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RnB Guitars

RnB Guitars

Cartel Loops

'RnB Guitars' by Cartel Loops including 29 guitar compositions containing stems and dry guitar files that are ideal for a variety of genres such as RnB, Pop and Hip Hop, influenced by top-charting artists such as Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller and many more.

If you're looking for a set of outstanding guitar melodies that are 100% Royalty-Free, you should check out this straight-forward pack. It might just contain that extra thing you need to finish off a project.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CL_RG_Warmth 170bpm C#m CL_RG_Warmth 170bpm C#m C#m 170
CL_RG_Umbrella 125bpm Dm CL_RG_Umbrella 125bpm Dm Dm 125
CL_RG_Tomorrow 120bpm D# CL_RG_Tomorrow 120bpm D# D# 120
CL_RG_Together 140bpm F CL_RG_Together 140bpm F F 140
CL_RG_Suprise 140bpm A#m CL_RG_Suprise 140bpm A#m A#m 140
CL_RG_Steam 120bpm Em CL_RG_Steam 120bpm Em Em 120
CL_RG_Silk 160bpm C#m CL_RG_Silk 160bpm C#m C#m 160
CL_RG_Sheep 150bpm B CL_RG_Sheep 150bpm B B 150
CL_RG_Riddle 140bpm Cm CL_RG_Riddle 140bpm Cm Cm 140
CL_RG_Release 155bpm Fm CL_RG_Release 155bpm Fm Fm 155
CL_RG_Rain 130bpm Am CL_RG_Rain 130bpm Am Am 130
CL_RG_Pudding 135bpm F#m CL_RG_Pudding 135bpm F#m F#m 135
CL_RG_Pink 150bpm Am CL_RG_Pink 150bpm Am Am 150
CL_RG_Pillow 140bpm A CL_RG_Pillow 140bpm A A 140
CL_RG_Peace 120bpm C CL_RG_Peace 120bpm C C 120
CL_RG_Nap 130bpm Cm CL_RG_Nap 130bpm Cm Cm 130
CL_RG_Marshmallow 160bpm Am CL_RG_Marshmallow 160bpm Am Am 160
CL_RG_Latte 130bpm A#m CL_RG_Latte 130bpm A#m A#m 130
CL_RG_Kitten 120bpm G CL_RG_Kitten 120bpm G G 120
CL_RG_Heaven 165bpm Bm CL_RG_Heaven 165bpm Bm Bm 165
CL_RG_Grace 140bpm G CL_RG_Grace 140bpm G G 140
CL_RG_Garden 120bpm E CL_RG_Garden 120bpm E E 120
CL_RG_Focus 130bpm Em CL_RG_Focus 130bpm Em Em 130
CL_RG_Crisis 145bpm Bm CL_RG_Crisis 145bpm Bm Bm 145
CL_RG_Comfort 150bpm Cm CL_RG_Comfort 150bpm Cm Cm 150
CL_RG_Cocoa 150bpm F#m CL_RG_Cocoa 150bpm F#m F#m 150
CL_RG_Clover 140bpm A CL_RG_Clover 140bpm A A 140
CL_RG_Candy Floss 125bpm C CL_RG_Candy Floss 125bpm C C 125
CL_RG_Blanket 150bpm A# CL_RG_Blanket 150bpm A# A# 150
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