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Piano Noir

Piano Noir

Touch Loops

Piano Noir digs deep into the emotive and beautiful world of the Rhodes piano and live upright.  Design specifically for Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi & Soul, these character driven samples offer endless character, style and inspiration.  From the nostalgic vinyl crackle to the soul driving sounds of tape each sample has been handcrafted to ensure they're ready to go at any given moment.

Nestled inside this sample delight you'll find straight Rhodes chords progressions, freeform jazz inspired licks and moves, elegant lead lines and extended chords for that extra layer of style and embellishment. 

With flexibility and usability at the front of what we do, we've included MIDI for every loops ensuring maximum opportunity for exploring the nuances of every chord as well as the ability to adjust key & tempo. 

So, if you're looking to add some originality to your beats, gain a collection of incredible song starters or embellish your half developed tracks then this ones for you - simply stunning!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
77_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 77_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Dm 77
70_F_#__01_PianoNoir_TL 70_F_#__01_PianoNoir_TL F# 70
75_Cmin_02_PianoNoir_TL 75_Cmin_02_PianoNoir_TL Cm 75
65_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 65_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Dm 65
78_Gbmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 78_Gbmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Gbmin 78
65_F_#_min_01_PianoNoir_TL 65_F_#_min_01_PianoNoir_TL F#m 65
75_C_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_C_01_PianoNoir_TL C 75
70_Cmin_03_PianoNoir_TL 70_Cmin_03_PianoNoir_TL Cm 70
65_Cmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 65_Cmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Cm 65
70_Ebmin_02_PianoNoir_TL 70_Ebmin_02_PianoNoir_TL Ebmin 70
70_G_#__01_PianoNoir_TL 70_G_#__01_PianoNoir_TL G# 70
65_Cmin_04_PianoNoir_TL 65_Cmin_04_PianoNoir_TL Cm 65
65_Bmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 65_Bmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Bm 65
75_Cmin_03_PianoNoir_TL 75_Cmin_03_PianoNoir_TL Cm 75
75_Cmaj_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Cmaj_01_PianoNoir_TL Amaj 75
75_Bmin_02_PianoNoir_TL 75_Bmin_02_PianoNoir_TL Bm 75
65_Fmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 65_Fmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Fmin 65
70_Bbmin_02_PianoNoir_TL 70_Bbmin_02_PianoNoir_TL Bbmin 70
70_Ebmaj_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Ebmaj_01_PianoNoir_TL Ebmaj 70
70_Ebmin_03_PianoNoir_TL 70_Ebmin_03_PianoNoir_TL Ebmin 70
70_Cmin_02_PianoNoir_TL 70_Cmin_02_PianoNoir_TL Cm 70
70_Gmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Gmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Gm 70
70_G_#_min_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_G_#_min_01_PianoNoir_TL G#m 70
92_Cmaj9_01_PianoNoir_TL 92_Cmaj9_01_PianoNoir_TL Cmaj9 92
65_AmAdd9_01_PianoNoir_TL 65_AmAdd9_01_PianoNoir_TL AmAdd9 65
75_Asus_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Asus_01_PianoNoir_TL Asus 75
70_Dsus_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Dsus_01_PianoNoir_TL Dsus 70
70_Amin7_3_PianoNoir_TL 70_Amin7_3_PianoNoir_TL Am7 70
65_Ab_sus2_01_PianoNoir_TL 65_Ab_sus2_01_PianoNoir_TL Absus2 65
75_Emin_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Emin_01_PianoNoir_TL Em 75
92_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 92_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Dm 92
70_Cmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Cmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Cm 70
65_Cmin_03_PianoNoir_TL 65_Cmin_03_PianoNoir_TL Cm 65
75_Dbmaj_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Dbmaj_01_PianoNoir_TL Dbmaj 75
70_D_#__01_PianoNoir_TL 70_D_#__01_PianoNoir_TL D# 70
70_Bbmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Bbmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Bbmin 70
70_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Dm 70
75_Cmin_04_PianoNoir_TL 75_Cmin_04_PianoNoir_TL Cm 75
75_Cmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Cmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Cm 75
70_Bmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Bmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Bm 70
75_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Dmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Dm 75
65_Cmin_02_PianoNoir_TL 65_Cmin_02_PianoNoir_TL Cm 65
70_Ebmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Ebmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Ebmin 70
70_Amin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Amin_01_PianoNoir_TL Am 70
75_Gmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Gmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Gm 75
65_Dmin_02_PianoNoir_TL 65_Dmin_02_PianoNoir_TL Dm 65
75_Bmin7_01_PianoNoir_TL 75_Bmin7_01_PianoNoir_TL Bm 75
70_Fmin_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_Fmin_01_PianoNoir_TL Fmin 70
92_Amin_01_PianoNoir_TL 92_Amin_01_PianoNoir_TL Am 92
70_A_add2_01_PianoNoir_TL 70_A_add2_01_PianoNoir_TL Aadd2 70
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