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Organic Percussion

Organic Percussion

Touch Loops

Introducing the third member of our Elements Series. This outrageously creative and beautifully designed collection of organic percussion loops, ambience, noise & one shots solves a common issue in creative beat making; How to add energy and depth to your favourite drum loops or musical progressions.   

Filling that gap behind your main drum hits, this go-to collection of percussion loops will become an instant favourite when crafting the perfect groove.  Think the gloss above your hats, the noise between your shakers and that extra seasoning that really brings your beats to life ensuring your mix feels creative, inspiring and most importantly 3-D.  Included you'll find stunning noise washes perfect for side-chaining, processed foley loops adding that organic touch, manipulated drum machines for stunning vintage character, electro-acoustic shaker patterns, pace setting shimmer loops and so much more.  We've also included over 100 organic one shots letting you take control and program your own unique percussion patterns. 

The pack has been expertly crafted with set frequency bands in mind allowing the loops to sit beautifully in the mix and by embracing unique sound sources the outcome has been incredibly unique and let’s be honest, not everyone wants a traditional wooden shaker sound do they?! So, if you're looking to add some top end sparkle and gloss to your beats or need a touch of mid frequency energy then look on further, this one's a keeper! A beautiful step away from cliche percussion sounds that are both unique and inspiring.


  • Size: 234.4mb
  • Loops: 106
  • One Shots: 105

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Impact_64_TL Impact_64_TL
Impact_63_TL Impact_63_TL
Impact_62_TL Impact_62_TL
Impact_61_TL Impact_61_TL
Impact_60_TL Impact_60_TL
Impact_59_TL Impact_59_TL
Impact_58_TL Impact_58_TL
Impact_57_TL Impact_57_TL
Impact_56_TL Impact_56_TL
Impact_55_TL Impact_55_TL
Impact_54_TL Impact_54_TL
Impact_53_TL Impact_53_TL
Impact_52_TL Impact_52_TL
Impact_51_TL Impact_51_TL
Impact_50_TL Impact_50_TL
Impact_49_TL Impact_49_TL
Impact_48_TL Impact_48_TL
Impact_47_TL Impact_47_TL
Impact_46_TL Impact_46_TL
Impact_45_TL Impact_45_TL
Impact_44_TL Impact_44_TL
Impact_43_TL Impact_43_TL
Impact_42_TL Impact_42_TL
Impact_41_TL Impact_41_TL
Impact_40_TL Impact_40_TL
Impact_39_TL Impact_39_TL
Impact_38_TL Impact_38_TL
Impact_37_TL Impact_37_TL
Impact_36_TL Impact_36_TL
Impact_35_TL Impact_35_TL
Impact_34_TL Impact_34_TL
Impact_33_TL Impact_33_TL
Impact_32_TL Impact_32_TL
Impact_31_TL Impact_31_TL
Impact_30_TL Impact_30_TL
Impact_29_TL Impact_29_TL
Impact_28_TL Impact_28_TL
Impact_27_TL Impact_27_TL
Impact_26_TL Impact_26_TL
Impact_25_TL Impact_25_TL
Impact_24_TL Impact_24_TL
Impact_23_TL Impact_23_TL
Impact_22_TL Impact_22_TL
Impact_21_TL Impact_21_TL
Impact_20_TL Impact_20_TL
Impact_19_TL Impact_19_TL
Impact_18_TL Impact_18_TL
Impact_17_TL Impact_17_TL
Impact_16_TL Impact_16_TL
Impact_15_TL Impact_15_TL
Impact_14_TL Impact_14_TL
Impact_13_TL Impact_13_TL
Impact_12_TL Impact_12_TL
Impact_11_TL Impact_11_TL
Impact_10_TL Impact_10_TL
Impact_09_TL Impact_09_TL
Impact_08_TL Impact_08_TL
Impact_07_TL Impact_07_TL
Impact_06_TL Impact_06_TL
Impact_05_TL Impact_05_TL
Impact_04_TL Impact_04_TL
Impact_03_TL Impact_03_TL
Impact_02_TL Impact_02_TL
Impact_01_Tl Impact_01_Tl
Atmos_41_TL Atmos_41_TL
Atmos_40_TL Atmos_40_TL
Atmos_39_TL Atmos_39_TL
Atmos_38_TL Atmos_38_TL
Atmos_37_TL Atmos_37_TL
Atmos_36_TL Atmos_36_TL
Atmos_35_TL Atmos_35_TL
Atmos_34_TL Atmos_34_TL
Atmos_33_TL Atmos_33_TL
Atmos_32_TL Atmos_32_TL
Atmos_31_TL Atmos_31_TL
Atmos_30_TL Atmos_30_TL
Atmos_29_TL Atmos_29_TL
Atmos_28_TL Atmos_28_TL
Atmos_27_TL Atmos_27_TL
Atmos_26_TL Atmos_26_TL
Atmos_25_TL Atmos_25_TL
Atmos_24_TL Atmos_24_TL
Atmos_23_TL Atmos_23_TL
Atmos_22_TL Atmos_22_TL
Atmos_21_TL Atmos_21_TL
Atmos_20_TL Atmos_20_TL
Atmos_19_TL Atmos_19_TL
Atmos_18_TL Atmos_18_TL
Atmos_17_TL Atmos_17_TL
Atmos_16_TL Atmos_16_TL
Atmos_15_TL Atmos_15_TL
Atmos_14_TL Atmos_14_TL
Atmos_13_TL Atmos_13_TL
Atmos_12_TL Atmos_12_TL
Atmos_11_TL Atmos_11_TL
Atmos_10_TL Atmos_10_TL