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Progressive House Grooves

Progressive House Grooves

Skifonix Sounds

Do you want some of the best samples out there for creating Progressive House like the pros?
Inspired by the likes of Kryder, Tom Staar, Steve Angello, Botnek and more, ‘Progressive House Grooves’ is packed full of funky and energetic loops and kits.
This is the essential sample pack for producing big, yet still groovy anthems.
The kits are fully reconstructable and include all relevant presets, MIDI and insert chain screenshots.
Also included are 20 synth loops with related MIDI to help you get your track started as well as 50 additional Massive presets.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
PHG_Kick_23 PHG_Kick_23
PHG_Kick_20 PHG_Kick_20
PHG_Kick_45 PHG_Kick_45
PHG_Kick_29 PHG_Kick_29
PHG_Kick_55 PHG_Kick_55
PHG_Kick_14 PHG_Kick_14
PHG_Kick_08 PHG_Kick_08
PHG_Kick_33 PHG_Kick_33
PHG_Kick_41 PHG_Kick_41
PHG_Kick_46 PHG_Kick_46
PHG_Kick_48 PHG_Kick_48
PHG_Kick_58 PHG_Kick_58
PHG_Kick_19 PHG_Kick_19
PHG_Kick_10 PHG_Kick_10
PHG_Kick_27 PHG_Kick_27
PHG_Kick_05 PHG_Kick_05
PHG_Kick_01 PHG_Kick_01
PHG_Kick_04 PHG_Kick_04
PHG_Kick_15 PHG_Kick_15
PHG_Kick_54 PHG_Kick_54
PHG_Kick_44 PHG_Kick_44
PHG_Kick_47 PHG_Kick_47
PHG_Kick_11 PHG_Kick_11
PHG_Kick_60 PHG_Kick_60
PHG_Kick_09 PHG_Kick_09
PHG_Kick_40 PHG_Kick_40
PHG_Kick_07 PHG_Kick_07
PHG_Kick_26 PHG_Kick_26
PHG_Kick_02 PHG_Kick_02
PHG_Kick_03 PHG_Kick_03
PHG_Kick_17 PHG_Kick_17
PHG_Kick_18 PHG_Kick_18
PHG_Kick_32 PHG_Kick_32
PHG_Kick_36 PHG_Kick_36
PHG_Kick_22 PHG_Kick_22
PHG_Kick_06 PHG_Kick_06
PHG_Kick_35 PHG_Kick_35
PHG_Kick_34 PHG_Kick_34
PHG_Kick_30 PHG_Kick_30
PHG_Kick_50 PHG_Kick_50
PHG_Kick_42 PHG_Kick_42
PHG_Kick_56 PHG_Kick_56
PHG_Kick_57 PHG_Kick_57
PHG_Kick_12 PHG_Kick_12
PHG_Kick_37 PHG_Kick_37
PHG_Kick_13 PHG_Kick_13
PHG_Kick_16 PHG_Kick_16
PHG_Kick_53 PHG_Kick_53
PHG_Kick_43 PHG_Kick_43
PHG_Kick_31 PHG_Kick_31
PHG_Kick_51 PHG_Kick_51
PHG_Kick_39 PHG_Kick_39
PHG_Kick_52 PHG_Kick_52
PHG_Kick_59 PHG_Kick_59
PHG_Kick_21 PHG_Kick_21
PHG_Kick_24 PHG_Kick_24
PHG_Kick_28 PHG_Kick_28
PHG_Kick_49 PHG_Kick_49
PHG_Kick_38 PHG_Kick_38
PHG_Kick_25 PHG_Kick_25
PHG_Hat_38 PHG_Hat_38
PHG_Hat_26 PHG_Hat_26
PHG_Hat_36 PHG_Hat_36
PHG_Hat_24 PHG_Hat_24
PHG_Hat_29 PHG_Hat_29
PHG_Hat_25 PHG_Hat_25
PHG_Hat_44 PHG_Hat_44
PHG_Hat_53 PHG_Hat_53
PHG_Hat_43 PHG_Hat_43
PHG_Hat_46 PHG_Hat_46
PHG_Hat_20 PHG_Hat_20
PHG_Hat_19 PHG_Hat_19
PHG_Hat_21 PHG_Hat_21
PHG_Hat_01 PHG_Hat_01
PHG_Hat_47 PHG_Hat_47