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Motor City Brass

Motor City Brass

Touch Loops

The sound of a perfectly performed, recorded and mixed brass solo is as timeless as it is beautiful.  From clean, silky tones to the raspier Flugelhorn options, the richness of this incredible instrument is unmistakable and lifts any tracks from the mundane to the extraordinary.  

Presenting: Motor City Brass; Our debut brass collection and it's a stunner.  Performed by renowned session musician Kelly O'Donohue, this collection of trumpet and Flugelhorn loops fit perfectly against soul, jazz, hip-hop and all Lo-Fi styles giving your tracks the vibe that only a live performance can offer. 

Inside this amazing loops pack you'll find each performance present as a mono or stereo file ensuring maximum flexibility.  The stereo files are two separate recordings of the same loop panned left and right for natural width giving that bigger than life feel we all know and love. 

The mono files are a single recording allowing you to took in and place the loops and you like or feel. 

So, if you're looking to dig into the world of brass, create dubstep, hip-hop or soul and want that live brass feel then this ones for you - a thing of absolute beauty! 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
90_Fm_MotorBrass_01 90_Fm_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Fm_MotorBrass_03 90_Fm_MotorBrass_03 90
90_Fm_MotorBrass_02 90_Fm_MotorBrass_02 90
90_Bb_MotorBrass_01 90_Bb_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Fm_MotorBrass_04 90_Fm_MotorBrass_04 90
90_Bb_MotorBrass_02 90_Bb_MotorBrass_02 90
90_Cm_MotorBrass_01 90_Cm_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Db_MotorBrass_01 90_Db_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Gb_MotorBrass_01 90_Gb_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Am_MotorBrass_02 90_Am_MotorBrass_02 90
90_D_MotorBrass_01 90_D_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Am_MotorBrass_03 90_Am_MotorBrass_03 90
90_Am_MotorBrass_01 90_Am_MotorBrass_01 90
90_A_MotorBrass_01 90_A_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Eb_MotorBrass_02 90_Eb_MotorBrass_02 90
90_Bm_MotorBrass_01 90_Bm_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Eb_MotorBrass_01 90_Eb_MotorBrass_01 90
90_C_MotorBrass_03 90_C_MotorBrass_03 90
90_Dm_MotorBrass_03 90_Dm_MotorBrass_03 90
90_F_MotorBrass_01 90_F_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Dm_MotorBrass_02 90_Dm_MotorBrass_02 90
90_C_MotorBrass_02 90_C_MotorBrass_02 90
90_F#_MotorBrass_01 90_F#_MotorBrass_01 90
90_F_MotorBrass_02 90_F_MotorBrass_02 90
90_Dm_MotorBrass_01 90_Dm_MotorBrass_01 90
90_C_MotorBrass_01 90_C_MotorBrass_01 90
90_Gm_MotorBrass_01 90_Gm_MotorBrass_01 90
90_C_MotorBrass_05 90_C_MotorBrass_05 90
90_G_MotorBrass_01 90_G_MotorBrass_01 90
90_C_MotorBrass_04 90_C_MotorBrass_04 90
90_Gm_MotorBrass_02 90_Gm_MotorBrass_02 90
100_C_MotorBrass_03 100_C_MotorBrass_03 100
100_F_MotorBrass_01 100_F_MotorBrass_01 100
100_C_MotorBrass_02 100_C_MotorBrass_02 100
100_Bb_MotorBrass_01 100_Bb_MotorBrass_01 100
100_F_MotorBrass_02 100_F_MotorBrass_02 100
100_C_MotorBrass_01 100_C_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Bb_MotorBrass_02 100_Bb_MotorBrass_02 100
100_Fm_MotorBrass_04 100_Fm_MotorBrass_04 100
100_C_MotorBrass_04 100_C_MotorBrass_04 100
100_Fm_MotorBrass_01 100_Fm_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Fm_MotorBrass_03 100_Fm_MotorBrass_03 100
100_Fm_MotorBrass_02 100_Fm_MotorBrass_02 100
100_Gb_MotorBrass_01 100_Gb_MotorBrass_01 100
100_D_MotorBrass_01 100_D_MotorBrass_01 100
100_A_MotorBrass_01 100_A_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Cm_MotorBrass_01 100_Cm_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Cs_MotorBrass_01 100_Cs_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Bm_MotorBrass_01 100_Bm_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Eb_MotorBrass_01 100_Eb_MotorBrass_01 100
100_EbM_MotorBrass_01 100_EbM_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Am_MotorBrass_02 100_Am_MotorBrass_02 100
100_Am_MotorBrass_03 100_Am_MotorBrass_03 100
100_Am_MotorBrass_01 100_Am_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Gm_MotorBrass_01 100_Gm_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Gm_MotorBrass_02 100_Gm_MotorBrass_02 100
100_Gm_MotorBrass_03 100_Gm_MotorBrass_03 100
100_Dm_MotorBrass_03 100_Dm_MotorBrass_03 100
100_Dm_MotorBrass_02 100_Dm_MotorBrass_02 100
100_F#_MotorBrass_01 100_F#_MotorBrass_01 100
100_Dm_MotorBrass_01 100_Dm_MotorBrass_01 100
120_Fm_MotorBrass_01 120_Fm_MotorBrass_01 120
120_Em_MotorBrass_01 120_Em_MotorBrass_01 120
120_Cm_MotorBrass_01 120_Cm_MotorBrass_01 120
120_EbMaj7_MotorBrass_01 120_EbMaj7_MotorBrass_01 120
120_EbMaj7_MotorBrass_02 120_EbMaj7_MotorBrass_02 120
120_Am_MotorBrass_03 120_Am_MotorBrass_03 120
120_G_MotorBrass_01 120_G_MotorBrass_01 120
120_Am_MotorBrass_02 120_Am_MotorBrass_02 120
120_G_MotorBrass_02 120_G_MotorBrass_02 120