Neon Fyah: Synthwave Vibez

Neon Fyah: Synthwave Vibez

Strategic Audio

'Neon Fyah: Synthwave Vibez' by Strategic Audio is a top quality Synthwave/Retro Pop sample pack that serves up that insanely popular 80s movie soundtrack video game inspired sound. It features five Billboard-ready, Synthwave Construction Kits loaded with WAV and MIDI loops.

Inspired by artists such as The Bad Dreamers, Mega Drive, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, and Gunship, this retro inspired electronic genre is more popular now than ever and has taken the world by storm.
With over 360MB of 80s Retro infused and inspired synths, vintage keys, pads, leads and bass, this kit is a must have for any producer. Use them in your favourite DAW with ease!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
NFSV3_Synth Keys_100_G#min NFSV3_Synth Keys_100_G#min G#min 100
NFSV3_Snare_100 NFSV3_Snare_100 100
NFSV3_Perc_100 NFSV3_Perc_100 100
NFSV3_Pad_100_G#min NFSV3_Pad_100_G#min G#min 100
NFSV3_Lead_100_G#min NFSV3_Lead_100_G#min G#min 100
NFSV3_Kick_100 NFSV3_Kick_100 100
NFSV3_Hi Hat_100 NFSV3_Hi Hat_100 100
NFSV3_Bass_100_G#min NFSV3_Bass_100_G#min G#min 100
NFSV3_Arp_100_G#min NFSV3_Arp_100_G#min G#min 100
NFSV5_Synth Keys_97_G NFSV5_Synth Keys_97_G G 97
NFSV5_Snare_97 NFSV5_Snare_97 97
NFSV5_Ride_97 NFSV5_Ride_97 97
NFSV5_Perc_97 NFSV5_Perc_97 97
NFSV5_Pad_97_G NFSV5_Pad_97_G G 97
NFSV5_Lead_97_G NFSV5_Lead_97_G G 97
NFSV5_Kick_97 NFSV5_Kick_97 97
NFSV5_Hi Hat_97 NFSV5_Hi Hat_97 97
NFSV5_Bass_97_G NFSV5_Bass_97_G G 97
NFSV5_Arp_97_G NFSV5_Arp_97_G G 97
NFSV4_Toms_105 NFSV4_Toms_105 105
NFSV4_Synth Keys_105_Dmin NFSV4_Synth Keys_105_Dmin Dmin 105
NFSV4_Snare_105 NFSV4_Snare_105 105
NFSV4_Pad_105_Dmin NFSV4_Pad_105_Dmin Dmin 105
NFSV4_Open Hat_105 NFSV4_Open Hat_105 105
NFSV4_Lead_105_Dmin NFSV4_Lead_105_Dmin Dmin 105
NFSV4_Kick_105 NFSV4_Kick_105 105
NFSV4_Closed Hat_105 NFSV4_Closed Hat_105 105
NFSV4_Bass_105_Dmin NFSV4_Bass_105_Dmin Dmin 105
NFSV4_Arp_105_Dmin NFSV4_Arp_105_Dmin Dmin 105
NFSV2_Tom_100 NFSV2_Tom_100 100
NFSV2_Synth Chords_100_Cmin NFSV2_Synth Chords_100_Cmin Cmin 100
NFSV2_Snare_100 NFSV2_Snare_100 100
NFSV2_Pad_100_Cmin NFSV2_Pad_100_Cmin Cmin 100
NFSV2_Open Hat_100 NFSV2_Open Hat_100 100
NFSV2_Lead_100_Cmin NFSV2_Lead_100_Cmin Cmin 100
NFSV2_Kick_100 NFSV2_Kick_100 100
NFSV2_Kick2_100 NFSV2_Kick2_100 100
NFSV2_Hi Hat_100 NFSV2_Hi Hat_100 100
NFSV2_Bass_100_Cmin NFSV2_Bass_100_Cmin Cmin 100
NFSV2_Arp_100_Cmin NFSV2_Arp_100_Cmin Cmin 100
NFSV1_Synth Lead_93_Dmin NFSV1_Synth Lead_93_Dmin Dmin 93
NFSV1_Synth Keys_93_Dmin NFSV1_Synth Keys_93_Dmin Dmin 93
NFSV1_Snare_93 NFSV1_Snare_93 93
NFSV1_Pad_93_Dmin NFSV1_Pad_93_Dmin Dmin 93
NFSV1_Open Hat_93 NFSV1_Open Hat_93 93
NFSV1_Kick_93 NFSV1_Kick_93 93
NFSV1_Closed Hat_93 NFSV1_Closed Hat_93 93
NFSV1_Bass_93_Dmin NFSV1_Bass_93_Dmin Dmin 93
NFSV1_Arp_93_Dmin NFSV1_Arp_93_Dmin Dmin 93
NFSV45 97 G_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NFSV45 97 G_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass G 97
NFSV4 105 Dmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NFSV4 105 Dmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Dmin 105
NFSV3 100 G#min_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NFSV3 100 G#min_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass G#min 100
NFSV2 100 Cmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NFSV2 100 Cmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Cmin 100
NFSV1 93 Dmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NFSV1 93 Dmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Dmin 93
NFSV5_Drum Loop 97 NFSV5_Drum Loop 97 97
NFSV4_Drum Loop 105 NFSV4_Drum Loop 105 105
NFSV3_Drum Loop 100 NFSV3_Drum Loop 100 100
NFSV2_Drum Loop 100 NFSV2_Drum Loop 100 100
NFSV1_Drum Loop 93 NFSV1_Drum Loop 93 93
NFSV5_Drum Loop 97 Dry NFSV5_Drum Loop 97 Dry 97
NFSV4_Drum Loop 105 Dry NFSV4_Drum Loop 105 Dry 105
NFSV3_Drum Loop 100 Dry NFSV3_Drum Loop 100 Dry 100
NFSV2_Drum Loop 100 Dry NFSV2_Drum Loop 100 Dry 100
NFSV1_Drum Loop 93 Dry NFSV1_Drum Loop 93 Dry 93
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