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Subtropical Rhythms

Subtropical Rhythms

Touch Loops

Inspired by the soulfully organic tones of Bonobo and the Ninja Tunes selection. Subtropical Rhythms fuses together the most beautiful components of live performance with driving house rhythms, creating the richest of organic house sample packs.

The combination of the organic with the electronic is what this makes this sample pack so refined. Equally at home on the system or in the sun, let's explore some more.

Here's what's inside:

Nestled inside this expertly crafted house sample pack you'll find grooving 4x4 rhythms that showcase that amazing combination of the electronic and the organic. Hardware saturated and processed live kalimba and guitar loops, organic chord progressions and ambient washes, driving sub bass lines and delicately processed top loops.

To accompany all the driving rhythms we've also included some stunning piano and Rhodes loops fit perfectly as an intro or drop - the options are endless.

So, if you're looking for an organic house sample pack that will elevate your productions then this is the one.  Beautifully fuses these two worlds, organic when a softer touch is needed and electronic when precision is required.  We just know you'll love this one.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
122_Am_PadDeep_TL 122_Am_PadDeep_TL Am 122
114_Cm_PadJumper_TL 114_Cm_PadJumper_TL Cm 114
114_Bbm_Pad-Ex-Guitar_TL 114_Bbm_Pad-Ex-Guitar_TL Bbm 114
116_Cm_PadCrystal_TL 116_Cm_PadCrystal_TL Cm 116
114_Bbm_DroneSafety_TL 114_Bbm_DroneSafety_TL Bbm 114
120_Cm_PadPartial_TL 120_Cm_PadPartial_TL Cm 120
116_C#m_PadClassicChop_TL 116_C#m_PadClassicChop_TL C#m 116
120_Bm_PadWash_TL 120_Bm_PadWash_TL Bm 120
114_Bbm_DroneSafety_02_TL 114_Bbm_DroneSafety_02_TL Bbm 114
120_Am_PadRiser_TL 120_Am_PadRiser_TL Am 120
114_Bbm_PadUnderwater_TL 114_Bbm_PadUnderwater_TL Bbm 114
124_Am_PadMagic_TL 124_Am_PadMagic_TL Am 124
114_PercLowMid_TL 114_PercLowMid_TL 114
114_PercCrackle_TL 114_PercCrackle_TL 114
114_PercPan_01_TL 114_PercPan_01_TL 114
120_PercEasy_TL 120_PercEasy_TL 120
114_PercOffBeat_TL 114_PercOffBeat_TL 114
114_PercShake_TL 114_PercShake_TL 114
114_PercChopped_TL 114_PercChopped_TL 114
124_PercTexture_TL 124_PercTexture_TL 124
114_PercPan_02_TL 114_PercPan_02_TL 114
114_PercFingerShakers_TL 114_PercFingerShakers_TL 114
122_PercPanned_TL 122_PercPanned_TL 122
114_Beat909_TL 114_Beat909_TL 114
114_BeatAtmos_01_TL 114_BeatAtmos_01_TL 114
122_BeatClaps_02_TL 122_BeatClaps_02_TL 122
124_BeatShuffle_01_TL 124_BeatShuffle_01_TL 124
120_BeatFiltered_TL 120_BeatFiltered_TL 120
120_BeatCrispy_02_TL 120_BeatCrispy_02_TL 120
116_BeatTunedTom_TL 116_BeatTunedTom_TL 116
120_BeatBounce_02_TL 120_BeatBounce_02_TL 120
122_BeatGutsy_TL 122_BeatGutsy_TL 122
122_BeatClaps_01_TL 122_BeatClaps_01_TL 122
