 120
117_C#_FlutteringKeys_01_TL 117_C#_FlutteringKeys_01_TL C 117
120_G_WobbleKeys_TL 120_G_WobbleKeys_TL G 120
140_Cm_LoungePiano_TL 140_Cm_LoungePiano_TL C 140
120_Bm_WobblePiano_TL 120_Bm_WobblePiano_TL B 120
117_C#m_MoreMinorKeys_TL 117_C#m_MoreMinorKeys_TL C 117
140_Am_TremKeys_TL 140_Am_TremKeys_TL A 140
83_G#m_SoftKeys 83_G#m_SoftKeys G 83
120_F_LullaRhodes_TL 120_F_LullaRhodes_TL F 120
92_G_RollingKeys_TL 92_G_RollingKeys_TL G 92
170_E_BellsLoop_TL 170_E_BellsLoop_TL E 170
120_A_ThreeChordsKeys_TL 120_A_ThreeChordsKeys_TL A 120
120_A_DryPad_02_TL 120_A_DryPad_02_TL A 120
100_C#_WinterPad_02_TL 100_C#_WinterPad_02_TL C 100
170_Am_CleanDrone_TL 170_Am_CleanDrone_TL A 170
140_Am_MachineGhostsPad_01_TL 140_Am_MachineGhostsPad_01_TL A 140
120_B_BlissPad_02_TL 120_B_BlissPad_02_TL B 120
125_Am___MachineGhostsPad_02_TL 125_Am___MachineGhostsPad_02_TL A 125
160_Am_ElectroSignalPad_TL 160_Am_ElectroSignalPad_TL A 160
100_C#_PhasePad_02_TL 100_C#_PhasePad_02_TL C 100
83_Am_MysteryPads_TL 83_Am_MysteryPads_TL A 83
100_Bm_ColdPad_TL 100_Bm_ColdPad_TL B 100
120_F_DryPad_01_TL 120_F_DryPad_01_TL F 120
145_G#_RollPad_TL 145_G#_RollPad_TL G 145
140_E_BrightPad_TL 140_E_BrightPad_TL E 140
100_C#_WinterPad_01_TL 100_C#_WinterPad_01_TL C 100
164_Eb_BigPad_TL 164_Eb_BigPad_TL E 164
120_B_BlissPad_01_TL 120_B_BlissPad_01_TL B 120
124_E_GhostPad_TL 124_E_GhostPad_TL E 124
170_Am_ShimmerPad_TL 170_Am_ShimmerPad_TL A 170
120_C_WallPad_TL 120_C_WallPad_TL C 120
133_C#_PulsePad_TL 133_C#_PulsePad_TL C 133
168_Em_ColdPad_TL 168_Em_ColdPad_TL E 168
170_E_EnvoPad_TL 170_E_EnvoPad_TL E 170
100_C#_PhasePad_01_TL 100_C#_PhasePad_01_TL C 100
168_SuperChillHats_TL 168_SuperChillHats_TL 168
80_SnappyPerc_TL 80_SnappyPerc_TL 80
133_FidgetPerc_TL 133_FidgetPerc_TL 133
160_HardHats_01_TL 160_HardHats_01_TL 160
170_ResoPerc_TL 170_ResoPerc_TL 170
133_GallopPerc_TL 133_GallopPerc_TL 133
120_FlanelPerc_TL 120_FlanelPerc_TL 120
140_SweepHats_TL 140_SweepHats_TL 140
92_PannedShakes_TL 92_PannedShakes_TL 92
120_TrappyPerc_TL 120_TrappyPerc_TL 120
133_WoddenPerc_02_TL 133_WoddenPerc_02_TL 133
100_SlopptPerc_TL 100_SlopptPerc_TL 100
100_PopPerc_TL 100_PopPerc_TL 100
155_DancingPerc_TL 155_DancingPerc_TL 155
120_WeightyPerc_TL 120_WeightyPerc_TL 120
120_PolyPerc_TL 120_PolyPerc_TL 120
124_CutUpHats_TL 124_CutUpHats_TL 124
117_TrapHats_TL 117_TrapHats_TL 117
140_CleanShakes_TL 140_CleanShakes_TL 140
125_BitingPerc_TL 125_BitingPerc_TL 125
133_PitchShakes_TL 133_PitchShakes_TL 133
133_WoddenPerc_01_TL 133_WoddenPerc_01_TL 133
120_HatsPerc_TL 120_HatsPerc_TL 120
160_HardHats_02_TL 160_HardHats_02_TL 160
117_TackyPerc_TL 117_TackyPerc_TL 117