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Melodic House and Techno Inspirations

Melodic House and Techno Inspirations

Easy Sounds

The most fresh Melodic House & Techno designed to create unique atmospheres and incredible feelings in the club. Sounds inspired by the main Melodic House & Techno artists of the moment like Tale Of Us , ARTBAT , Adriatique & Solomun .

You will have at your hands 160 different loops structured in categories to build-in easy and intuitive way any track you propose... Rhythmic and powerful toms, analog hi hats & noises, hard kicks and some melodic & bass lines sequences to create productions focused on the dancefloor.

With the 75 drum hits you will add to your sound library some of the highest level samples with which you will be able to start from 0 your most elaborate and personal productions. You will find all the necessary elements for it. All the sounds are carefully recorded and treated with a first level processing equipment.
Also you will find more than 20 bonus items with FX, One shots & midi files to give special character to your own productions.

The pack offers a perfect equilibrium of loops & samples 100% royalty-free in order to create full killing productions in different moods of actual Melodic House & Techno.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
ClosedHat03 ClosedHat03
Shaker03 Shaker03
ClosedHat08 ClosedHat08
Shaker01 Shaker01
Tambourine04 Tambourine04
ClosedHat02 ClosedHat02
Shaker02 Shaker02
Shaker06 Shaker06
OpenHat03 OpenHat03
Shaker04 Shaker04
Ride05 Ride05
Ride03 Ride03
Ride04 Ride04
ClosedHat06 ClosedHat06
Shaker05 Shaker05
Tambourine01 Tambourine01
ClosedHat09 ClosedHat09
OpenHat01 OpenHat01
ClosedHat07 ClosedHat07
ClosedHat01 ClosedHat01
Tambourine02 Tambourine02
ClosedHat10 ClosedHat10
Tambourine03 Tambourine03
Shaker07 Shaker07
OpenHat05 OpenHat05
OpenHat04 OpenHat04
Shaker10 Shaker10
Ride02 Ride02
Shaker08 Shaker08
Shaker09 Shaker09
OpenHat02 OpenHat02
ClosedHat05 ClosedHat05
Tambourine05 Tambourine05
Ride01 Ride01
ClosedHat04 ClosedHat04
Kick01 Kick01
Kick05 Kick05
Kick02 Kick02
Kick08 Kick08
Kick03 Kick03
Kick04 Kick04
Kick06 Kick06
Kick13 Kick13
Kick14 Kick14
Kick12 Kick12
Kick15 Kick15
Kick11 Kick11
Kick10 Kick10
Kick09 Kick09
Kick07 Kick07
Clap04 Clap04
Clave01 Clave01
LowTom01 LowTom01
Cowbell02 Cowbell02
LowTom04 LowTom04
Clap03 Clap03
Snare01 Snare01
Clap01 Clap01
Snare05 Snare05
LowTom03 LowTom03
LowTom05 LowTom05
Clave02 Clave02
HandDrum03 HandDrum03
LowTom06 LowTom06
HandDrum02 HandDrum02
Clap02 Clap02
Conga01 Conga01
Clave03 Clave03
Snare02 Snare02
LowTom02 LowTom02
Cowbell01 Cowbell01
HandDrum01 HandDrum01
Snare03 Snare03
Clap05 Clap05
Snare04 Snare04
124_Kick05 124_Kick05 124
124_Kick09 124_Kick09 124
124_Kick03 124_Kick03 124
124_Kick13 124_Kick13 124
124_Kick10 124_Kick10 124
124_Kick14 124_Kick14 124
124_Kick15 124_Kick15 124
124_Kick12 124_Kick12 124
124_Kick04 124_Kick04 124
124_Kick11 124_Kick11 124