No Rules

No Rules

Strategic Audio

'No Rules' by Strategic Audio is a high-quality new Hip Hop sample pack where the theme is literally about breaking the rules. It mixes experimental sound design with traditional tones and textures, and dirty mixes with clean mixes. It features five Billboard-ready Hip Hop Construction Kits. WAV and MIDI loops are available.

The kits here are not inspired by any one particular type of artist or producer. Instead, Strategic Audio focused on taking contemporary Hip Hop styles and infusing them with original handcrafted synth tones. Yes, the team is flexing its sound design muscles. Even so, these kits still bring that radio and album-worthy flavour to your productions.

With approximately 220 MB of rugged and melodic pianos, plucks, dirty synths, strings and guitars along with drums and percussion, this kit is a must-have for any producer. Use them in your favourite DAW with ease! All sounds have been processed by the latest top of the line plugins like Focusrite, IZotope and Waves for that album and radio-ready sound.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
NR4_Synth Keys_80_G#min NR4_Synth Keys_80_G#min G#min 80
NR4_Snare_80 NR4_Snare_80 80
NR4_Pluck_80_G#min NR4_Pluck_80_G#min G#min 80
NR4_Pluck2_80_G#min NR4_Pluck2_80_G#min G#min 80
NR4_Perc_80 NR4_Perc_80 80
NR4_Pad_80_G#min NR4_Pad_80_G#min G#min 80
NR4_Open Hat_80 NR4_Open Hat_80 80
NR4_Kick_80 NR4_Kick_80 80
NR4_Hi Hat_80 NR4_Hi Hat_80 80
NR4_Bass_80_G#min NR4_Bass_80_G#min G#min 80
NR5_Trumpets_92_Amin NR5_Trumpets_92_Amin Amin 92
NR5_Synth Strings_92_Amin NR5_Synth Strings_92_Amin Amin 92
NR5_Synth Keys_92_Amin NR5_Synth Keys_92_Amin Amin 92
NR5_Snare_92 NR5_Snare_92 92
NR5_Piano_92_Amin NR5_Piano_92_Amin Amin 92
NR5_Kick_92 NR5_Kick_92 92
NR5_Hi Hat_92 NR5_Hi Hat_92 92
NR5_Cymbal_92 NR5_Cymbal_92 92
NR5_Conga_92 NR5_Conga_92 92
NR5_Bass_92_Amin NR5_Bass_92_Amin Amin 92
NR3_Sweeping Pad_87_Bmin NR3_Sweeping Pad_87_Bmin Bmin 87
NR3_Snare_87 NR3_Snare_87 87
NR3_Kick_87 NR3_Kick_87 87
NR3_Hi Hat_87 NR3_Hi Hat_87 87
NR3_Dirty Piano_87_Bmin NR3_Dirty Piano_87_Bmin Bmin 87
NR3_Cymbal_87 NR3_Cymbal_87 87
NR3_Conga_87 NR3_Conga_87 87
NR3_Bent Chords_87_Bmin NR3_Bent Chords_87_Bmin Bmin 87
NR3_Bass_87_Bmin NR3_Bass_87_Bmin Bmin 87
NR2_Synth Stack_85_Gmin NR2_Synth Stack_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR2_Snare_85 NR2_Snare_85 85
NR2_Piano_85_Gmin NR2_Piano_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR2_Pad_85_Gmin NR2_Pad_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR2_Melodic Tom_85_Gmin NR2_Melodic Tom_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR2_Low Synth_85_Gmin NR2_Low Synth_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR2_Kick_85 NR2_Kick_85 85
NR2_Hi Hat_85 NR2_Hi Hat_85 85
NR2_Guitar_85_Gmin NR2_Guitar_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR2_Bass_85_Gmin NR2_Bass_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR2_Arp_85_Gmin NR2_Arp_85_Gmin Gmin 85
NR1_Synth Chords_86_Emin NR1_Synth Chords_86_Emin Emin 86
NR1_Synth Chant_86_Emin NR1_Synth Chant_86_Emin Emin 86
NR1_Snare_86 NR1_Snare_86 86
NR1_Rhodes_86_Emin NR1_Rhodes_86_Emin Emin 86
NR1_Pad_86_Emin NR1_Pad_86_Emin Emin 86
NR1_Open Hat_86 NR1_Open Hat_86 86
NR1_Kick_86 NR1_Kick_86 86
NR1_Closed Hat_86 NR1_Closed Hat_86 86
NR1_Clap_86 NR1_Clap_86 86
NR1_808_86_Emin NR1_808_86_Emin Emin 86
NR5 92 Amin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NR5 92 Amin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Amin 92
NR4 80 G#min Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NR4 80 G#min Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass G#min 80
NR3 87 Bmin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NR3 87 Bmin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Bmin 87
NR2 85 Gmin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NR2 85 Gmin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Gmin 85
NR1 86 Emin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass NR1 86 Emin Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Emin 86
NR5 Drumloop_92 NR5 Drumloop_92 92
NR4 Drumloop_80 NR4 Drumloop_80 80
NR3 Drumloop_87 NR3 Drumloop_87 87
NR2 Drumloop_85 NR2 Drumloop_85 85
NR1 Drumloop_86 NR1 Drumloop_86 86
NR5 Drumloop_92 Dry NR5 Drumloop_92 Dry 92
NR4 Drumloop_80 Dry NR4 Drumloop_80 Dry 80
NR3 Drumloop_87 Dry NR3 Drumloop_87 Dry 87
NR2 Drumloop_85 Dry NR2 Drumloop_85 Dry 85
NR1 Drumloop_86 Dry NR1 Drumloop_86 Dry 86
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