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Synthetic Matter

Synthetic Matter

Temporal Geometry

Synthetic Matter is a sample pack conceived specifically to cover the intricate and complex world of synthetic textures in its most dramatic, obscure and cinematic form.

The pack contains 100 textures that will provide an extra touch of grunge, dread and thrill to any project with a cinematic edge, be it film, music or video game.

Product details: 100 One shot textures 100% Royalty free WAV format

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Synthetic Matter_100 Synthetic Matter_100
Synthetic Matter_099 Synthetic Matter_099
Synthetic Matter_098 Synthetic Matter_098
Synthetic Matter_097 Synthetic Matter_097
Synthetic Matter_096 Synthetic Matter_096
Synthetic Matter_095 Synthetic Matter_095
Synthetic Matter_094 Synthetic Matter_094
Synthetic Matter_093 Synthetic Matter_093
Synthetic Matter_092 Synthetic Matter_092
Synthetic Matter_091 Synthetic Matter_091
Synthetic Matter_090 Synthetic Matter_090
Synthetic Matter_089 Synthetic Matter_089
Synthetic Matter_088 Synthetic Matter_088
Synthetic Matter_087 Synthetic Matter_087
Synthetic Matter_086 Synthetic Matter_086
Synthetic Matter_085 Synthetic Matter_085
Synthetic Matter_084 Synthetic Matter_084
Synthetic Matter_083 Synthetic Matter_083
Synthetic Matter_082 Synthetic Matter_082
Synthetic Matter_081 Synthetic Matter_081
Synthetic Matter_080 Synthetic Matter_080
Synthetic Matter_079 Synthetic Matter_079
Synthetic Matter_078 Synthetic Matter_078
Synthetic Matter_077 Synthetic Matter_077
Synthetic Matter_076 Synthetic Matter_076
Synthetic Matter_075 Synthetic Matter_075
Synthetic Matter_074 Synthetic Matter_074
Synthetic Matter_073 Synthetic Matter_073
Synthetic Matter_072 Synthetic Matter_072
Synthetic Matter_071 Synthetic Matter_071
Synthetic Matter_070 Synthetic Matter_070
Synthetic Matter_069 Synthetic Matter_069
Synthetic Matter_068 Synthetic Matter_068
Synthetic Matter_067 Synthetic Matter_067
Synthetic Matter_066 Synthetic Matter_066
Synthetic Matter_065 Synthetic Matter_065
Synthetic Matter_064 Synthetic Matter_064
Synthetic Matter_063 Synthetic Matter_063
Synthetic Matter_062 Synthetic Matter_062
Synthetic Matter_061 Synthetic Matter_061
Synthetic Matter_060 Synthetic Matter_060
Synthetic Matter_059 Synthetic Matter_059
Synthetic Matter_058 Synthetic Matter_058
Synthetic Matter_057 Synthetic Matter_057
Synthetic Matter_056 Synthetic Matter_056
Synthetic Matter_055 Synthetic Matter_055
Synthetic Matter_054 Synthetic Matter_054
Synthetic Matter_053 Synthetic Matter_053
Synthetic Matter_052 Synthetic Matter_052
Synthetic Matter_051 Synthetic Matter_051
Synthetic Matter_050 Synthetic Matter_050
Synthetic Matter_049 Synthetic Matter_049
Synthetic Matter_048 Synthetic Matter_048
Synthetic Matter_047 Synthetic Matter_047
Synthetic Matter_046 Synthetic Matter_046
Synthetic Matter_045 Synthetic Matter_045
Synthetic Matter_044 Synthetic Matter_044
Synthetic Matter_043 Synthetic Matter_043
Synthetic Matter_042 Synthetic Matter_042
Synthetic Matter_041 Synthetic Matter_041
Synthetic Matter_040 Synthetic Matter_040
Synthetic Matter_039 Synthetic Matter_039
Synthetic Matter_038 Synthetic Matter_038
Synthetic Matter_037 Synthetic Matter_037
Synthetic Matter_036 Synthetic Matter_036
Synthetic Matter_035 Synthetic Matter_035
Synthetic Matter_034 Synthetic Matter_034
Synthetic Matter_033 Synthetic Matter_033
Synthetic Matter_032 Synthetic Matter_032
Synthetic Matter_031 Synthetic Matter_031
Synthetic Matter_030 Synthetic Matter_030
Synthetic Matter_029 Synthetic Matter_029