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Soundscape Guitars

Soundscape Guitars

Touch Loops

Soundscapes guitars is a stunning showcase of texture, performance, processing and emotion. The perfect remedy to digital, soul-less tones, this immensely expansive sample library guarantees to add warmth and organic textures to your next composition. Each loop has been performed by a world class session musician, then meticulously processed through our in house modular setup ensuring this collection has to be seen to be believed.

Whether you're looking to fill the gaps between the beats, add a rich texture for side-chaining, composing an emotive breakdown or designing an evolving ambient landscape this unique sample collection will provide you with a tool that ensures you'll stand out from the crowd. Nestled within you'll find expansive soundscapes, dub inspired skanks, granular processing, stunning analogue delays, lush chords and beautifully performed cinematic phrases.

With inspirations ranging from Brian Eno to Sigur Ros, Rhythm & Sound & beyond this collection of handcrafted loops and samples will compliment any production and become an inspirational addition to any sample library. We've also included some wonderfully original one shots perfect for resampling, processing and manipulating in your sampler of choice.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
OneShot_G_02_TL OneShot_G_02_TL G
OneShot_G_01_TL OneShot_G_01_TL G
D_OneShot_01_TL D_OneShot_01_TL
Bm_OneShot_1_TL Bm_OneShot_1_TL
Am_OneShot_03_TL Am_OneShot_03_TL
Am_OneShot_02_TL Am_OneShot_02_TL
Am_OneShot_01_TL Am_OneShot_01_TL
OneShotDub_3_TL OneShotDub_3_TL
OneShotDub_2_TL OneShotDub_2_TL
OneShotDub_1_TL OneShotDub_1_TL
OneShot_9_TL OneShot_9_TL
OneShot_8_TL OneShot_8_TL
OneShot_7_TL OneShot_7_TL
OneShot_6_TL OneShot_6_TL
OneShot_5_TL OneShot_5_TL
OneShot_4_TL OneShot_4_TL
OneShot_3_TL OneShot_3_TL
OneShot_2_TL OneShot_2_TL
OneShot_20_TL OneShot_20_TL
OneShot_1_TL OneShot_1_TL
OneShot_19_TL OneShot_19_TL
OneShot_18_TL OneShot_18_TL
OneShot_17_TL OneShot_17_TL
OneShot_16_TL OneShot_16_TL
OneShot_15_TL OneShot_15_TL
OneShot_14_TL OneShot_14_TL
OneShot_13_TL OneShot_13_TL
OneShot_12_TL OneShot_12_TL
OneShot_11_TL OneShot_11_TL
OneShot_10_TL OneShot_10_TL
DubNoise_2_TL DubNoise_2_TL
DubNoise_1_TL DubNoise_1_TL
120_G_DubSkank_03_TL 120_G_DubSkank_03_TL G 120
120_G_DubSkank_02_TL 120_G_DubSkank_02_TL G 120
120_G_DubSkank_01_TL 120_G_DubSkank_01_TL G 120
120_D_DubSkank_03_TL 120_D_DubSkank_03_TL D 120
120_D_DubSkank_02_TL 120_D_DubSkank_02_TL D 120
120_D_DubSkank_01_TL 120_D_DubSkank_01_TL D 120
120_C_DubSkank_02_TL 120_C_DubSkank_02_TL C 120
120_A_DubSkank_01_TL 120_A_DubSkank_01_TL A 120
100_Bm_HissSkanks_TL_01 100_Bm_HissSkanks_TL_01 B 100
90_Em_DubRiff_05_TL 90_Em_DubRiff_05_TL E 90
80_Gm_DubRiffs_01_TL 80_Gm_DubRiffs_01_TL G 80
80_Em_DubRiffs_02_TL 80_Em_DubRiffs_02_TL E 80
80_Em_DubRiffs_01_TL 80_Em_DubRiffs_01_TL E 80
120_Em_DubRiff_03_TL 120_Em_DubRiff_03_TL E 120
110_Gm_DubRiff_09_TL 110_Gm_DubRiff_09_TL G 110
110_Gm_DubRiff_08_TL 110_Gm_DubRiff_08_TL G 110
110_Gm_DubRiff_07_TL 110_Gm_DubRiff_07_TL G 110
110_Gm_DubRiff_06_TL 110_Gm_DubRiff_06_TL G 110
110_Gm_DubRiff_04_TL 110_Gm_DubRiff_04_TL G 110
110_Gm_DubRiff_03_TL 110_Gm_DubRiff_03_TL G 110
110_Eb_DubRiff_01_TL 110_Eb_DubRiff_01_TL E 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_17_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_17_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_14_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_14_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_13_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_13_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_11_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_11_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_10_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_10_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_09_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_09_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_08_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_08_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_07_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_07_TL B 110
110_Bm_DubRiff_02_TL 110_Bm_DubRiff_02_TL B 110
110_Bb_DubRiff_01_TL 110_Bb_DubRiff_01_TL B 110
80_DubScratch_03_TL 80_DubScratch_03_TL 80
80_DubScratch_02_TL 80_DubScratch_02_TL 80
80_DubScratch_01_TL 80_DubScratch_01_TL 80
120_DubNoise_02_TL 120_DubNoise_02_TL 120
120_DubNoise_01_TL 120_DubNoise_01_TL 120
80_D_Dublick_01_TL 80_D_Dublick_01_TL D 80
120_Em_DubDirtLick_01_TL 120_Em_DubDirtLick_01_TL E 120
120_Dm_DubProg_02_TL 120_Dm_DubProg_02_TL D 120
120_D_DubProg_01_TL 120_D_DubProg_01_TL D 120
120_C_DubProg_01_TL 120_C_DubProg_01_TL C 120
120_Bm_DubLick_02_TL 120_Bm_DubLick_02_TL B 120
120_Bm_DubLick_01_TL 120_Bm_DubLick_01_TL B 120
120_Am_DubDLY_01_TL 120_Am_DubDLY_01_TL A 120
100_Bm_CrunchTime_TL_01 100_Bm_CrunchTime_TL_01 B 100
90_Em_ThatOne_TL_01 90_Em_ThatOne_TL_01 E 90
90_CrunchFull_TL_01 90_CrunchFull_TL_01 90
90_C_PicksInThere_TL_01 90_C_PicksInThere_TL_01 C 90
90_Bm_Crispeys_TL_01 90_Bm_Crispeys_TL_01 B 90
90_Bm_BridgeTime_TL_01 90_Bm_BridgeTime_TL_01 B 90
90_Am_HauntingFlange_TL_01 90_Am_HauntingFlange_TL_01 A 90
90_Am_Granaulas_TL_01 90_Am_Granaulas_TL_01 A 90
80_Gm_Matched_TL_01 80_Gm_Matched_TL_01 G 80
80_Gm_FragileLeads_TL_01 80_Gm_FragileLeads_TL_01 G 80