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THP presents "Medusa", this pack is filled with those eerie trap vibes but also soft and smooth touching melodies! This Dope Sample Pack has 20 WAV Loops including a large variety of genres.

It's influenced by the likes of Frank Dukes, Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz & more top players making fresh beats.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Panic Room 135bpm Emin Panic Room 135bpm Emin Emin 135
Odyssea 135 G#maj Odyssea 135 G#maj G#maj 135
Saphhir Loop 105 Emin Saphhir Loop 105 Emin Emin 105
Morpheus 125bpm Amin Morpheus 125bpm Amin Amin 135
Fluid Dynamics 150 D#maj Fluid Dynamics 150 D#maj D#maj 150
Emerald 140 bpm Amin Emerald 140 bpm Amin Amin 140
Absynth Dreams 140 bpm Absynth Dreams 140 bpm 140
Azure Love 140 G#min Azure Love 140 G#min G#min 140
Silver Dredge 120 Bmaj Silver Dredge 120 Bmaj Bmaj 120
Gold Snakes 155 Cmaj Gold Snakes 155 Cmaj Cmaj 155
Luvforall 160 Fmin Luvforall 160 Fmin Fmin 160
Forget About Love 140bpm Gmaj Forget About Love 140bpm Gmaj Gmaj 140
Ruby's Heat 137bpm Emin Ruby's Heat 137bpm Emin Emin 137
Destiby Fmin 140 Destiby Fmin 140 Fmin 140
Dream Maker 130 D#min Dream Maker 130 D#min D#min 130
Breathing 140 G#min Breathing 140 G#min G#min 140
High Octane 130 Cmin High Octane 130 Cmin Cmin 130
Dark Side Story 160bpm C#min Dark Side Story 160bpm C#min C#m 160
Loop 140 bpm Fmin Loop 140 bpm Fmin Fmin 140
Blockbuster 130 bpm Emin Blockbuster 130 bpm Emin Emin 130
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