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Mood Guitars

Mood Guitars

Cartel Loops

'Mood Guitars' by Cartel Loops is a guitar sample pack containing 40 guitar melodies that are ideal for a variety of genres such as RnB, Pop, and Hip-Hop.

Cartel Loops has provided both wet and dry loops for maximum flexibility. If you're looking for new guitar melodies that are 100% Royalty-Free, you should check out this straight-forward guitar pack. It might just contain that extra thing you need to finish off a project.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Yggdrasil 140bpm C#m DRY Yggdrasil 140bpm C#m DRY C#m 140
Unicorns 100bpm C# DRY Unicorns 100bpm C# DRY C# 100
Story Time 135bpm C#m DRY Story Time 135bpm C#m DRY C#m 135
Riffin 170bpm C#m DRY Riffin 170bpm C#m DRY C#m 170
Portal 160bpm F#m DRY Portal 160bpm F#m DRY F#m 160
Magenta 125bpm D#m DRY Magenta 125bpm D#m DRY D#m 125
Ghosts 140bpm D#m DRY Ghosts 140bpm D#m DRY D#m 140
Cubano 140bpm A#m DRY Cubano 140bpm A#m DRY A#m 140
Consolidation 160bpm D#m DRY Consolidation 160bpm D#m DRY D#m 160
Freefall 140bpm Em DRY Freefall 140bpm Em DRY Em 140
Compromise 150bpm A# DRY Compromise 150bpm A# DRY A# 150
Yann 100bpm Fm DRY Yann 100bpm Fm DRY Fm 100
Wizard 165bpm Em DRY Wizard 165bpm Em DRY Em 165
Willow 160bpm Bm DRY Willow 160bpm Bm DRY Bm 160
Waves 130bpm Cm DRY Waves 130bpm Cm DRY Cm 130
Sunset 145bpm Em DRY Sunset 145bpm Em DRY Em 145
Stripes 160bpm Fm DRY Stripes 160bpm Fm DRY Fm 160
Stringhopper 170bpm Fm DRY Stringhopper 170bpm Fm DRY Fm 170
Stretch 170bpm Cm DRY Stretch 170bpm Cm DRY Cm 170
Shepherd 170bpm Fm DRY Shepherd 170bpm Fm DRY Fm 170
Sakkat 140bpm Am DRY Sakkat 140bpm Am DRY Am 140
Rust 140bpm F DRY Rust 140bpm F DRY F 140
Plateau 160bpm Fm DRY Plateau 160bpm Fm DRY Fm 160
Paradise 120bpm Em DRY Paradise 120bpm Em DRY Em 120
Old Tale 100bpm Am DRY Old Tale 100bpm Am DRY Am 100
Last Turn 150bpm Bm DRY Last Turn 150bpm Bm DRY Bm 150
Julie 170bpm Am DRY Julie 170bpm Am DRY Am 170
Freedom Fighter 125bpm F#m DRY Freedom Fighter 125bpm F#m DRY F#m 125
Johann 130bpm Bm DRY Johann 130bpm Bm DRY Bm 130
Hope 165bpm D DRY Hope 165bpm D DRY D 165
Heat 180bpm Am DRY Heat 180bpm Am DRY Am 180
Heartless 140bpm Dm DRY Heartless 140bpm Dm DRY Dm 140