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Nu-School House

Nu-School House


Electronisounds and THE ONE-Series present the new collaboration: "Nu-School House"!

What do you end up with if you take two different sound designers from two different brands and let them collaborate with Massive Patches, Serum Patches, MIDIs, Loops, and One-Shots? One of the designers has many years of experience, while the other is a former designer for famous brands. You end up with "Nu-School House" - a groundbreaking soundbank collection and samplepack!

Nu-School House features an amazing collection of sounds, loops and samples from two very talented producers, both striving to give you top-notch quality.

DETAILED CONTENTS: 50 Massive Presets, 50 Serum presets (including 19 custom wavetables and 7 new noise osc samples), 100 MIDI loops, 150 melodic WAV loops, 50 Key-labeled kick drums, 50 top loops, and 100 Melodic One-Shot samples (every preset from both Massive and Serum soundbanks!).

Using the included One-Shots, you can use the Serum sounds even if you don't own Serum and you can use the Massive sounds even if you don't own Massive!

Yet it doesn't end there - you also get bonus content from both MP3 demo songs.

The presets have been made to show excellent audio quality, which includes a lot of stereo spread, fatness and fullness - as well as containing a good punch and snap.

More than this, all 8 Macros on Massive and all 4 Macros and ModWheel on Serum have been assigned for you to tweak, automate and easily adjust the presets to your liking - both focusing on sonic quality and the artistic side.

But again it doesn't end there - The Massive presets feature carefully assigned velocity control, randomize control, even keyboard tracking - all to make the sounds as creative and inspiring as possible.

Curious on the patches themselves? Have a look a the the free demo download.

What types of sounds are included?

For Massive you get: - 10 funky basses - 5 useful FX - 10 creative leads - 5 various organs - 5 delicious pads - 5 lush plucks - 5 risers - 5 sweet stabs And for Serum: - 12 funky basses - 2 useful fx - 8 jazzy and chilled keys - 12 inventive leads - 2 late night pads - 1 classiv house piano - 8 morphing plucks - 3 clubby stabs - 2 various synths.

Have a look at the MP3 demos showcasing the possibilities of many of the sounds included, and feel the rhythm! These sounds could be rocking your stage.

Genres this SAMPLEPACK is useful for making: House, Classic House, Old-School House, Nu-School House, Future House, Deep House, Tech House, Garage, UK Garage, Future Garage, Indie Dance / Nu-Disco, Underground House.

Nu-School House is 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your sound without worrying about any sample clearance hassle! 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
SoSmooth SoSmooth
SaturatedBASS SaturatedBASS
MoogPulse MoogPulse
LateNight LateNight
ImASkreamer ImASkreamer
HouseyBass HouseyBass
GarageBass01 GarageBass01
FutureHouseSynth FutureHouseSynth
FM8-SaturatedSaw FM8-SaturatedSaw
FM8-Plucky FM8-Plucky
FM8-DeepDarkSine FM8-DeepDarkSine
FM8-AngelsBell FM8-AngelsBell
DirtyRhodes DirtyRhodes
DeepPluck01 DeepPluck01
CircleStaggers CircleStaggers
ChillPiano ChillPiano
AiryPad AiryPad
ACE-SaturatedSaw_F2 ACE-SaturatedSaw_F2
ACE-SaturatedSaw_F1 ACE-SaturatedSaw_F1
F-TinyHouseHit F-TinyHouseHit F
F-HouseStab F-HouseStab F
F-HouseBass F-HouseBass F
C-Stab01 C-Stab01 C
C-SaturatedLead C-SaturatedLead C
C-Piano C-Piano C
C-NuGarageLead C-NuGarageLead C
Reverse Reverb Tail (Pad)_D Reverse Reverb Tail (Pad)_D D
Reverb Kick Reverb Kick
Main Kick_D Main Kick_D D
Clap02 Clap02
Clap01 Clap01
Section04_Main SynthB_AM Section04_Main SynthB_AM Am
Section04_Main SynthA_AM Section04_Main SynthA_AM Am
Section04_Hihats Section04_Hihats
Section04_Hihats+ClapSnare Section04_Hihats+ClapSnare
Section04_Full Drum Loop Section04_Full Drum Loop
Section03_StabC_AM Section03_StabC_AM Am
Section03_StabB_EM Section03_StabB_EM Em
Section03_StabA_EM Section03_StabA_EM Em
Section03_Lead_EM Section03_Lead_EM Em
Section03_BassB_AM Section03_BassB_AM Am
Section03_BassA_DM Section03_BassA_DM Dm
Section02_Pad_Dm Section02_Pad_Dm Dm
Section02_LeadB_Am Section02_LeadB_Am Am
Section02_LeadA_Am Section02_LeadA_Am Am
Section02_Hihats Section02_Hihats
Section02_Hihats+ClapSnare Section02_Hihats+ClapSnare
Section02_Full Drum Loop Section02_Full Drum Loop
Section02_Bass_DM Section02_Bass_DM Dm
Section01_Pad02_BM Section01_Pad02_BM Bm
Section01_Pad01C_BM Section01_Pad01C_BM Bm
Section01_Pad01B_DM Section01_Pad01B_DM Dm
Section01_Pad01A_DM Section01_Pad01A_DM Dm
Section01_LeadB_DM Section01_LeadB_DM Dm
Section01_LeadA_DM Section01_LeadA_DM Dm
Section01_Hihats Section01_Hihats
Section01_Hihats+ClapSnare Section01_Hihats+ClapSnare
Section01_Full Drum Loop Section01_Full Drum Loop
Section01_Bass02B_BM Section01_Bass02B_BM Bm
Section01_Bass02A_DM Section01_Bass02A_DM Dm
Section01_Bass01B_DM Section01_Bass01B_DM Dm
Section01_Bass01A_DM Section01_Bass01A_DM Dm
SuperCleanAndTightLayeredRealHumansClap SuperCleanAndTightLayeredRealHumansClap
BassDrop_A BassDrop_A A
124_GarageBeat02e_4bars 124_GarageBeat02e_4bars 124
124_GarageBeat02d_4bars 124_GarageBeat02d_4bars 124
124_GarageBeat02c_4bars 124_GarageBeat02c_4bars 124