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Organic House

Organic House

Touch Loops

Inspired by the lush, beautifully designed music of Bonobo, ambient EDM genres and classic house sessions, this stunning collection of organic house samples glides effortlessly between moments of absolute reflection and club ready rhythms.

From pin point accurate piano performances to driven analogue bass lines everything you could possibly need is held within this outrageously well produced collection.

By combining drum machines, hardware and synths with numerous, beautifully recorded live instrument takes this stunning collection breaths and sways, offering up that true organic element that allows your music to stand out from the crowd.

Live shakers nestle perfectly against crisp drum machine grooves, solid 4x4 beats are complimented by the driven yet musical sub bass lines, stunning live piano performances offer a moment of hope and beautifully compliment the huge collection of pads, synth phrases and dancing arpeggios. There's also a an awesome collection of live tuned bell loops and one shots plus MIDI for all musical elements ensuring maximum flexibility.

As always, 80 one shots cover things on the drum side ensuring you can focus on the good stuff, creating beautiful, memorable music.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Perc_TL_9_TL Perc_TL_9_TL
Perc_TL_8_TL Perc_TL_8_TL
Perc_TL_7_TL Perc_TL_7_TL
Perc_TL_6_TL Perc_TL_6_TL
Perc_TL_5_TL Perc_TL_5_TL
Perc_TL_4_TL Perc_TL_4_TL
Perc_TL_3_TL Perc_TL_3_TL
Perc_TL_2_TL Perc_TL_2_TL
Perc_TL_20_TL Perc_TL_20_TL
Perc_TL_1_TL Perc_TL_1_TL
Perc_TL_19_TL Perc_TL_19_TL
Perc_TL_18_TL Perc_TL_18_TL
Perc_TL_17_TL Perc_TL_17_TL
Perc_TL_16_TL Perc_TL_16_TL
Perc_TL_15_TL Perc_TL_15_TL
Perc_TL_14_TL Perc_TL_14_TL
Perc_TL_13_TL Perc_TL_13_TL
Perc_TL_12_TL Perc_TL_12_TL
Perc_TL_11_TL Perc_TL_11_TL
Perc_TL_10_TL Perc_TL_10_TL
Kick_TL_9_TL Kick_TL_9_TL
Kick_TL_8_TL Kick_TL_8_TL
Kick_TL_7_TL Kick_TL_7_TL
Kick_TL_6_TL Kick_TL_6_TL
Kick_TL_5_TL Kick_TL_5_TL
Kick_TL_4_TL Kick_TL_4_TL
Kick_TL_3_TL Kick_TL_3_TL
Kick_TL_2_TL Kick_TL_2_TL
Kick_TL_20_TL Kick_TL_20_TL
Kick_TL_1_TL Kick_TL_1_TL
Kick_TL_19_TL Kick_TL_19_TL
Kick_TL_18_TL Kick_TL_18_TL
Kick_TL_17_TL Kick_TL_17_TL
Kick_TL_16_TL Kick_TL_16_TL
Kick_TL_15_TL Kick_TL_15_TL
Kick_TL_14_TL Kick_TL_14_TL
Kick_TL_13_TL Kick_TL_13_TL
Kick_TL_12_TL Kick_TL_12_TL
Kick_TL_11_TL Kick_TL_11_TL
Kick_TL_10_TL Kick_TL_10_TL
Hat_TL_9_TL Hat_TL_9_TL
Hat_TL_8_TL Hat_TL_8_TL
Hat_TL_7_TL Hat_TL_7_TL
Hat_TL_6_TL Hat_TL_6_TL
Hat_TL_5_TL Hat_TL_5_TL
Hat_TL_4_TL Hat_TL_4_TL
Hat_TL_3_TL Hat_TL_3_TL
Hat_TL_2_TL Hat_TL_2_TL
Hat_TL_20_TL Hat_TL_20_TL
Hat_TL_1_TL Hat_TL_1_TL
Hat_TL_19_TL Hat_TL_19_TL
Hat_TL_18_TL Hat_TL_18_TL
Hat_TL_17_TL Hat_TL_17_TL
Hat_TL_16_TL Hat_TL_16_TL
Hat_TL_15_TL Hat_TL_15_TL
Hat_TL_14_TL Hat_TL_14_TL
Hat_TL_13_TL Hat_TL_13_TL
Hat_TL_12_TL Hat_TL_12_TL
Hat_TL_11_TL Hat_TL_11_TL
Hat_TL_10_TL Hat_TL_10_TL
Clap_TL_9_TL Clap_TL_9_TL
Clap_TL_8_TL Clap_TL_8_TL
Clap_TL_7_TL Clap_TL_7_TL
Clap_TL_6_TL Clap_TL_6_TL
Clap_TL_5_TL Clap_TL_5_TL
Clap_TL_4_TL Clap_TL_4_TL
Clap_TL_3_TL Clap_TL_3_TL
Clap_TL_2_TL Clap_TL_2_TL
Clap_TL_20_TL Clap_TL_20_TL
Clap_TL_1_TL Clap_TL_1_TL
Clap_TL_19_TL Clap_TL_19_TL
Clap_TL_18_TL Clap_TL_18_TL
Clap_TL_17_TL Clap_TL_17_TL
Clap_TL_16_TL Clap_TL_16_TL
Clap_TL_15_TL Clap_TL_15_TL
Clap_TL_14_TL Clap_TL_14_TL
Clap_TL_13_TL Clap_TL_13_TL
Clap_TL_12_TL Clap_TL_12_TL
Clap_TL_11_TL Clap_TL_11_TL
Clap_TL_10_TL Clap_TL_10_TL
120_G_Piano_TL_22_TL 120_G_Piano_TL_22_TL G 120
120_G_Piano_TL_08_TL 120_G_Piano_TL_08_TL G 120
120_G_Piano_TL_02_TL 120_G_Piano_TL_02_TL G 120
120_G_#__Piano_TL_13_TL 120_G_#__Piano_TL_13_TL G 120
120_G_#__Piano_TL_12_TL 120_G_#__Piano_TL_12_TL G 120
120_G_#__Piano_TL_10_TL 120_G_#__Piano_TL_10_TL G 120
120_F_Piano_TL_19_TL 120_F_Piano_TL_19_TL F 120
120_F_Piano_TL_14_TL 120_F_Piano_TL_14_TL F 120
120_F_#__Piano_TL_07_TL 120_F_#__Piano_TL_07_TL F 120
120_E_Piano_TL_01_TL 120_E_Piano_TL_01_TL E 120
120_D_Piano_TL_25_TL 120_D_Piano_TL_25_TL D 120
120_D_Piano_TL_23_TL 120_D_Piano_TL_23_TL D 120