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Solar Rhythms

Solar Rhythms

Touch Loops

The Finest Astral Jazz Loops

Explore galaxies far and wide with this groundbreaking sample pack of mind bending astral jazz loops. Created by our sample favourite Skygaze (Astral Beats) he’s dug deep into his extensive knowledge of incredible chord progressions, astral licks and impeccable sense of rhythm to create a totally unique pack that pays home to many a genre far and wide.

Jungle & Footwork Inspired Collection

Referencing jungle, footwork, hip-hop & DnB, this pack focuses heavily on the juxtaposition between intricate rhythm and beautiful melody to create something you’ll turn to time and time again.

Nestled inside this musical beauty you’ll find beautiful jazz tined Rhodes loops, processed live drum breaks, rolling synth and bass line patterns, tempo twisting percussion loops and endless nods to the packs main theme of astral jazz.

MIDI Loops Included For All Melody Loops

Because we know how important your own twist on loops can be we’ve included 69 incredible MIDI loops allowing you to delve and dig into the chords themselves – a fine way to learn and manipulate in any way you wish!

So if you’re looking to add some temporal movement and style to your collection then this ones ground breaking – explore a galaxy far away with us and take your productions to another planet.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
160_Drums_Kick_only_20_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_20_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_16_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_16_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_08_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_08_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_04_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_04_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_22_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_22_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_18_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_18_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_06_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_06_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_14_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_14_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_10_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_10_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_02_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_02_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_12_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_12_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_09_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_09_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_17_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_17_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_05_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_05_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_21_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_21_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_07_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_07_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_19_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_19_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_15_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_15_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_23_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_23_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_11_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_11_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_03_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_03_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_01_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_01_TL 160
160_Drums_Kick_only_13_TL 160_Drums_Kick_only_13_TL 160
160_D_Keys_TL_14 160_D_Keys_TL_14 D 160
160_Bbm_Keys_TL_08 160_Bbm_Keys_TL_08 B 160
160_B_Keys_TL_11 160_B_Keys_TL_11 B 160
160_Bb_Keys_TL_23 160_Bb_Keys_TL_23 B 160
160_Cm_Keys_TL_22 160_Cm_Keys_TL_22 C 160
160_Cm_Keys_TL_21 160_Cm_Keys_TL_21 C 160
160_Ab_Keys_TL_03 160_Ab_Keys_TL_03 A 160
160_G_Keys_TL_16 160_G_Keys_TL_16 G 160
160_Fm_Keys_TL_04 160_Fm_Keys_TL_04 F 160
160_A_Keys_TL_17 160_A_Keys_TL_17 A 160
160_Dm_Keys_TL_07 160_Dm_Keys_TL_07 D 160
160_A_#__Keys_TL_24 160_A_#__Keys_TL_24 A 160
160_F_Keys_TL_19 160_F_Keys_TL_19 F 160
160_Dm_Keys_TL_12 160_Dm_Keys_TL_12 D 160
160_Cm_Keys_TL_02 160_Cm_Keys_TL_02 C 160
160_Cm_Keys_TL_05 160_Cm_Keys_TL_05 C 160
160_Cm_Keys_TL_06 160_Cm_Keys_TL_06 C 160
160_F_Keys_TL_09 160_F_Keys_TL_09 F 160
160_F_Keys_TL_20 160_F_Keys_TL_20 F 160
160_Cm_Keys_TL_13 160_Cm_Keys_TL_13 C 160
160_Eb_Keys_TL_15 160_Eb_Keys_TL_15 E 160
160_Eb_Keys_TL_01 160_Eb_Keys_TL_01 E 160
160_Bbm_Keys_TL_10 160_Bbm_Keys_TL_10 B 160
160_D_Keys_TL_18 160_D_Keys_TL_18 D 160
160_Vox_TL_08 160_Vox_TL_08 160
160_Vox_TL_09 160_Vox_TL_09 160
160_Vox_TL_04 160_Vox_TL_04 160
160_Vox_TL_10 160_Vox_TL_10 160
160_Vox_TL_11 160_Vox_TL_11 160
160_Vox_TL_05 160_Vox_TL_05 160
160_Vox_TL_13 160_Vox_TL_13 160
160_Vox_TL_07 160_Vox_TL_07 160
160_Vox_TL_06 160_Vox_TL_06 160
160_Vox_TL_12 160_Vox_TL_12 160
160_Vox_TL_02 160_Vox_TL_02 160
160_Vox_TL_03 160_Vox_TL_03 160
160_Vox_TL_01 160_Vox_TL_01 160
160_Vox_TL_14 160_Vox_TL_14 160