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Modular Techno 2

Modular Techno 2

Cycles and Spots

Cycles & Spots recorded more driving Techno sequences created with modular systems.

Lengths of the Wav loops range from 2 to 61 bars.

You´ll get basses, rhythms and synth sequences to spicen up your productions.

These are excellent inspirational starting points or could be the missing piece to your already started trax.

You can also layer more loops from this pack to get wider results. Either way, lot of fun awaits you with Modular Techno 2.

Pack Details:

  • 100 Wav Loops
  • 449 MB

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All Samples Name Key BPM
MT2-Seq_100 MT2-Seq_100
MT2-Seq_099 MT2-Seq_099
MT2-Seq_098 MT2-Seq_098
MT2-Seq_097 MT2-Seq_097
MT2-Seq_096 MT2-Seq_096
MT2-Seq_095 MT2-Seq_095
MT2-Seq_094 MT2-Seq_094
MT2-Seq_093 MT2-Seq_093
MT2-Seq_092 MT2-Seq_092
MT2-Seq_091 MT2-Seq_091
MT2-Seq_090 MT2-Seq_090
MT2-Seq_089 MT2-Seq_089
MT2-Seq_088 MT2-Seq_088
MT2-Seq_087 MT2-Seq_087
MT2-Seq_086 MT2-Seq_086
MT2-Seq_085 MT2-Seq_085
MT2-Seq_084 MT2-Seq_084
MT2-Seq_083 MT2-Seq_083
MT2-Seq_082 MT2-Seq_082
MT2-Seq_081 MT2-Seq_081
MT2-Seq_080 MT2-Seq_080
MT2-Seq_079 MT2-Seq_079
MT2-Seq_078 MT2-Seq_078
MT2-Seq_077 MT2-Seq_077
MT2-Seq_076 MT2-Seq_076
MT2-Seq_075 MT2-Seq_075
MT2-Seq_074 MT2-Seq_074
MT2-Seq_073 MT2-Seq_073
MT2-Seq_072 MT2-Seq_072
MT2-Seq_071 MT2-Seq_071
MT2-Seq_070 MT2-Seq_070
MT2-Seq_069 MT2-Seq_069
MT2-Seq_068 MT2-Seq_068
MT2-Seq_067 MT2-Seq_067
MT2-Seq_066 MT2-Seq_066
MT2-Seq_065 MT2-Seq_065
MT2-Seq_064 MT2-Seq_064
MT2-Seq_063 MT2-Seq_063
MT2-Seq_062 MT2-Seq_062
MT2-Seq_061 MT2-Seq_061
MT2-Seq_060 MT2-Seq_060
MT2-Seq_059 MT2-Seq_059
MT2-Seq_058 MT2-Seq_058
MT2-Seq_057 MT2-Seq_057
MT2-Seq_056 MT2-Seq_056
MT2-Seq_055 MT2-Seq_055
MT2-Seq_054 MT2-Seq_054
MT2-Seq_053 MT2-Seq_053
MT2-Seq_052 MT2-Seq_052
MT2-Seq_051 MT2-Seq_051
MT2-Seq_050 MT2-Seq_050
MT2-Seq_049 MT2-Seq_049
MT2-Seq_048 MT2-Seq_048
MT2-Seq_047 MT2-Seq_047
MT2-Seq_046 MT2-Seq_046
MT2-Seq_045 MT2-Seq_045
MT2-Seq_044 MT2-Seq_044
MT2-Seq_043 MT2-Seq_043
MT2-Seq_042 MT2-Seq_042
MT2-Seq_041 MT2-Seq_041
MT2-Seq_040 MT2-Seq_040