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Neuro House

Neuro House


NEURO HOUSE is a fresh, unique mash-up of Neurofunk, Underground House and Electro House genres. These samples are creative, raw, filthy, funky, uber-processed, bombastic, warped, filtered, underground, gritty and inspiring! Supplied in a uniform tempo of 128bpm and key (Fminor), this pack is easy to use and versatile.

Instead of endlessly searching your sample folders for sounds that work together, you'll have a good variety of samples and loops that are meant to work together!

This pack is specifcally designed for producers who love to chop, tweak and re-arrange loops and samples.

Looking to get REALLY creative with the CRAZIEST sounds? Dig into the COMBO LOOPS folder for ULTIMATE MAYHEM! We chopped, tweaked and resampled the melodic loops into downright stutter-filter-funk CHAOS!! These samples are outrageous!

As a special BONUS, we have also included all 340 drum sound one-shots from our samplepacks "EDM Remedy" and "Straight 128".

Genres this samplepack is useful for making: neuro house, bass house, wobble house, electro house, underground techno, dubstep. nu-school chemical beat, abstrakt leftfield bass music, etc.

We have other packs with all the samples tuned to the key of Fminor: Black Label Glitch Hop & Evolved Drum and bass. Used together with these samples, you have a bass music powerhouse!

Neuro House is 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your sound without worrying about any sample clearance hassle! 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_05 WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_05
WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_04 WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_04
WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_03 WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_03
WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_02 WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_02
WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_01 WhiteLabel_OP_HAT_01
WhiteLabel_FX_01 WhiteLabel_FX_01
WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_07 WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_07
WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_06 WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_06
WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_05 WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_05
WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_04 WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_04
WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_03 WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_03
WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_02 WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_02
WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_01 WhiteLabel_CL_HAT_01
WhiteLabelSnare17 WhiteLabelSnare17
WhiteLabelSnare16 WhiteLabelSnare16
WhiteLabelSnare15 WhiteLabelSnare15
WhiteLabelSnare14 WhiteLabelSnare14
WhiteLabelSnare13 WhiteLabelSnare13
WhiteLabelSnare12 WhiteLabelSnare12
WhiteLabelSnare11 WhiteLabelSnare11
WhiteLabelSnare10 WhiteLabelSnare10
WhiteLabelSnare09 WhiteLabelSnare09
WhiteLabelSnare08 WhiteLabelSnare08
WhiteLabelSnare07 WhiteLabelSnare07
WhiteLabelSnare06 WhiteLabelSnare06
WhiteLabelSnare05 WhiteLabelSnare05
WhiteLabelSnare04 WhiteLabelSnare04
WhiteLabelSnare03 WhiteLabelSnare03
WhiteLabelSnare02 WhiteLabelSnare02
WhiteLabelSnare01 WhiteLabelSnare01
WhiteLabelKick17 WhiteLabelKick17
WhiteLabelKick16 WhiteLabelKick16
WhiteLabelKick15 WhiteLabelKick15
WhiteLabelKick14 WhiteLabelKick14
WhiteLabelKick13 WhiteLabelKick13
WhiteLabelKick12 WhiteLabelKick12
WhiteLabelKick11 WhiteLabelKick11
WhiteLabelKick10 WhiteLabelKick10
WhiteLabelKick09 WhiteLabelKick09
WhiteLabelKick08 WhiteLabelKick08
WhiteLabelKick07 WhiteLabelKick07
WhiteLabelKick06 WhiteLabelKick06
WhiteLabelKick05 WhiteLabelKick05
WhiteLabelKick04 WhiteLabelKick04
WhiteLabelKick03 WhiteLabelKick03
WhiteLabelKick02 WhiteLabelKick02
WhiteLabelKick01 WhiteLabelKick01
WhiteLabelFilterSnare04 WhiteLabelFilterSnare04
WhiteLabelFilterSnare03 WhiteLabelFilterSnare03
WhiteLabelFilterSnare02 WhiteLabelFilterSnare02
WhiteLabelFilterSnare01 WhiteLabelFilterSnare01
WhiteLabelFilterKick02 WhiteLabelFilterKick02
WhiteLabelFilterKick01a WhiteLabelFilterKick01a
WhiteLabelFilterKick01 WhiteLabelFilterKick01
WhiteLabelFilterHat02 WhiteLabelFilterHat02
WhiteLabelFilterHat01 WhiteLabelFilterHat01
TightSnare01 TightSnare01
ThudSnare01 ThudSnare01
TekkySnare01 TekkySnare01
StutterSnare03 StutterSnare03
StutterSnare02 StutterSnare02
StutterSnare01 StutterSnare01
StutterKick02 StutterKick02
StutterKick01 StutterKick01
Snare_Layered02 Snare_Layered02
Snare_Layered01 Snare_Layered01
Scratch_FX_03 Scratch_FX_03
Scratch_FX_02 Scratch_FX_02
Scratch_FX_01 Scratch_FX_01
Rim01 Rim01
PhatKick15 PhatKick15
PhatKick14 PhatKick14
PhatKick13 PhatKick13
PhatKick12 PhatKick12
PhatKick11 PhatKick11
PhatKick10 PhatKick10
PhatKick09 PhatKick09
PhatKick08 PhatKick08
PhatKick07 PhatKick07
PhatKick06 PhatKick06