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Soul Chords

Soul Chords

Touch Loops

Inspired by the sounds of Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop & Jazz plus artists like Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei and Alfa Mist. This incredibly inspiring batch of soulful chords are the perfect remedy for a lack of inspiration or those desperate songwriters blocks.

With each loop provided as both audio & MIDI, you’ll get the chance to dive in and check out the way in which these beautiful chords have been built and developed. From off kilter jazz movements to classic soulful hip-hop vibes each loop is more inspiring than the last.

Inside this soulful batch you’ll find beautiful, amp driven Rhodes loops and delicate lead lines. All with that tasteful Touch Loops vibe of analogue hiss, noise and saturation.

Each loop has been key and tempo labelled to make things as clear as possible plus you just know these sounds have that amazing ability to flirt with out of scale notes and movements – a true beat makers must have.
So, if you’re looking to add some soul, style and fresh inspiration to your productions then look no further, this ones timeless and asking to be embraced.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
120_Bb_SoulfulChords_31_TL 120_Bb_SoulfulChords_31_TL Bb 120
120_C_SoulfulChords_30_TL 120_C_SoulfulChords_30_TL C 120
120_Cmin_SoulfulChords_28_TL 120_Cmin_SoulfulChords_28_TL Cm 120
120_Emaj_SoulfulChords_08_TL 120_Emaj_SoulfulChords_08_TL Emaj 120
120_Gm_SouldfulChords_33_TL 120_Gm_SouldfulChords_33_TL Gm 120
120_Fm_SouldfulChords_36_TL 120_Fm_SouldfulChords_36_TL Fm 120
120_Cmin_SoulfulChords_12_TL 120_Cmin_SoulfulChords_12_TL Cm 120
120_Ab_AlteredSouldfulChords_41_TL 120_Ab_AlteredSouldfulChords_41_TL Ab 120
120_Amin_SoulfulChords_21_TL 120_Amin_SoulfulChords_21_TL Am 120
120_Cmin_SouldfulChords_40_TL 120_Cmin_SouldfulChords_40_TL Cm 120
120_Em_SouldfulChords_37_TL 120_Em_SouldfulChords_37_TL Em 120
120_AHarmmin_SoulfulChords_05_TL 120_AHarmmin_SoulfulChords_05_TL A 120
120_Bmin_SouldfulChords_46_TL 120_Bmin_SouldfulChords_46_TL Bm 120
120_F_#_min_SoulfulChords_11_TL 120_F_#_min_SoulfulChords_11_TL F#m 120
120_Gmin_SouldfulChords_50_TL 120_Gmin_SouldfulChords_50_TL Gm 120
120_Cmin_SoulfulChords_18_TL 120_Cmin_SoulfulChords_18_TL Cm 120
120_Am_SoulfulChords_26_TL 120_Am_SoulfulChords_26_TL Am 120
120_Ebmin_SoulfulChords_23_TL 120_Ebmin_SoulfulChords_23_TL Ebm 120
120_Gbmaj_SoulfulChords_22_TL 120_Gbmaj_SoulfulChords_22_TL Gbmaj 120
120_Am_SouldfulChords_43_TL 120_Am_SouldfulChords_43_TL Am 120
120_Dmin_SoulfulChords_04_TL 120_Dmin_SoulfulChords_04_TL Dm 120
120_Emin_SoulfulChords_24_TL 120_Emin_SoulfulChords_24_TL Em 120
120_Fmaj_SoulfulChords_13_TL 120_Fmaj_SoulfulChords_13_TL Fmaj 120
120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_02_TL 120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_02_TL Bm 120
120_Bbmin_SoulfulChords_16_TL 120_Bbmin_SoulfulChords_16_TL Bbm 120
120_Cmin_SouldfulChords_39_TL 120_Cmin_SouldfulChords_39_TL Cm 120
120_Amin_SouldfulChords_45_TL 120_Amin_SouldfulChords_45_TL Am 120
120_Gmin_SouldfulChords_49_TL 120_Gmin_SouldfulChords_49_TL Gm 120
120_Gmaj_SoulfulChords_10_TL 120_Gmaj_SoulfulChords_10_TL Gmaj 120
120_Emin_SoulfulChords_19_TL 120_Emin_SoulfulChords_19_TL Em 120
120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_17_TL 120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_17_TL Bm 120
120_Dmin_HarminocSouldfulChords_47_TL 120_Dmin_HarminocSouldfulChords_47_TL Dm 120
120_Amin_SoulfulChords_06_TL 120_Amin_SoulfulChords_06_TL Am 120
120_Em_SouldfulChords_34_TL 120_Em_SouldfulChords_34_TL Em 120
120_Bbmin_SouldfulChords_44_TL 120_Bbmin_SouldfulChords_44_TL Bbm 120
120_A_SouldfulChords_48_TL 120_A_SouldfulChords_48_TL A 120
120_Amin_SoulfulChords_20_TL 120_Amin_SoulfulChords_20_TL Am 120
120_Amin_SoulfulChords_32_TL 120_Amin_SoulfulChords_32_TL Am 120
120_Gb_SouldfulChords_42_TL 120_Gb_SouldfulChords_42_TL Gb 120
120_Dmin_SoulfulChords_01_TL 120_Dmin_SoulfulChords_01_TL Dm 120
120_Gbmaj_SoulfulChords_15_TL 120_Gbmaj_SoulfulChords_15_TL Gbmaj 120
120_Ab_SoulfulChords_27_TL 120_Ab_SoulfulChords_27_TL Ab 120
120_C_SoulfulChords_29_TL 120_C_SoulfulChords_29_TL C 120
120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_03_TL 120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_03_TL Bm 120
120_Dmaj_SoulfulChords_07_TL 120_Dmaj_SoulfulChords_07_TL Dmaj 120
120_Baltered_SoulfulChords_09_TL 120_Baltered_SoulfulChords_09_TL B 120
120_Bbm_SouldfulChords_35_TL 120_Bbm_SouldfulChords_35_TL Bbm 120
120_Ebmaj_SoulfulChords_14_TL 120_Ebmaj_SoulfulChords_14_TL Ebmaj 120
120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_25_TL 120_Bmin_SoulfulChords_25_TL Bm 120
120_Aacoustic_SouldfulChords_38_TL 120_Aacoustic_SouldfulChords_38_TL A 120
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