114_BeatAtmos_02_TL 114_BeatAtmos_02_TL 114
114_BeatSuperMinimal_TL 114_BeatSuperMinimal_TL 114
116_BeatLimp_TL 116_BeatLimp_TL 116
120_BeatBounce_01_TL 120_BeatBounce_01_TL 120
120_BeatNoHighs_TL 120_BeatNoHighs_TL 120
124_BeatShuffle_02_TL 124_BeatShuffle_02_TL 124
120_BeatCrispy_01_TL 120_BeatCrispy_01_TL 120
120_Cm_BassBuzzer_TL 120_Cm_BassBuzzer_TL Cm 120
120_Cm_BassFullUp_TL 120_Cm_BassFullUp_TL Cm 120
116_Bbm_BassPureSC_TL 116_Bbm_BassPureSC_TL Bbm 116
114_Am_BassDirt_TL 114_Am_BassDirt_TL Am 114
124_Am_BassPattern_02_TL 124_Am_BassPattern_02_TL Am 124
124_Cm_BassElectric_TL 124_Cm_BassElectric_TL Cm 124
122_Am_SubRound_02_TL 122_Am_SubRound_02_TL Am 122
122_Am_BassOcto_TL 122_Am_BassOcto_TL Am 122
116_Cm_BassDeep_01_TL 116_Cm_BassDeep_01_TL Cm 116
120_F#m_BassSuare_TL 120_F#m_BassSuare_TL F#m 120
114_Bbm_BassPitchy_TL 114_Bbm_BassPitchy_TL Bbm 114
124_Am_BassPattern_01_TL 124_Am_BassPattern_01_TL Am 124
122_Bm_BassPure_TL 122_Bm_BassPure_TL Bm 122
116_Cm_BassDeep_02_TL 116_Cm_BassDeep_02_TL Cm 116
120_Bm_BassThick_TL 120_Bm_BassThick_TL Bm 120
122_Am_SubRound_01_TL 122_Am_SubRound_01_TL Am 122
114_Am_SynthPulse_TL 114_Am_SynthPulse_TL Am 114
120_Bm_ArpWarpy_TL 120_Bm_ArpWarpy_TL Bm 120
114_Bbm_ArpTapeUpwards_TL 114_Bbm_ArpTapeUpwards_TL Bbm 114
124_Am_SynthChords16th_TL 124_Am_SynthChords16th_TL Am 124
120_Cm_SynthMel_TL 120_Cm_SynthMel_TL Cm 120
114_Am_SynthWarped_TL 114_Am_SynthWarped_TL Am 114
120_Cm_SynthHeaven_TL 120_Cm_SynthHeaven_TL Cm 120
122_Bm_SynthStencil_TL 122_Bm_SynthStencil_TL Bm 122
122_Bm_SynthWarmChords_TL 122_Bm_SynthWarmChords_TL Bm 122
122_Am_ArpNoFirst_TL 122_Am_ArpNoFirst_TL Am 122
116_Bbm_BellsChild_TL 116_Bbm_BellsChild_TL Bbm 116
114_Am_GuitarSimpleChords_02_TL 114_Am_GuitarSimpleChords_02_TL Am 114
114_Am_WurliSimpleChords_TL 114_Am_WurliSimpleChords_TL Am 114
114_Am_GuitarRevs_02_TL 114_Am_GuitarRevs_02_TL Am 114
116_Am_VocalSpread_TL 116_Am_VocalSpread_TL Am 116
124_Am_BellsWide_TL 124_Am_BellsWide_TL Am 124
114_Am_GuitarTremTexture_TL 114_Am_GuitarTremTexture_TL Am 114
120_F#m_BellGrainy_TL 120_F#m_BellGrainy_TL F#m 120
122_Am_BellsScruffy_TL 122_Am_BellsScruffy_TL Am 122
114_Am_KalWarped_02_TL 114_Am_KalWarped_02_TL Am 114
122_Am_KalComplex_TL 122_Am_KalComplex_TL Am 122
120_Cm_KeysLoop_TL 120_Cm_KeysLoop_TL Cm 120
116_Bbm_VocalStabs_TL 116_Bbm_VocalStabs_TL Bbm 116
120_Cm_LongHarp_01_TL 120_Cm_LongHarp_01_TL Cm 120
114_Bbm_ChimesRepeat_TL 114_Bbm_ChimesRepeat_TL Bbm 114
116_C#m_VoxPitched_TL 116_C#m_VoxPitched_TL C#m 116
122_Am_BellsPedal_TL 122_Am_BellsPedal_TL Am 122
124_Am_PostVocal_TL 124_Am_PostVocal_TL Am 124
116_C#m_HarpBothWaysString_TL 116_C#m_HarpBothWaysString_TL C#m 116
116_Bm_VoxLeftRight_TL 116_Bm_VoxLeftRight_TL Bm 116
124_Am_KalsSadVerb_TL 124_Am_KalsSadVerb_TL Am 124
120_Bm_KeysEthereal_TL 120_Bm_KeysEthereal_TL Bm 120
124_Am_KalsBackground_TL 124_Am_KalsBackground_TL Am