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Satellite Soul

Satellite Soul

Touch Loops

Fusing together the finest elements of trap, hip-hop & RnB, this truly eclectic collection of hybrid trap music samples is what we’re describing as Satellite Soul. A beat makers paradise that offers endless possibilities when crafting the perfect instrumental your vocalist will fully dig.

From sound design heavy synth work to abstract vocal melodies, manipulated live guitar samples to saturated trap beats, live and synthesised sub basses, driven 808’s, warping textures and rich soulful pads that all beautifully tie together the options are endless.

Inspired by the sounds of Kaytranada, Goldlink, Jay Prince and Soulection, this soulful trap sample pack has everything you could need to hone your sound and become the most in demand music producer. Plus, you get to access a collection of incredible live instrument loops that are impossible to recreate without the session musician sitting right next to you.

We’ve also include 97 driven one shots drums, FX and a range of amazing pitched vocal one shots that will work perfectly in your sampler of choice. For you NI Massive fans out there we’ve also dropped in 16 gritty presets covering bass, pads & Keys allowing you to create your own sounds in keeping with the pack.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
71_F_#_m_InstinctVocal_01_TL 71_F_#_m_InstinctVocal_01_TL F 71
94_Bbm_VaderVocals_01_TL 94_Bbm_VaderVocals_01_TL B 94
71_Dm_LincolnVocal_01_TL 71_Dm_LincolnVocal_01_TL D 71
62_Bbm_EmptyVocal_01_TL 62_Bbm_EmptyVocal_01_TL B 62
94_Bbm_ProfessionalVocals_01_TL 94_Bbm_ProfessionalVocals_01_TL B 94
62_F_#_m_FlagVocal_01_TL 62_F_#_m_FlagVocal_01_TL F 62
71_Bm_GhostVocal_01_TL 71_Bm_GhostVocal_01_TL B 71
94_Bbm_MangoVocals_01_TL 94_Bbm_MangoVocals_01_TL B 94
80_Dm_SpendVocal_01_TL 80_Dm_SpendVocal_01_TL D 80
71_Bm_TemperVocal_01_TL 71_Bm_TemperVocal_01_TL B 71
80_Bm_PracticeVocal_01_TL 80_Bm_PracticeVocal_01_TL B 80
71_Bbm_ShoppingVocal_01_TL 71_Bbm_ShoppingVocal_01_TL B 71
94_Bm_BossVocals_01_TL 94_Bm_BossVocals_01_TL B 94
94_Bm_BarkyVocals_01_TL 94_Bm_BarkyVocals_01_TL B 94
71_Bbm_AnxietyPad_01_TL 71_Bbm_AnxietyPad_01_TL B 71
71_F_#_m_WeightAmbience_01_TL 71_F_#_m_WeightAmbience_01_TL F 71
71_C_#__GenePad_01_TL 71_C_#__GenePad_01_TL C 71
71_Gm_LifePad_01_TL 71_Gm_LifePad_01_TL G 71
62_Em_KitKatPad_01_TL 62_Em_KitKatPad_01_TL E 62
144_F_#_m_MorePad_TL 144_F_#_m_MorePad_TL F 144
71_Bbm_NutsPad_01_TL 71_Bbm_NutsPad_01_TL B 71
80_Dm_BlondePad_01_TL 80_Dm_BlondePad_01_TL D 80
94_Dm_SixtyPad_01_TL 94_Dm_SixtyPad_01_TL D 94
94_Bbm_RadioPad_01_TL 94_Bbm_RadioPad_01_TL B 94
58_Am_StrugglePad_01_TL 58_Am_StrugglePad_01_TL A 58
94_Dm_TenPad_01_TL 94_Dm_TenPad_01_TL D 94
62_Dm_DemoPad_01_TL 62_Dm_DemoPad_01_TL D 62
71_Bm_OffPad_01_TL 71_Bm_OffPad_01_TL B 71
71_F_#_m_InstinctBass_01_TL 71_F_#_m_InstinctBass_01_TL F 71
94_Am_BoxBass_01_TL 94_Am_BoxBass_01_TL A 94
94_F_#_m_DriveBass_01_TL 94_F_#_m_DriveBass_01_TL F 94
80_Bbm_NameBass_01_TL 80_Bbm_NameBass_01_TL B 80
80_Dm_InfinityBass_01_TL 80_Dm_InfinityBass_01_TL D 80
94_Dm_KnowBass_01_TL 94_Dm_KnowBass_01_TL D 94
62_Bbm_ChildBass_01_TL 62_Bbm_ChildBass_01_TL B 62
71_Bm_OffBass_01_TL 71_Bm_OffBass_01_TL B 71
80_Bbm_MuteBass_01_TL 80_Bbm_MuteBass_01_TL B 80
94_Dm_InkBass_01_TL 94_Dm_InkBass_01_TL D 94
71_Gm_LiftBass_01_TL 71_Gm_LiftBass_01_TL G 71
94_Bm_BossBass_01_TL 94_Bm_BossBass_01_TL B 94
94_F_#_m_LegsBass_01_TL 94_F_#_m_LegsBass_01_TL F 94
80_Bbm_6amBass_01_TL 80_Bbm_6amBass_01_TL B 80
94_Bbm_ShiftBass_01_TL 94_Bbm_ShiftBass_01_TL B 94
94_Dm_CycleBass_01_TL 94_Dm_CycleBass_01_TL D 94
80_Bm_DecideBass_01_TL 80_Bm_DecideBass_01_TL B 80
62_F_#_m_MisunderstoodBass_01_TL 62_F_#_m_MisunderstoodBass_01_TL F 62
80_Dm_TimeMachine_Bass_01_TL 80_Dm_TimeMachine_Bass_01_TL D 80
58_Bbm_WhisperBass_01_TL 58_Bbm_WhisperBass_01_TL B 58
94_Dm_ConsistBass_01_TL 94_Dm_ConsistBass_01_TL D 94
94_F_#_m_IceCreamBass_01_TL 94_F_#_m_IceCreamBass_01_TL F 94
80_Bm_PracticeBass_01_TL 80_Bm_PracticeBass_01_TL B 80
94_Dm_LettuceBass_01_TL 94_Dm_LettuceBass_01_TL D 94
58_Am_StruggleBass_01_TL 58_Am_StruggleBass_01_TL A 58
94_Bbm_MangoBass_01_TL 94_Bbm_MangoBass_01_TL B 94
94_Bm_PastaBass_01_TL 94_Bm_PastaBass_01_TL B 94
71_Bm_TemperBass_01_TL 71_Bm_TemperBass_01_TL B 71
62_C_#_m_EmmaBass_01_TL 62_C_#_m_EmmaBass_01_TL C 62
94_Bm_ChargeBass_01_TL 94_Bm_ChargeBass_01_TL B 94
62_Em_KitKatBass_01_TL 62_Em_KitKatBass_01_TL E 62
71_Gm_SunnyBass_01_TL 71_Gm_SunnyBass_01_TL G 71
71_Bbm_AnxietyBass_01_TL 71_Bbm_AnxietyBass_01_TL B 71
80_Dm_MachineBass_01_TL 80_Dm_MachineBass_01_TL D 80
80_Dm_LifeBass_01_TL 80_Dm_LifeBass_01_TL D 80
94_Am_ChallengeBass_01_TL 94_Am_ChallengeBass_01_TL A 94
71_Am_MoreBass_01_TL 71_Am_MoreBass_01_TL A 71