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Organic DnB

Organic DnB

Touch Loops

Inspired by the sound of Blu Mar Ten, Autonomic movements and Kim Yan Law, this iconic batch of organic Drum n Bass samples showcases the diverse angles available within this amazing genre. 

Flirting with tempo and rhythm, each loop hides the weight and intensity between stunning melody and progression.  It's this perfect juxtaposition that allows the pack to seamlessly morph from the most beautiful breakdown to a system ready drop that will get any crowd moving. 

Inside this futuristic beauty you'll find rolling DnB drums, half-step rhythms, saturated sub bass loops, lush chord loops and exquisitely detailed and textured pad loops that you'll turn to time and time again. 

So, if you're in the market for a fresh take on DnB or looking to add some textured and detailed composition then this one will lift you to places new.  

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All Samples Name Key BPM
172_ShuffleTop_TL 172_ShuffleTop_TL 172
150_BoomTownBeat_TL 150_BoomTownBeat_TL 150
172_GrooveBeat_TL 172_GrooveBeat_TL 172
162_PitchBeat_TL 162_PitchBeat_TL 162
172_FranticTop_TL 172_FranticTop_TL 172
158_SwungBeat_TL 158_SwungBeat_TL 158
172_FranticBeat_TL 172_FranticBeat_TL 172
172_TripletTop_TL 172_TripletTop_TL 172
172_GrooveTop_TL 172_GrooveTop_TL 172
172_StaggeredTop_TL 172_StaggeredTop_TL 172
126_SlowDownTop_TL 126_SlowDownTop_TL 126
172_ChaosBeat_TL 172_ChaosBeat_TL 172
158_WoodenTop_TL 158_WoodenTop_TL 158
162_SwampBeat_TL 162_SwampBeat_TL 162
172_ChaosTop_TL 172_ChaosTop_TL 172
172_Am_SlumpTop_TL 172_Am_SlumpTop_TL 172
172_ShuffleBeat_TL 172_ShuffleBeat_TL 172
172_TripletBeat_TL 172_TripletBeat_TL 172
162_ShiftedBeat_TL 162_ShiftedBeat_TL 162
126_SlowDownBeat_TL 126_SlowDownBeat_TL 126
172_Am_SlumpBeat_TL 172_Am_SlumpBeat_TL 172
150_BoomTownTop_TL 150_BoomTownTop_TL 150
162_KickHatBeat_TL 162_KickHatBeat_TL 162
158_WoodenBeat_TL 158_WoodenBeat_TL 158
172_StaggeredBeat_TL 172_StaggeredBeat_TL 172
162_JukeBeat_TL 162_JukeBeat_TL 162
172_Am_DroneBass_TL 172_Am_DroneBass_TL 172
172_Am_PumpBass_TL 172_Am_PumpBass_TL 172
158_Am_LowReese_02_TL 158_Am_LowReese_02_TL 158
172_Bbm_ChugBass_TL 172_Bbm_ChugBass_TL 172
172_Am_MudBass_TL 172_Am_MudBass_TL 172
172_Am_SeriousSub_TL 172_Am_SeriousSub_TL 172
158_Am_LowReese_01_TL 158_Am_LowReese_01_TL 158
150_Cm_SuperSub_TL 150_Cm_SuperSub_TL 150
158_C_#__KneeWobbleBass_TL 158_C_#__KneeWobbleBass_TL 158
172_Bm_SubDrop_TL 172_Bm_SubDrop_TL 172
172_Am_PluckBass_TL 172_Am_PluckBass_TL 172
150_ShuffleShakes_TL 150_ShuffleShakes_TL 150
172_PercSplatters_TL 172_PercSplatters_TL 172
162_HighGlitchPerc_02_TL 162_HighGlitchPerc_02_TL 162
150_GrittyPerc_TL 150_GrittyPerc_TL 150
162_HighGlitchPerc_06_TL 162_HighGlitchPerc_06_TL 162
162_HighGlitchPerc_04_TL 162_HighGlitchPerc_04_TL 162
162_HighGlitchPerc_TL 162_HighGlitchPerc_TL 162
162_RoomPerc_TL 162_RoomPerc_TL 162
172_SweepPerc_TL 172_SweepPerc_TL 172
172_BreathPerc_TL 172_BreathPerc_TL 172
162_HighGlitchPerc_03_TL 162_HighGlitchPerc_03_TL 162
172_WoodPerc_TL 172_WoodPerc_TL 172
172_GhostShakersPerc_TL 172_GhostShakersPerc_TL 172
162_HighGlitchPerc_05_TL 162_HighGlitchPerc_05_TL 162
158_TinPerc_TL 158_TinPerc_TL 158
158_Am_OgGuitarPad_TL 158_Am_OgGuitarPad_TL 158
172_Am_ClarkProgSynth_02_TL 172_Am_ClarkProgSynth_02_TL 172
158_C_#__MotionPad_TL 158_C_#__MotionPad_TL 158
172_Bm_KalTimeMel_TL 172_Bm_KalTimeMel_TL 172
172_Am_HopeMelody_02_TL 172_Am_HopeMelody_02_TL 172
126_Gbm_HarderPad_TL 126_Gbm_HarderPad_TL 126
172_Bbm_DecendChords_TL 172_Bbm_DecendChords_TL 172
150_Cm_DryArp_TL 150_Cm_DryArp_TL 150
172_Bm_JunoPluxMel_TL 172_Bm_JunoPluxMel_TL 172
172_Am_TippingPointArp_TL 172_Am_TippingPointArp_TL 172
172_Gbm_VolcaLeads_TL 172_Gbm_VolcaLeads_TL 172
172_Am_DustyBells_TL 172_Am_DustyBells_TL 172
176_Am_KalArpRev_TL 176_Am_KalArpRev_TL 176