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Neo Soul Guitars

Neo Soul Guitars

Touch Loops

  • Size: 750.6mb
  • Loops: 150

Neo Soul Guitars is an exploration into the inspiring guitar fuelled world of Neo-soul, jazz, RnB & Hip-Hop. Recorded, produced and mixed by the stupidly talented session guitarist Artiom Krikunov, this truly original and unique collection of neo-soul guitar loops will form the bedrock of your next great composition.

Utilizing a stunning all analogue signal chain across a range of classic electric guitars & amps, you can expect to find lush chord progressions, head nodding soul licks, beautiful lead work and incredibe hooks that are perfect for all forms of classic hip-hop, neo soul or RnB.

Inspired by the vibes of Anderson Paak, Erykah Baduh, Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch, each loops has been expertly crafted to work in a plethora of different ways. From filling out that low mid frequency band to adding pace and movement, working as an inspiring song starter or creating the prefect hook this beautiful guitar driven sample pack will instantly become a sample favourite.

So, if you're looking to add some class and quality to your next track then take this one for a spin.. it's a beauty!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL G 90
90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL G 90
90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL G 90
90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL G 90
90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL G 90
90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 90_G_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL G 90
90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL E 90
90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL E 90
90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL E 90
90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL E 90
90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL E 90
90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 90_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL E 90
90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL D 90
90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL D 90
90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL D 90
90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL D 90
90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL D 90
90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 90_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL D 90
90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL C 90
90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL C 90
90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL C 90
90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL C 90
90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL C 90
90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 90_C_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL C 90
90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL A 90
90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL A 90
90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL A 90
90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL A 90
90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL A 90
90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 90_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL A 90
80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL G 80
80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL G 80
80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL G 80
80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL G 80
80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL G 80
80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 80_G_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL G 80
80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL E 80
80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL E 80
80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL E 80
80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL E 80
80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL E 80
80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 80_Em_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL E 80
80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL D 80
80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL D 80
80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL D 80
80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL D 80
80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL D 80
80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 80_Dm_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL D 80
80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL C 80
80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL C 80
80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL C 80
80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL C 80
80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL C 80
80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 80_C_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL C 80
80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL A 80
80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL A 80
80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL A 80
80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL 80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_03_TL A 80
80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL 80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_02_TL A 80
80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL 80_Am_NeoSoulGuitars_01_TL A 80
130_G_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL 130_G_NeoSoulGuitars_06_TL G 130
130_G_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL 130_G_NeoSoulGuitars_05_TL G 130
130_G_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL 130_G_NeoSoulGuitars_04_TL G 130