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Soulful Drum Grooves

Soulful Drum Grooves

Touch Loops

Coming in at almost 600 loops, Soulful Drum Groove is our most accomplished, skilled and soulful drum loops pack to date.  Featuring incredible live drum breaks, beautifully performed snare rolls, swinging vibey hip-hop tinged loops and endless amounts of vibe and style. 

Live Drum Samples With Soul

Inspired by the sounds of Yussef Dayes, this eclectic drum collection shows just how expressive you can really get when sat behind a beautifully tuned  drum kit.  Leaning on jazz influences as well as quicker breaks beats and jungle styles, this vast collection provides numerous options allowing you to develop your tracks in a way that only a live session drummer could.  From simple hi-hat patterns to more off kilter and off grid fills and breaks, creating your perfect performance is as easy as it is rewarding.

Add That Jazz Touch To Your Tracks

With each loop perfectly recorded and mixed through our top end in-house analog selection of outboard and mic's, each sample is mix ready and waiting to be dropped into your DAW of choice.  For extra flexibility, we've also included a 'Spring' version showcasing that touch of vintage flavour from our favourite spring reverb unit. 

So, if you're looking to dig into the stylish world of Hip-hop, Jazz & Soul then this ones a must have.  The performance alone guarantees that head nodding feel we all know and love is ever present in your next track.  

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All Samples Name Key BPM
85_DnBBeat_02_TL 85_DnBBeat_02_TL 85
85_HatGrooveBeat_03_TL 85_HatGrooveBeat_03_TL 85
85_ThreesBeat_04_TL 85_ThreesBeat_04_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_02_TL 85_HipHopBeat_02_TL 85
85_GhostNoteBeat_01_TL 85_GhostNoteBeat_01_TL 85
85_SinglesBeat_01_TL 85_SinglesBeat_01_TL 85
85_SteadyBeat_03_TL 85_SteadyBeat_03_TL 85
85_TomFill_01_TL 85_TomFill_01_TL 85
85_DragBeat_05_TL 85_DragBeat_05_TL 85
85_AfroBeat_03_TL 85_AfroBeat_03_TL 85
85_FourFourBeat_01_TL 85_FourFourBeat_01_TL 85
85_TomFill_03_TL 85_TomFill_03_TL 85
85_GhostNoteBeat_03_TL 85_GhostNoteBeat_03_TL 85
85_SinglesBeat_03_TL 85_SinglesBeat_03_TL 85
85_SteadyBeat_01_TL 85_SteadyBeat_01_TL 85
85_GhostNoteTop_01_TL 85_GhostNoteTop_01_TL 85
85_LooseFill_TL 85_LooseFill_TL 85
85_RuffBeat_01_TL 85_RuffBeat_01_TL 85
85_RimBeat_02_TL 85_RimBeat_02_TL 85
85_DragBeat_07_TL 85_DragBeat_07_TL 85
85_HatGrooveBeat_01_TL 85_HatGrooveBeat_01_TL 85
85_DragBeat_03_TL 85_DragBeat_03_TL 85
85_AfroBeat_05_TL 85_AfroBeat_05_TL 85
85_SteadyBeat_05_TL 85_SteadyBeat_05_TL 85
85_GhostNoteBeat_07_TL 85_GhostNoteBeat_07_TL 85
85_SlapBeat_02_TL 85_SlapBeat_02_TL 85
85_TomFill_07_TL 85_TomFill_07_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_04_TL 85_HipHopBeat_04_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_08_TL 85_HipHopBeat_08_TL 85
85_DnBBeat_04_TL 85_DnBBeat_04_TL 85
85_ThreesBeat_02_TL 85_ThreesBeat_02_TL 85
85_DnBBeat_08_TL 85_DnBBeat_08_TL 85
85_SloppySnareFill_TL 85_SloppySnareFill_TL 85
85_OpenHatTop_TL 85_OpenHatTop_TL 85
85_AfroBeat_TL 85_AfroBeat_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_06_TL 85_HipHopBeat_06_TL 85
85_DnBBeat_06_TL 85_DnBBeat_06_TL 85
85_HatStomp_TL 85_HatStomp_TL 85
85_ThreeSnareTop_01_TL 85_ThreeSnareTop_01_TL 85
85_GhostNoteBeat_09_TL 85_GhostNoteBeat_09_TL 85
85_TomFill_05_TL 85_TomFill_05_TL 85
85_GhostNoteBeat_05_TL 85_GhostNoteBeat_05_TL 85
85_HatCount_TL 85_HatCount_TL 85
85_DragBeat_04_TL 85_DragBeat_04_TL 85
85_AfroBeat_02_TL 85_AfroBeat_02_TL 85
85_RimBeat_01_TL 85_RimBeat_01_TL 85
85_GhostNoteTop_02_TL 85_GhostNoteTop_02_TL 85
85_SteadyBeat_02_TL 85_SteadyBeat_02_TL 85
85_HipHopFill_TL 85_HipHopFill_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_03_TL 85_HipHopBeat_03_TL 85
85_DnBBeat_03_TL 85_DnBBeat_03_TL 85
85_HatGrooveBeat_02_TL 85_HatGrooveBeat_02_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_01_TL 85_HipHopBeat_01_TL 85
85_DnBBeat_01_TL 85_DnBBeat_01_TL 85
85_DragBeat_06_TL 85_DragBeat_06_TL 85
85_TomFill_02_TL 85_TomFill_02_TL 85
85_SinglesBeat_02_TL 85_SinglesBeat_02_TL 85
85_GhostNoteBeat_02_TL 85_GhostNoteBeat_02_TL 85
85_DnBBeat_05_TL 85_DnBBeat_05_TL 85
85_ThreesBeat_03_TL 85_ThreesBeat_03_TL 85
85_DnBBeat_09_TL 85_DnBBeat_09_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_05_TL 85_HipHopBeat_05_TL 85
85_HipHopBeat_09_TL 85_HipHopBeat_09_TL 85
85_GhostNoteBeat_06_TL 85_GhostNoteBeat_06_TL 85
85_SteadyBeat_04_TL 85_SteadyBeat_04_TL 85
85_TomFill_06_TL 85_TomFill_06_TL 85
85_DragBeat_02_TL 85_DragBeat_02_TL 85